Scam Letter(s) from Princess Charles to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Good day to you,

I want to use this opportunity to seek for your help please do not ignore my email, i got your email contact through my friend who helped me search email from google and that's where i found your email to know if you can help me out of my situations.

My name is Princess Charles, I'm only daughter, i am 24 years old, i was born in august 15/1994. My mother died in 1997 when i was three (3) years old, since then i was living with my lovely dad/father in South Africa, unfortunate my father died last three months ago,my uncle came to South Africa in other to carry my dad's body to my home country Benin which was my two times of visiting Benin as my country. After my father's burial i tried to get back to our living place in South Africa which my uncle refused as time goes on i found out that he has sold all my father's belonging without my concerns,My uncle was so wicked that everybody around him can never tell him his fault,if you try he will kill you within two days of time because he is a native doctor,that made me not to worries him about my father's belonging.

But my problems are
1: He is trying to give me an old man to be my husband
2: I have not money to leaves Benin and run away.
3: He has ceased all my traveling documents so that the oldest man called his friend will marry me.

I rather kill myself than this ridiculous man dis-virgin my virginity. So please i need your help to take me out, i'm willing to be with you please don't ignore my urges.

Yours lovely
Princess Charles.



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