Scam letter(s) from Helen Thomas to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I'm hellen Thomas from Scotland united kingdom but presently in united state of American USA, I'm working in a big super market in my city but presently I'm not working at the moment's, im Single and Looking for that special man to rock my world in his arms. I'm very simplistic, Never Egocentric. I'm very cordial,caring, sincere, trust worthy, romantic, Compassionate, affectionate, Honest, Faithful and Respective. I have the optimistic potential that a man would want in his woman. I love adventures. My arms are wide open to new things.I'm Looking for a simple man with a Good sense of Humor, A Loving, Caring, romantic, Trust worthy, Honest and a sincere man. I want a man who appreciates and admires Love. A man who is Good hearted, Adventurous and Down to earth. A Family Oriented with a Good relationship with other. I would Love to be with a man that shows courtesy and who is Upfront.I am really looking for a man whose completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings.
Letter 2
I am a sincere, honest, caring, kind, friendlly very easy to get along with. I am, social, romantic, passionate, smart, intelligent, cool headed,adaptive,have a big heart. And i do believe in the truth and honesty.Because honesty is the only key to human success, and with honest, i believe in myself and my life is really based on truth,and its all about who i really am. I know the kind of woman i am and the way i treat others.I really do care alot about others who care for me, because i am a very caring and passionate woman and my heart is so blessed and lovely.I believe in devoting my time, my life, my heart, my body and my soul to my loved one and make him real happy,because he's my joy and happiness, and i always do look forward to that day i will get to meet my dream man.And i know when my dream man gets to meet me he will be so happy to get along with the kind of woman i am.Please can you tell me all the qualities that you are seeking for in your dream woman to be your wife, may be i have the qualities out of all my life persionalities that i listed for you?
Letter 3
I will really like to know more about you and your motives because my intensions is to get to know you,and really do know the kind of person you are, and hopefully meet in person, because its one of my policy to share honest and sincerity with open mind together, because i hate games and pranks.
I love to be sincere about my words as i don't have any hiding agendas. Because i hate to make people feel bad.I really do believe that every one should at least be given a great chance to smile and share there feelings to each other.What about you ****? I like listening to music and i like swimming,camping,shoping,reading,and even dance too. Because music is really part of my life and i can't do without listening to music in a day. And my kind of music is Gospel R$B with Country and Opera.
I love music a lot and i have well over 1,300 cds made of RnB. i like to go running 4 miles. i like to watch/go to movies. i draw a cartoon ***** i began when i was 10. i like to be outside. some shopping I like nature,camping in tent for vacation. I love hunting, fishing, camping, hiking,boating, swiming, bicycling, playing volleyball, watching movies,gardening, cooking exercising, dining out and going to the beach.
Letter 4

I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to click on your name and who knows may be my dream has come true.I am so thankful though, in this short period of time that we've been getting to know more about each other and we have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. i will really like to know more about you, because my heart and soul is really waiting for a long term relationship.
Letter 5
I hope you dont mind about our age difference and my current location where i am for now which is west africa Nigeria, because i think to commit a longterm relationship, age difference or age sector does not matter and distance doesnt matter at all because it does not affect the true love and real love that both are seeeking for. And i think age is ordinary number and its just for counting and i dont believe in it. All what really matter most to me is loyalty, honesty, sincerity and respect.I will really get to know your motives and intensions towards me because i really would want to work towards getting to meet you in person and hopefully see wat happens next I am woman of hope,independent and am not into head games or dissapointment or trying to hurt some one's life to make life easier to live for me.
Never i am not here to hurt any living soul like me and i will never allow any man to hurt my life or play games with my heart, thats why i have been living with honest and use honest and sincerity as my watchword. And am not going into divorce, never i will not do that because i dont have believe in such thing.
Letter 6
I am devoted catholic christian woman, and i beleive in honesty and loyalty, i have been working for the gospel ministry since my 10 years old after my baptist in my church in schenectady, i do sing tennor for my church in Ny.

And i have been choosing honest as my watchword, i really hate to been dishonest to some one or cheat some one or lie to human being like me, That's why i love to be open minded and loyal at all time, because i dont have a stone heart.
Letter 7
Because am not here for Frienship at all, Friendship doesn't last at all, and it always end up to braking down of one heart, Because only longterm relationship can last and strong acording to my christianity believes.
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