Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Mikhailova to Danne (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, Danne! I am writing you my letter while at home with my mother. Therefore, my letter will be filled with the warmth of my family's home and the smell of baths and pies. I will write a letter here on paper and on Monday I will reprint it and translate it, and only then it will come to you. I have never written in my life, if you can say love letters. I feel like a princess in a high castle tower. Probably, I'm still quite a girl in the shower, since such comparisons come to my mind. But since we decided to be completely open to each other, I told you about my feelings. I'm a very inquisitive person, but on weekends I did not have an opportunity to find out about your city due to lack of Internet. This is not an excuse for me, but I will definitely read that I know the Internet about your city. Our cities from your words are really very similar. We have many lakes and rivers, but apparently not as much as you have and they are located throughout the country. I was not fishing. Do you like fishing? In my country it is not so developed or I have never come across fishing close ... fishing is basically a hobby for some of our men. But I have bad thoughts about her. In my country, men take a lot of alcohol with them and come home *****, ***** and without fish. It is sad. I typed your letter and took it with me. I will do this with all your letters. I'll save them and read when I'm lonely. I have a very romantic mood today. And when I try to answer you in turn to answer questions, it turns out very inconsistently. Excuse me for this. My emotions do not allow me to clearly express my thoughts and write to you clearly. As you said, I really like picnics and be outdoors. Near the house of my mother there is a forest and small lakes, they probably can not be seen on the maps. There are berries and mushrooms in the forests. But I told you about this ... .. Therefore, I like to go to my mom. The forces that I spend on work and help it, nature helps to fill them. Fresh air fills my lungs and it helps me feel better. It is a pity that my mother needs something more to be healthy. I so dream about the day when she will be healthy, but I understand that this is only a dream. How sad I finished this block. What else did you ask me to tell ....... You wanted to know about my work ... My work is not so active, sometimes even I can say often I have to go to the objects (the buildings we are building). My job is much of what consists: I need to count internal communications of a building, our department is engaged only in industrial buildings. When I go to the site, I check to see whether the construction was made with respect to my plan. Sometimes we build buildings outside of our republic and I have business trips for several days. I'll tell you in advance when I have to go. I can not choose a task myself. The chief architect and a few others decide that we will design, and we do it. A lot of people work in our team and everyone is responsible for their construction site. It is not a little important that we work for the state. Therefore, some of our sites are banned and we can not register in social networks. That there was no information leakage. We have this strictly. I think reading this letter you yourself will be able to understand what kind of person I am and from our conversations too, so I will not write you what character traits I have. I think you're smart enough to understand this and make a conclusion about me. I'll leave it to you. I'll tell you a little about the man I'm looking for a lot of time) I do not care what your height and weight, what color your hair ... I want to create a family with a caring man and that we come and complement each other so that together we had fun and we smiled to each other when they met. So that I can take care of him and our children. I want children. And I will not tire of this to repeat) actually this can be collected in two words: a happy family. I can not notice some disadvantages if I love a man. We are all not perfect and we must forgive each other .... On this I will finish my letter. I hope you will be pleased to read it and you will also want to re-read it several times. And that you smile a few times. I was thrilled and pleased to write it for you. Until the next letter. I'll wait for him from you. Kate.
Letter 2
Hello, Danne! I write to you again when I'm at my mom's house. today it will not smell like baking, but has a smell of rain and dampness. In a good way. It's a nice autumn rain, it's not very cold, because now it's 9 degrees on the street. I'm sitting on the veranda at the main entrance to my mother's house. You can imagine this picture in your head. I will immediately answer the religious question. I have a cross. I was baptized in the church when I was very young. I have a mother-in-law and a father. I can not say that I'm very religious. Sometimes I go to church, talk to Him and ask him for something. I put candles for the health of their loved ones. We do not have the habit of going to church services and talking to the servants of the church. But if there is a funeral (for example, my father), then we conducted as our religion says, by all the rules and rites. I can not say that my family is religious. But the most important idea is that we do not need to talk to him in the church, but we can turn to him and he will hear us. I hope this does not become an obstacle in our relations. Did you attend school at the church? Tell me, what does religion mean to you? What's your religion? I wrote above the words of our relationship ...... probably it's premature but they flew out of my head. To date, we have talked for just over two weeks, and I did not get close to anyone so quickly. It is amazing. What do you yourself think? Everything happens quickly. I'm a little scared .... It is very difficult to write a letter without answering your questions. Many thoughts in my head and it is not clear what to tell you in a letter, and what to say in Skype. I thought that you would be interested to know about my mother and her village, and what we do the whole year when I come here. This is a small village, there are several houses here, mostly old people live here. There are almost no young people, everyone is trying to leave for the city. In the village it is very difficult to earn a living at home and for food. Basically everyone has their own garden and grows vegetables and fruits. Many have livestock, cow, pork, geese and chickens, sometimes rabbits. This allows everyone to get