Scam letter(s) from Tomiko Sato to Michael (UK)

Letter 1
Thanks for your email to me. I am happy your email arrived to my mailbox. Well, glad you share to me about you. I have never lived or traveled to Europe or Americans but hopefully someday will like to see other parts of the world. I learned your country is developed country, right? I like to cook and do it well. I like badminton, volleyball most times. As for me, I am a student in a nursing college in Japan but will return to Japan after my stay in China. Though I am in China for the meantime. My late parents are from different countries in Asia, my father is Chinese while my mother is Japanese but I was born and grew up in Japan. I have lost my both parents so I am all by myself and will need someone to talk to and share things of the heart. I prefer a mature man than younger man because I feel he will understand me better and I don't want to be taken advantage of. I learned English when I was in high school in Japan and my parent also hired a special tutor from the US to help me in English, but my writing is better than speaking maybe because I don't often speak to most people in English everyday. I don't have any relationship because I prefer mature man than younger man, and I have never had ****** relationship. I am happy we get to know each through the site. What are your hobbies and interests? I hope we will get to know each other more as we communicate. Write soon. Yours, Tomiko
Letter 2
I was born in Natori-shi in Miyagi prefecture in Japan so I am a Japanese citizen. I have never been married and has no kids. My parents (father is Chinese, mother is Japanese) both have died. I was raised by my father because my mother died when I was 4 years old and my father died in 2011 which is 7 years ago during the Japanese tsunami in Natori. My father was a successful businessman and have a catering and hotel accommodation services in Japan before the natural disaster wiped everything and took the live of my father. I still missed him so much and anytime I look at the photos, it made me shed tear. I am the only surviving person in my family because I was at the boarding school in Tokyo when this deadly incident took place. I lost my father in a cold blood and my family’s houses gone. I am staying now and never hope to go back to north-east of Japan again, even sometimes I look through the web pages and I cry all day. Below is the link to view the full story. Powerful Quake and Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan Now, I am staying in an orphanage home in China because when I came to China I don't have any relatives or friends in China so currently living in a Christian orphanage home. They offered my free accommodation and feeding while I help in doing cooking for the residents and occasionally assist in teaching orphan kids. My stay in China will be temporary because I am here concerning settling my father's business and go back to Japan. The reason why I did not traveled to live in China after my father’s death is because I was studying high school in Tokyo then and almost in my final years. In fact, since my father’s death, I am courageous in life and this has made me stronger and able to face life without fear. I would like to know more about you anything you want to tell you which is close to your heart. In my free time, I do take a walk for sightseeing. What do you do for fun? Are you doing anything special this weekend? I hope to hearing from you soonest. Yours, Tomiko
Letter 3
Dear Michael, Thanks for your email and condolence to me. I will say ever since you are communicating with me, it makes me happy to forget my sorrows. I am happy you are a good friend to me and able to give me wonderful advises. I want to tell you more about myself and my family. My home town is Natori located in Miyagi in Japan. It is a beautiful city and has not much population. Also, I can describe my father as a loving and peaceful man who was industrious and made popularity. He was wealthy through his hard work and gave me comfort. When he was alive, I had many good memories of comfort and enjoyment but now I am no longer living those affluent lifestyles again. My father had 2 hotels in Natori that were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 but the land where the hotel was located is now part of my inheritance in Japan but no other insurances discovered or known. A lot of damage was done by the tsunami which has cost our government money even till today, also our main house was destroyed. The other buildings which were rented out to tenants were destroyed too. In fact, my father was rich and made his money in Japan. He told me a story on how he emigrated to Japan. He was adopted by a Japanese tourist years ago who took him to Japan. He was a kid when he was adopted because my father lost his parents when he was a kid. That was the reason why I did not have any known relative in China because my father was a kid when adopted and not aware of his own relatives. Most of his live was spent in Japan until death. I hope you now have an idea of how my family came about and reasons why I did not know anyone as relative in China. My father's last visit in China was in 2010 when he deposited money in bank to started a project to build a five star hotel in order to invest in Chinese economy because it is a tourist country, so that he can make good profit in hotel business. But he died a year after; it was a sorrowful death. I loved my father so much and missed him forever. He always advised me to be hard working in life so that I will be able to manage all his assets when he died. Maybe that is why I am attracted to older guy because I still miss the affections of a mature man. I was studying in high school and was in my final year when my father died. After my graduation, I could not continue to study although I had enrolled for nursing degree course at Iwate college. I lived in a provisional housing by the Japanese government for tsunami victims family. There I was until 2018 when I travel to China. I was given monthly living expenses by the government which I managed to save some of it. I travel to China with my savings because I knew about my father’s intent of building a hotel in China. That motivated me to use my last savings to travel down here and I had to stay in the orphanage home to save costs of hotel accommodation until I receive my inheritance. I pray to God and he answered my prayers by making us to meet each other and since then my life is getting better because I have someone I can tell my heart and share a secret. I believe it is through God's plan for us to meet each other. I am very excited to meet you and promise to do my best to remain a faithful and loving person to you. Once I get my father's asset, I will like to travel back to Japan to continue my studies or travel to your country to study and live there. Are there good universities in your locality that teaches nursing? What are your plans today? I look forward to your reply soon. Yours always, Tomiko
Letter 4

