Romance scam letter(s) from Suzanne Ndiany to Brad (USA)
Letter 1
Good day my dear, I am Miss. Suzan Ndiany, the daughter of late Engineer Noni Ndiany, I am 22 years old and i come from Sudan, my father is a politician and oil dealer, my late father was killed by the rebels during the war clash in my country, Sudan. After i lost my father by the enemies because of the political crises in my country Sudan, then after the burial of my dad, my mum and my younger sister were killed during another war clash in 2012 ( while i was in school. So i found out that my life is in danger in that country, then i have to run away from the country to the West African country called Senegal, and right now, I'm residing as a refugee in a church camp hostels here in km 14 Rufusik AV, Dakar (Senegal). Here is the phone number of the catholic Rev. Father Jacob Mattu of which i make use of his office computer to send you this message :

+221.707815382 I therefore write that you, so as help me and to stand as my foreign partner, because am the next of kin my late father's funds in the bank, so that the transfer can be made in your name on my behalf, because i will give you whatever information that will be required. This is because after my explanations to the bank, Standard Chartered Bank London UK, they advised me to seek for a good reliable foreign partner who will help me transfer the money in his account due to my present conditions, but I wish to live the rest of my life in a peaceful country with you, so that we can invest together, and to enable me complete my educational career. Meanwhile, the money deposited by my late father in Standard Chartered Bank of London is

?6,500,000.00 Six millions five Hundred Thousand euros.

So once i receive a positive response from you, then i will give you the contact details of the bank for you to contact them for the transfer of the total money to your account on my behalf. Meanwhile, you will have the 40% of the total fund for your kind assistance while 60% will belongs to me.

I hope to receive a positive response from you as soon as possible.
Attached here are some of my pictures, and i am the only survivor of the family.
Miss Suzan.,
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