meat and milk and eggs and sell them, but for this you will not get much money. Livestock is only in those families who have men, women can not cope with this. This is a very difficult work for the extraction and killing of animals. Women can get milk and take eggs. To heat (warm) the bath, we must cook a lot of firewood, this is done in the summer. We: two women can not do this themselves, so we buy firewood. It's very expensive and we buy in parts, every part of my salary. My mom has a small pension, but this is enough for her to eat. The drugs that she takes have to be bought to me. Several times a year she must be in the hospital to maintain her health. She likes it, there she meets other women and has a lot of communication. Also from what we have grown we make a lot of canned food. Sweet canned and salted, it's very tasty, I'll bring you different jars. It takes a lot of time. All spring we are engaged in that we dig for the plants earth and put fertilizers there. Now we do not have to buy a new land, before we bought a few pounds each season. You can ask me about the village if you're interested. I like to talk about her. This is my house. The building itself is very old and constantly in need of repair, as far as possible we replace its parts. With this detective we managed to rebuild the porch. I wrote a lot about it, I hope you were interested. I also want to say that I really miss a man in my family. It's very difficult for me to be alone. This applies not only to the home and the garden. but also of my soul. I really want to spend an evening together and keep our house for a man. I think we can really become a couple once. I'm sure I'll be a good wife. I think I can finish this second letter for you. Ask me questions that you want to know the answer to. I will be happy to answer you. It's difficult for me to translate them, so it takes so long. I hope you will forgive me for this. Today you have learned a bit more of me and this is a part of it, too. I'll say goodbye to you. See you later.
Letter 3
Hello, Danne. As always, I will start a letter from what I will tell you when and where I wrote it. This, our third letter with you, I write on my bed, where I have a bunch of pillows and a warm blanket. We have already switched on the heating in the apartment, but my apartment is in a corner and it's getting warm, which means that it's a bit cool in winter to warm up, I use the blanket and warm socks that my mom linked me. You wrote me about your desire to spend time together and dedicate it to your woman. I was too shy to tell you first, but I think you can consider me your woman. I understand that we are now together not at 100%, but I think in time you will only be closer to each other. And someday, perhaps, we will become one. All that you say, that just spending time together in the evening, after work, is what I consider simple happiness, which I really want to find. I would really like to meet you in the evening after work and so that I can cook dinner for you and eat it together. Everything is simple and so wonderful at the same time. I think we both deserve it and it will definitely happen. It's amazing that your boys are so similar to you. you can confuse all these photos with each other. I used to have very pale skin, but year after year I spent a lot of time in the garden with my mother and my skin fed on vitamins and became slightly darker and the tan sticks to my skin much faster than before, and I get less burns. I do not feel jealous of your ex-wife. I think that you should communicate and it will remain in your life, because you have common children. This no one can change. I think it's good that you have friendly relations. On this I will finish this paragraph about it. I think we can discuss this later. Today my letter was short. But I think it will not disappoint you.
You in my thoughts know this and never doubt. I also embrace you.
Your Kate
Letter 4

Hello, my Danne!
About this letter you did not ask me once. Maybe you do not want to write more letters for me? I will not be offended at you, if that's so. Just tell me about it.
Tonight, when I write this to you, I'm very sad. I do not know what it is connected with with my loneliness. I do not want to convey this mood to you. I always want to give you fun and happiness, but today I can not find the strength in myself for this. I hope you will forgive me for this. To understand each other 100%, I agree that we need to meet. I'm glad that you let me come to visit you, it's very important for me and I thank you for it. I studied the site that you sent me and also a few Russian sites. For me, it's all terribly scary. But since we have chosen this path, we must go to the end. I have an offer for you to plan this trip, I would like to contact the tourist office. This is my first trip out of my country and I'm a little scared. I would like these people to help me, they help people every day to travel and get a visa. What do you think about this? It is important for me what you say, but it is also important that I do not remain alone with this problem. Also, I would like us to choose the dates of my trip, I need this to talk with my boss about the vacation. In Russia, we must resolve this issue in advance, it is not always possible to get your vacation spontaneously. I have already accepted the idea that there are many questions and problems for us in our trip, but I am confident in myself and in you that together we will succeed. I would like to know more about your former family. For example, the fact that you have a very good relationship with your ex, but why you decided to break off official relations. I'd like to know why. I would not want you to say something that she might not like. This is your relationship and I would not want to hurt her feelings. You devoted almost all of your letter to religion. I understand how important this is for you. I am ready to support you and not be an obstacle between you and God. I think that if I can share these views with you, this is when I will be with you and maybe you will bring me to your community. In Russia it is very difficult to study this issue and make the right decision, everything is against and it gives its mark. I think you can tell me everything how you feel and everything as you know about it, but it's better to do it in person. What you send me I study very carefully and try to devote a lot of time to this question. But on the Internet we have very little information, especially in Russian. I am ready to complete my letter to you for today. Soon it will be with you. Good morning, Danne. Because it will wake you up.