Dear Michael, Thanks for your email to me. I will answer all your questions. Yes, the lands in Japan are large. I have three large lands and one medium sized. I don't know how to calculate acres but they are sure a large space of lands. Two are where my father's hotels were located and one is our family home with a another land which a rental property was one built. The Japanese government knows I am the sole inheritor of these lands but still I have not been giving the lands entirely due to certain dues or property fees I will pay before owning the lands completely. About my father's Japanese bank account, I am not aware of any and his moneys were not given to me. The only idea I have is his money in China and that is why I am here concerning getting it. I want to tell you my reason why I came to China because I am suppose to be in Japan continuing my nursing degree. When my father was alive, he wanted to build a five star hotel in China to expand his hotel/catering business. It was unfortunate that he did not live to accomplish his project. Way back in Japan, the family business was hotel/catering services and that is why I know a lot about how to make Japanese dishes because my father owned a hotel then where guests lodge and as well as cater for guest dishes before the tsunami destroyed everything my parents owned in Japan. In fact, my father's death has brought lot of sorrows to me. In Japan, our house was lost and other properties, nothing was recovered. I just don't wish to remember the picture in my mind, because it makes me to cry at all times. When my father was alive, I did not lack any good thing and never thought I will live in this present condition. Well, I know it is an experience in life but your communication has made me a happy girl. I am appreciating your support, love and care to me. I thought that God brought us together. I traveled to China because I know about my father’s investment to build a 5 star hotel in China before his death and now being the only surviving child, I want to inherit his money, that is why I traveled to China. Since my family died in the tsunami in Japan, I have been lonely and living in the orphanage home, I know is not the best decision but I can't just take a job that easy knowing fully well that I came to China regarding my parent's property. Although staying in the orphanage, It has not been easy for me and I share things with other residents without privacy and even the PC I uses to send emails to you is shared too and I am allowed to use it for sometimes, although my email communication with you is private. Once I get everything settled in China, I will continue studies in Japan or travel abroad where I will enroll for studies. If everything works out fine, I will like to come to your country and continue my studies there. Well, I will tell you more about my plan in next email concerning my inheritance in China. How do you plan to spend your day? Are you doing anything fun or special today? Yours in heart, Tomiko
Letter 5
Dear Michael, Thanks for your lovely emails which are always interesting to read and makes my heart glad. I appreciates your advise and will heed to them. I took some of my clothes of course. I am just back from shopping and I got a new tablet computer. I can be confident that my emails with you is safe and I can send and reply your emails without worries about lack of privacy when using the PC in the orphanage.The tablet has no sim card, the ones with Sim is more expensive, it is just a cheap tablet which has wifi connection and some preinstalled Chinese apps. I am happy to have a personal device with internet connection so that I can discuss with you conveniently about my inheritance. After I got my inheritance, I will travel back to Japan. Maybe during a holiday or vacation, then I can visit the UK. If you ever wish to come to meet me in Japan, it will be lovely. I will treat you a hot spring bath and afterwards followed by a spa treatment. Japanese are very kind and treats foreigners with respects. So you will be rest assured your time with me in Japan will be enjoyed to the fullest. I think we are soulmates and irrespective of our distance and age (which doesn't bother me), we still have feelings for each other as if we had known for years. I am comfortable with you now to share my deepest secret because I really want to go back to Japan to continue my studies. My father's name is Mr. Sato **** Hao. I traveled to China to inherit my late father’s invested money for his planned project to build a hotel in China since 2010. I am sending you relevant parts of the investment contract of my late father and you can see how much he invested in Chinese Yuan and this amount is what I stands to inherit since my father is no longer alive to carry on his planned project to build a hotel in China. Also, the lawyer said my inheritance will include the profits of my fathers investment since it has reached the duration of their contract which is 8 years this year. I will live in Japan comfortably immediately I receives my inheritance and I will start my nursing studies again. Please this document is for your eyes only. When my inheritance is available to me, we will plan when you will visit me in Japan after I returned back. I have confidence in you that is why I am sharing this information with you. How are you enjoying your day? I will tell you more information from the lawyer regarding my inheritance in my next email. Yours in heart, Tomiko
Letter 6
Dear Michael, Thanks for your email to me today. I really appreciates that so much. How was your mowing peoples lawn been? It will be nice to see you in Japan and we can travel together to see your country. I don't have many friends. What ever belongs to me now, is equally yours in the making. As I said, we are soulmates, I believe our meeting is predestined and we have to follow our hearts because we can not be mistaken. I want to share with you my reason of delay in China which of course, I should have received my inheritance long ago before now. I send you an official letter from the lawyer earlier this year when I came to China, stating the court costs which are necessary before he will start processing my inheritance. If I had the complete money, then I would have long gone to Japan without worries. Please read the document and see for yourself. If you can help me, then I will give you interest as soon as my inheritance is received. I am very happy for all you are doing for me there and all your suggestions are good. When my inheritance is available to me, I will go back to Japan and I plan to buy a house and live in Japan which is better than living in China because I am a Japanese citizen and it is easier for me to fit into the society there than in China. I don't want to live in my hometown because it will bring my sad memories of my late father but buying a house in Tokyo and living there is better. Also, my nursing college is in Tokyo which I can easily attend classes from home. I will occasionally visit my hometown to pay respect to my dad and bring flowers to the site of perish. I think someday we will travel to my hometown together and it could be during your visit to me in Japan. I am pleased that I have developed a strong confidence in you. I have always be dreaming about seeing you soon and reading all your messages you sent to me since the beginning made me very happy that I have meet a faithful person you are. I will always love you and appreciate all your efforts to make sure that I get my inheritance. I will be the happiest girl in the world when everything is settled and I am praying all day that everything will go smoothly. I am very hopeful that your commitment to help me will surely come to success soon. Also, I will be leaving the orphanage home as soon as my inheritance is made available. I am so happy each time I read your email to me especially it makes me feel excited and loved. I will love to go around with you and we can travel to see many interesting things around your country, Japan and anywhere in the world. I will be waiting for your reply to me soon. Yours in heart always beating for you, Tomiko
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