Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Volkova to Pierre (Burneo)

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Letter 1

Hello again!!! Thanks for the letter. I still never corresponded with the person from for borders.
Now I have such opportunity. I hoped, that you will answer my letter, when I have written to you on site. Probably you looked my structure, but there is poorly written about me. I shall try to tell about myself more. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about me.
Excuse, that my English not so good. But I try to learn him as it is possible better.
Sometimes to me to have to use the translator. There are cases, that I mix up a word.
I test doubts and I take the translator. I think it will not prevent us.
I was born to Russia, city Kazan (republic Tatarstan) on July, 25, 1976.
My name Tatyana. After leaving school, I have acted in university to receive formation.
I studied 5 years to receive a trade the fashion designer. I have finished university when to me there were 22 years. I at once was employed. I work as the seller in the small company which is engaged in sale PC.
I have the small salary which suffices me that I could pay for an apartment and dress myself.
I lived and grew with mum. Now I live separately from mother. I live one and I rent an apartment, I was never married. I have no children. My last relation with the man was 2 years ago.
More I did not search to myself for anybody. I never usually correspond with people through internet.
But I shall try to write to you of more letters. Now I on work. I have no computer home.
But I have access to a computer on work. I have found not a lot of time to write to you.
I started search of second half internet because I have not found the ideal here at itself in city. I never before was not abroad. My dream, sometime to visit any city abroad. Can to you it seems, that I speak too much.
Strange, but I still never spoke so much about myself. My friends always describe me as quiet and modest person. I like to go to cinema, to play tennis.
I do not smoke, I try to conduct a healthy way of life.
I like to drink wine. I never drink much. My hobby: I like to knit, I visit a sports hall.
I like to bathe. I do not love people which use people for the purposes.
I like to prepare I peep. I think, that I need to finish the letter.
Because I need to work. I shall try to write to you more.
I have applied the photo, I hope she to like you. Also I shall wait your photos.
I shall wait for your letter.

I wish you to lead day well

Yours faithfully Tatyana.



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