Your Kate.
Letter 5
Good morning, dear Danne! I would like to start this letter with a story about how my mother and I were waiting for your call. When you did not call me during the trip to my mom, I thought that you would call later that you decided to hear not only my voice but also my mother's voice. When I came to her, the first thing I told her was that she could hear greetings from Daniel today. Mom was very excited, she got pressure from this and had to take a pill. We quickly coped with her excitement. She rehearsed the whole evening in English and walked around the room. But she never managed to say hello for you. she was upset and we again had to take a pill. At that moment, I thought that I no longer had the right to worry her so much. I think you should not call when I'm in her village. I do not want her to take the pill every time, it harms her health. I still can not understand why you are deceiving me and do not call when you promise. I think you have a problem with the cellular operator. And you need to contact the agent, maybe he will tell you what the reason is. And then we can return to this issue. I still want to write to you about the journey to you. I also told my mother about it. She supported me and said that if it is important for both of us (you and me), then she will be able to cope without me for several weeks while I'm away. She supported me and said that everything will be fine, the main thing is to believe in the best and this will happen. I am very grateful to her for that. now that we have her blessing, we can take it more seriously. But I'm afraid that you will deceive me, since with a call and then I do not know how I can survive your deception and how it will withstand my mother. She so much wishes me to be happy that it takes away all her powers. And if something goes wrong, I do not know how we will survive it. Also, I told my mom about the scammers who talked to you before me. She told me only one thing: that if you initially build a relationship with distrust, then this will not work. It means that you will continue to find an excuse not to trust me. Mom is a very wise woman and I think she would not advise me anything wrong. I think we should listen to her. She spent the whole of her life with my father and I did not see that they would loudly argue or argue. She is an adult and has a lot of experience, so we must listen to her words. I'd like you to think about it, too. I must confess to you that on Friday, I did not go to the agent. My boss took my time in the evening and I could not go. But you said that we are not in a hurry with this. And I think that I can do this later. For example this week. I did not watch flights and flights that I can use. I think we need to be very careful not to confuse the departure dates and airport name. Is there an airport in your city? Or do I need to get to him on the bus? I told you that I want you to meet me at the airport. This is possible if you do not have an airport in your city. This is important, because it will be difficult for me to find a bus station or a train in a foreign city. I'd like you to meet me. I learn everything else in the travel agency and I'll tell you. Good? My fifth letter to you has come to an end. I did not say anything at all about myself. I would like you to ask me about something that you are interested in knowing about me. Goodbye my Danne, after you read it in a minute we can talk to Skype. I will not say goodbye to you, because we will soon talk again ....
Letter 6
Good morning, my Danne! I write to you again and again a letter. Today I'm lying under a blanket in my mother's house, on a bed where there are many springs, she creaks a little. Sometimes I describe to you the place where I write this letter in order to more accurately imagine in what place I am. When I write this my mom is already asleep, but she always asks me how you are when I arrive. I printed out a photo on the color printer that you sent me and showed it to my mom, we spent almost the whole evening talking about you and watching your photos. Mom was very important and attentive, put on her glasses to better see all the details in the photo. It is a pity that the color in the photo turned out quite different. I think this letter will be about my childhood. I was born and spent all my childhood in the village of Kuznetsovo. All my memories and thoughts will be with this place. Earlier this village had more inhabitants and the infrastructure was wider. But there was always only one school. Residents are few and so we had only one class among the first classes when I entered this school. Perhaps our schools are different from yours. We do not have directions until the end of the 9th grade, only then we can choose what kind of science, for example mathematics, until this time all the children are learning the same thing. But we did not have to choose in our school, because there was one class. One and the same teacher taught us history, biology, geography, the other - mathematics, geometry, physics and chemistry. Chemistry did not work for me at all. There are very few teachers and so they divided all the school lessons among themselves. but at the same time I graduated from high school and was able to enter the university. And I had to leave this village. I could not return here after school, because here by this time there was absolutely no work. The farm where my mother worked was closed. She gets a small pension now. And when my father died only I earn some money. As a child, we spent a lot of time on the street, sometimes with parents at work, sometimes playing with neighbor's children: cycling, going to the river in summer, in winter skiing or skiing. When you grow up in such a small village, everyone here trusts each other. And if someone has a problem, we all try to help. I can call it a big family. In the village there was always a lot of work and parents attracted us so that we could help them. If it's time to dig potatoes then they came to help us, and we helped them when they were digging in their garden. The same thing if they need to plow the land or do something big. We learned a lot there. For example, mutual assistance. But now not all this village education is valued in our world.
