Romance scam letter(s) from Mary Pakers to Brad (France)
Letter 1
Dear Sir,

Meanwhile to prove my good faith i have attached the proof of your fund certificate that is all i can provide for you know just to proof my good faith as you wished, once you effected the payment then the remaining document of your fund which i can not be able to obtain because you have not cleared the fees that will enable me to obtain the documents, once i get your payment receipt, i will now get those documents from and attach it altogether with your first payment of $5000 per day until you totally received your $750,000.00 from your partner, Miss Mary Pakers, You are advised to make sure you send the International Transfer fees of $320 with the below informations and once we receive the international transfer fees of


from you then the same day we will program your first $5000 into our Western Union system and send you the MTCN number and the sender your names and the secret question and answer to enable you cash it in any Western Union office in your country.
Due to the urgency of this matter, you are advised to send the fees to my agent with the below stated informations via Warri, Small World or Ria transfer only... Receiver's name : Aya Dike
Country : Benin
City : Porto Novo
AMOUNT :.................................. $320 Thanks.
Letter 2
Hi good day to you, i am sorry for responding so lately to your email sent to me so far.
How is life going on your side ? i need to hear from you as sooner as you received this email, thanks. Best wishes
Mary Pakers.
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