Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Volkova to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello John, Better it is not necessary to represent mine a waist and a breast when we shall meet you, at us all will be good also all that there will be at me you... Both you all will see a breast and a waist in a reality! About your appearance: you are completely not ugly, you very much even lovely, you courageous and nice, I think you of me can protect and not aao in insult... Joy, to me it is very bad...!! I pay all the day... My mum was brought down with the machine... The Driver was drunk, it simply a lunatic. Now my mum lays in hospital and expensive operation is necessary for it... I do not have money, I do not know what to do.... John!!! To me it is terrible, very terrible John!!! What to do? I`m very afraid... John, lovely, please .... Many money Is necessary... Operation will do on Monday, I do not have such money..... At me hands are shaked, I can not write much... John, I very much ask you... Now as never, I need in your help and support... To me it is very bad. Mum is the only thing, that at me remained on light... If she will die, I shall kill the driver who has brought down her.... John, operation costs 3000 $ I very much I hope for you... You see at me on light two favourite persons: you and mum. I have had time to get used to you..., you to me already as native....
With hope, yours Luda

Letter 2

Hello John, it is now very hard for me, understand me please correctly. But I now shall send you of my photos... Only you me understand, John.

Letter 3

Hold my pictures. You can help me only if I shall send you pictures? John, I already have sent you almost all photos which at me is.

Letter 4

Hello John, I wait with impatience when you will return from travel... I asked you about the help at a rate of 3000 $. I do not understand why you can not understand me. This sum is very very urgently necessary for me. UNDERSTAND ME! I wait from you for messages.

Letter 5

Excuse me, I do not understand you a little.... Why you do not write me? I with hope wait for your letter, but I can not wait in any way. That can at you that Happened?
Answer me I is concerned...

Letter 6

John, one operation to mum have made yesterday, one more now is necessary... It Is necessary 3000 dollars. To me any more from whom to take... On you only one hope. Please!!!

Letter 7

Hello John,
How your affairs? All is normal? If you want, I can open the bank account... You can not understand me... Your help, the my dear friend is very necessary for me... Write to me as you can faster! Whole!!!

Letter 8

You from the very beginning of our acquaintance did not understand me!!! You think... There would Be I the swindler, I likely would not write to you the justification so long, and have simply calmed down and have left alone you...



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