Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Phillip (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Good morning Phil,

I want us to have a solid conversation and get to know each you good and it is nice getting to know you better every day by sharing more about yourself with me that’s why i am doing the same thing too, so you can get to know me better and my expectations.

I'm described as a honest, faithful, kind, caring, passionate, and romantically fit, I enjoy watching football and i support a club in UK called Arsenal FC, swimming, camping, long walks, boat cruise, car cruise, and good music is my thing too.

In my free time I do sport (1-2 times a week), running, cycling, swimming, gym. For relaxing I like to go 2 times a month into the sauna. I like to to the cinema, into restaurants, to concerts and musicals, watch sometimes a soccer game from my favorite club, beach, etc...

I like to see good movie and reading is something I enjoy as well. I love to go anywhere and at the drop of a hat. If I find myself with a weekend that is free you can bet I am on road in no time doing walk from street to street . I am one of the few hopeless romantics left. I still open doors and show up with flowers.

My family background: My Father is Netherlands while my Mother is Asian, Thailand, so i am mixed like i told you before. I am the only child of my both parents. My grandparents are all died and my parents years ago in auto crash. I have an uncle who lives in Netherlands with his family. That’s all, my family is not very big i guess.

I had gave up and dedicate everything to my business and my daughter since my break up but yet i don't want to spend the rest of my life as a single woman so i think giving it another go to get over my past and moved on with life won't be a bad idea and look for someone serious and real with big heart who is ready to start a new life from a brand new view and perspective to work for emotional happiness together and put smiles on each other faces. i have a lot to explore with the right man who will show the seriousness and take every communication real without measuring the distance.

I hope I have been able to unveil myself to you so you should have an idea of the kind of woman I am. I also hope it was not so boring for you, reading all about me. I have left you my telephone number in case you wanted to contacted me and it would be easier, if we can chat sometimes through Skype, so we can get along as you know it takes longer times to put some words together through email and you can also see me on the video camera since i am far away from home at the moment.

I am going to give you my Malaysia phone number now, just in case you want to reach me (+601-465-314-81)

I will be looking forward to hear from you and take care.

Kind Regards,

Letter 2
Good morning Phil,

I'm sorry to disturb you this morning because it is very important and urgent situation i find myself today after the meeting i had with the suppliers. I thought leaving you a letter will be the best because i don’t want to disturb you.

It is an urgent situation that require immediate solution and i have been thinking about it since morning, so i thought sharing it with you maybe you can have an idea or solution to it as you know a problem shared is a problem solved. I would appreciate your kindness and understanding towards my situation though i feel so unhappy and ashamed discussing this with you at the stage where we haven't met yet but hopefully we can meet once i am back home.

It all happened last week after the meeting i had with the suppliers, so they can give me exact time and date my goods will be released and read to be shipped, after the the meeting i had to go to the mall for a few shopping and when i am done I book a Uber taxi back to where i am staying in KL, I was very tired and there was heavy raining so on getting to my destination, I quickly rush to the back of the car carry my the things i bought and to my surprise the Uber driver drove away when i still have my bag inside the car, i was ****** and shouted but the driver went away with my bag.

I have some important documents, receipts, my return ticket which i just printed out, my iPhone, money, credit card, keys, ID’s, so i contacted the Uber company and also make a report so they can locate the driver for me but unfortunately the driver information is false. I contacted my bank as well and explain everything that happened, so my card was deactivate and my account also because i don't know what the driver might do with my card, since it has happened to me before when i lost my ATM, before i knew it my ATM was charged at the mall which i lost thousands before i deactivate it.

The problem and why i am explaining my situation to you right now is because this morning my goods is released and i have a payment to make immediately and I'm just worried since then and frustrated but i'm able to raise some money so far but it won't be enough to make the payment. I'm just thinking if you can give me a helping hang, so i can be able to make the payment and make my trip immediately and once i am back home. I am going to return back your money.

I missed my flight because the date on my return ticket was last week and i need to reschedule it at the travel agent once i am ready to leave and i can forward it to you just incase you want to take a look and i am attaching my passport right now too, so you can be rest assured that i will refund back your money just immediately i am home.

Kind regards,

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