Scam letter(s) from Carol Cicatko to Phil (England)

Letter 1
I'm a deaf single mother of a beautiful daughter. I'm looking for man who is passionate loving,caring and all that,I believe there is one for all of us,we just did not find him yet! I am truthful,I want the truth even if it hurts.I love to read novels,swim,play pool,horse back ride and work out with that special someone,it will really bring joy to my heart.I'm a giver not a taker.I have a big heart it's yours do not break it.I can give 100% but you need to do the same,I am not here for games,life is to short to play with someone. I hope u will not discriminate me because of my disability. Thanks
Letter 2
im just me and would rather just tell u about me when and if we chat..but i guess i better write something as u all will just pass me by..but players can do just that..pass me bye...i am easy on the eyes but i find most men just go by the picture..i like to know there is more to the man then his for me im just me...honest, loving, caring, sincere, sensitive and real...and most men ask r u passionate and do u like romance...well of course i do, who doesnt?...i feel we all want that someone special in our lives..what is life without sharing and being loved?? many know on these sites its really hard to trust so it take time... i would never play with someones heart ever! hearts r fragile...i dont let a few bad men ruin my thoughts about all men...i judge for myself but will take my time and listen and hear and be attentive to what is said to me...if everyone would just be real and stop hiding behind the screen and feel they can be anything or anybody that want on here things would be so much easier and i think u would realize that being real and honest could bring u alot of happiness...we r all getting up there in age so i think the games should be over.
anyway my interests r pretty most yes i love walks on the boardwalk, love romance, public affection, dining out, movies, concerts, just plain ol fun, laughter, good conversation and i love dancing and music..i appreciate a man who is not afraid to show his me that is so important..whatever else u wish to know just ask...i am an open i am here hoping to find the last love of my share every aspect of our life together...the years pass by quickly..i want to live before i die...thank you for hearing me out..hope to hear from you..if not i wish everyone luck and much happiness in their venture..
I would like to meet a good Christian man that believes that marriage is secret, and a life long commitment. Someone that knows how to treat a woman with love and respect. an honest man that has good morals,and values.I would like someone that likes to cuddle in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights. I love the ocean.Walks along the shore line in the morning, or evening to watch the sun set,and rise. I feel closer to God at that time. I also like going to see new places. I love to visit islands,They have a mystery about them that interests me.
Letter 3
I'm looking for a good man that will build a true relationship together, a man that will treat me like a queen and i will do anything in return. Friendship comes first for me..............
Letter 4

Age is not an issue for me all I want is to meet a man we can make each otherhappy for the rest of our life.
Letter 5
I would also love to get to know you better. Do you have hangout so we can chat better off this site?
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