While I was growing there, I learned to do many things that now do not come in handy for me at all. My father was a bus driver and so I can drive vehicles. After school we always went home to help our parents on the farm. Only late at night we finished with lessons and went to bed. It was a difficult time. Constant lack of money, you grew a lot of vegetables so that you could eat them all day. When my father was alive, we had a lot of pets, and we got a lot of meat. We could make cheese and butter. It is very much appreciated in the market and city residents bought it. But now we must give up animals, because my mother can not deal with them herself. Probably we will soon become vegetarians). I guess that's all I can say about this place and about my life before. If I missed something, you can ask me. Danne, now you said you trust me, but I think we can not move so fast. You used to have a lot of doubts, they can not change in a minute. I think we should move on cautiously. Do not hurry. But you are a man and you actually decide when and what we should do. I'm ready to listen to your opinion and follow you. I trust you and I know that you want only the best for us. Now I can finish my letter. Today it is a little longer than usual. In the end, I want to say that I'm with you and in my soul live the hopes of our happy future. I believe that this will happen and will be the way we dreamed. Yours, Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Danne. I am pleased to write a letter for you this evening. Today was a very difficult day for me. in the evening after work, I visited a neighbor from the village in the hospital, I told you that he was placed in a hospital. He feels good, but he must stay here for a while. Your previous letter was dedicated to a relative, but I do not have anyone to tell you about except my mother, and you already know quite a lot about her. And about my deceased father, too. So I wanted to tell you about my hike to the agency. I have sad news. Before that, I once again visited the personnel department in my office and I was warned that I can not use the visa on invitation, I may have problems at work. Because I have access to secret blueprints and my company is a government institution. And I can not have any relatives or friends abroad. So, unfortunately, the option with the invitation goes away, and it's not my fault, it's the rules of my country. All we can do is use a tourist visa. If in the future we plan to move to your country, I will have to leave my job before we get an invitation visa. When I reported this to the agency, they could not offer me another option, except as a tourist visa. We planned a trip from January 25, lasting 10 days, but the agent said that it is better if we choose the date of return on February 5. If the end of the trip is February 5, when I must leave your country. So now, I'll write to you what I learned from the travel agent yesterday. Round-trip tickets cost about 17 thousand rubles the cheapest. But it's about 32 hours on the road, and I've never had such a long flight. The agent says that we can add a couple of thousand rubles, and then we can buy a little more expensive ticket, but it's only 10 hours on the way. It's a ticket from Kazan to Istanbul, Turkey, and then it's to Gothenburg. I think that we can spend this money for my comfort. What do you think? So tickets will cost about 20 thousand rubles. In addition, we looked at booking the hotel also, and this is called the Mini Hotel Gathenheim. It costs about 30,000 rubles for 11 nights. The agent immediately warned me that if we book suspiciously cheap hotels, then the embassy can refuse a visa. So this option is the cheapest of all possible places that have the status of a hotel, not a hostel. You also know that since I work for the state, it can be a special attention to my person, so we must do everything right and without mistakes, so that I know how to do it in the future when I go to you again . So, in order to get a visa, I need to book a hotel as well, book airline tickets, prepare two insurance, this is medical insurance, and accident insurance. Also I need to take some documents at work, about my salary, and I already have this certificate; Also, I need photos for a visa, as well as a trip to Moscow for an interview. All this costs some money and it's a bit expensive for me, as you know. But I tried to choose the cheapest options and that's what I think also. The agent said that when we book a hotel, we will pay money through the agency. But after I arrive in your country, we need to go to the hotel, and talk to the hotel manager, and they will refund money for all days except the first and last day. So, insurance and visa it will cost about 6000 for insurance, and about 4,000 more for a visa. To go to Moscow, I have to spend about 5000 rubles, because I will have to stay there for one night and live, and eat something. Total, the approximate cost of arriving and living with you there is 65 thousand rubles; but I believe that about 25 thousand rubles, we will return for payment of the hotel. Also, in my opinion, this is the only correct way to get me to you, because I also want to have some kind of guarantees, as well as a contract with the agency, in case there are any problems or force majeure circumstances. So, I think we need to find a way how you can help me with this now. I know that you want to save on this, but I think that this is the case when you need to make some extra spending for the comfort and peace of your woman. I hope I explained all these things to you correctly. And one more thing, Daniel. I would like to ask you, write me everything you want to say only in skype. To a greater extent, I use my working e-mail only for work. I do not have a personal email address, and it's really difficult for me to use several ways to communicate. Skype is more convenient for me. So, I suggest you write our letters to each other there. But if you want to send some important files, you can also use e-mail. I'm finishing my letter. In the end, I want to say that I really appreciate everything you did for our future together and I see how you want to meet with me. I wait from you for an answer to skype. I'll be waiting for you there
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