Scam letter(s) from Eleonora Penkova to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello!!!!!!! Hope you having a nice day?:))) I am Eleonora if you remember:))) I am in an active search for a man now and I would be happy to get to know you better!!!! What do you think???? I suggest to write each other about ourselves and send some photos!!!! If we will feel a spark between us we will start to plan our meeting in person, do you like my plan????? Distance is not a problem nowadays, we can be in different sides of the planet but can buy the ticket for a plane and meet any time we want, are you agree???
The planet is not so big as it seems:)
So my name is Eleonora:) Hope you like my name!!!! And what is your real name?? How do your friends call you???? May be you have also a nice nick name:) As for me my family and friends like to call me Eliushka! But you may call me Elina. I live in the country called Ukraine. I live in the zone which is occupied by the Russian separatists in the east of Ukraine in the region called Donbass. I am sure you have heard a lot about the conflict here in Ukraine. It is a real war here now and life is extremely difficult here. But I do not lose optimism and hope for the best future!! Most of the males from my village left for the war so you hardly can find a single man in my village now. That is why I decided to look for a husband abroad. I have heard that foreign men are much more family oriented than the local ones. It is very important for me to find a man who is serious and marriage-oriented because I am looking for serious relationships.
Are you that man??? I hope so!!!! Any way we need to get to know each other better and then make decisions, ok??? My suggestion is: lets put color in our lives!!! I am an accountant at the local agricultural firm. We grow the wheat and also flowers, then sell it for a higher price. It was a nice business before the war but now when the war had started it is extremely difficult to work. But I am sure everything will change for the better soon!!! I am a very optimistic girl!!!! My favorite flowers are roses! I also have a lot of flowers in my garden at home! Besides the flowers I grow a lot of different vegetables and fruit in the kitchen garden so me and my family could have our own fresh food all the year long. I like gardening and planting a lot. I am the country girl, hope you do not mind it?:) I will finish my letter for now. I truly hope to receive your answer!!! Please write me as soon as possible if you are interested :) I promise I will not disappoint you!!!! My e-mail address is Kiss!!!! Elina.
Letter 2
John, sweetheart, thank you very much for another letter from you!!!! I miss you like usually very much!
John, honey, have I told you that I wrote you my letters from the local village council in Ivanovka???? Well, right now I write you not from Ivanovka, I am in the neighbor town Krasniy Luch, I am here because Internet in my village council was cut off today as they had no money to pay for it:((( So starting from this day there will be no Internet in my village:((((( I was so desperate to come to the council and find out that there was no Internet and I was not able to write you a letter!!!!!!! I was shocked with that news. so I decided that I have to fight for my happiness, took the bus, came to Krasniy Luch and now I am writing you from the local Internet cafe!!!!! I feel such a relief, Paul!!!!!!!! You are the man of my dream and I do not want to lose our contact!!!!! You and your letters are too precious for me!!!
So I found out how to solve the problem! I can come here to Krasniy Luch every day and write you letters from the local Internet cafe! It is only in 15 km from my village so it is a nice decision I think!!!
But there is a small problem, in my village I paid 1 usd per one hour of Internet, it was ok for me I could manage the amount. But to write from Krasniy Luch I will need to pay 3 usd per two ways ticket to Krasniy Luch and back home to my village and also 2 usd for one hour of the Internet cafe:( You know, darling, it is too expensive for me:( I will not be able to manage the amount:((( May be you can help me to pay for my trip to the Internet cafe and also using Internet?????? I am so sorry for my request:(( But I live in the zone which is occupied by the separatists, I have received my salary for the last time two months ago:((( I really can not afford the ticket and Internet cafe fees:( I could afford paying 1 usd there in my village but now I will need 5 times more money to come here to Krasniy Luch to write you:( May be I will manage money for one more letter for you tomorrow but I do not know yet. I will be waiting impatiently for the news from you!!!! I need you, John.... Please do not leave me ok??? Your love Elina...
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