Name: Gaby
Age: 28
Name: Marina Gabova
Age: 26
Name: Aigul Galeeva
Age: 28
Name: Evgenia
Age: 27
Name: Mercy Williams
Age: 30
Name: Jenna Farmer
Age: 31
Name: Esther Bobo
Age: 25
Name: Olga Kalacheva
Age: 27
Name: Anne Macdonald
Age: 50
Name: Sharon Anderson
Age: 35
Name: Tracy Lynn Gerboth
Age: 32
Name: Irina Domracheva
Age: 29
Name: Patsy Jones Schimidt
Age: 32
Name: Anny Dominik
Age: 23
Name: Anna Holodaeva
Age: 28

Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yuryevna Nikifora to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings my dear stranger! it will be my first letter to you so could be the last. I had an interest in your character as soon as I saw you upon the web. I hope you not going to be against sharing, because I am seeking for a mate for a beginning. My Main achievement is to found serious relations in future. If you will not be aiming for that, then I consider thatnot going to suit each other, and if you not against we can try to find out about each other better and find out where it will lead us. I live in Russia. In my city time belt UTC / GMT + 5. So, what do you say? Mai we send a paucity messages to find out about if we are linked? might be we are not connected we could be at least pen pals. I am first time in this so I would accept any response you will give, just be straight.
Letter 2
Hello! How are you? Thanks for your answer it is really a honour to get it from you. Thanks for appearing in my life, it is my immense pleasure in getting to know you! I will try to tell a little about myself. I have no children and never been married. My birthday is 25 Mai and I am 29 years old and currently I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I do not smoke and never did not try to smoke. About alcohol - I can drink a little wine or a couple of cocktails with my friends, but it happens very rarely. I am accountant, more precisely the assistant of the chief accountant in a small state institution that deals with electricity in my town. It is boring and I do not like to talk about it. I have degree in economic science, also I finished correspondence education at the Law Faculty one year ago. I studied English at school and in both universities, but I still continue to use a translator some times to check the spelling. I hope our communication will help me to practice the language, do you ready to help me :) ? I am waiting for your answer. For example, you can write about your city and country where you live now and were you was born, write me about your family and pets. For me it is all very interesting. Today I am sending a few photos of me so you could introduce me better. I will be glad to see your photos too! If you answer on this letter, I am sure you will not regret, and we can at least be friends :)
Letter 3
Hello my friend. If you answered me, then you like my photo and short story about me and now we are ready for long-term dialogue :)). Today I want to say about my family. Originally I am from village Karavay, near the city where I live now. But 12 years ago I moved from my parents. They live in my native village with my younger brother. I adore this place because it offers me the opportunity to go for long walks in the woods or on the lake. Nature is wonderful here. I do not have own apartment or house. I rent a studio apartment with girl from my work. I do not have the opportunity and the desire to buy a flat in my town. The last few years I have thought about my future, and I came to the conclusion that to find happiness for all my life in my city is very difficult for me. I can not explain it, but I feel that I will not be happy here...
I think I should tell you about my intentions and my expectations from our communication. After my last relationship, I spent all my time at work. I am a little has risen on the career ladder, but it has not brought me wealth and happiness. Recently I realized that I can not be alone, and I am looking for a simple female happiness. I decided to change my life, I have tried to communicate with the different men in my city, but it was not working. I met a clever mans, I met a rich mans who wanted to buy me and to be in one bed with me, but I refused them all. I want to be happy the rest of my life, not one day. Therefore I decided to try to find a man in another country. I read that the mentality of our country has the distinction, but also we have a lot in common. So I decided to try their luck :) Over the past 20 years, millions of people from different countries met online and now have a strong, happy family. What do you think about this?
Right now I do not know what else to write this letter. I will wait for your answer...
Letter 4

Good evening, I met the new year in the company of my relatives, it was an ordinary family dinner, nothing special. By the way, I did not go to the church for Easter. I am just happy like a child when you wrote back :))) I finally was able to free up some time to write you. Today I have a good mood, because in the morning I found a small kitten. I brought him at work and my friend helped find a new owner for him. I always helped to animals, friends and strangers who need help. I believe in karma and I've always thought that the fate (or the forces of the universe) will help me. My parents taught me "if you will be a good person, you will be sure to be happy!" I watched the movie "The Secret" and I believe that all thoughts can become a reality. I believe in my dream about happy future, but... I do not see justice in this life, do you agree with me? Church officials have treasures and gold, and ordinary belivers are looking for money to buy food. Politicians say beautiful words on TV and have an expensive yacht, and an ordinary Russians goes to work and dreams of a vacation and delicious food. This is not fair, do you agree? I am 30 soon and I do not have a partner with whom we will have dinner and discuss the news. I do not have even a small cozy apartment where to I can come after work. I lived all my life correctly and honestly and I have no regrets about the past. I am not a mercantile person, and I never wanted to be rich. I just want to be happy. Now I need love and care. I want to share my feelings and feel reciprocity, you know? I am not looking for a prince on a white horse. I do not ask to perform feats (to **** the dragon etc.) I am just looking for a decent, honest man who will appreciate me, love me and take care of me. I finished my last relationship 2 years ago. I already wrote you that I tried to get acquainted with man, but I did not feel a special connection and I have not seen special man in them, you know. Today I planned to tell you a little about my parents, but I do not have time for this. I will write to you about my family next time, if you are interested.
Today with photo you will get my video and I hope you like it. I hope to see your photo too.
Letter 5
Hi Jeremy! Thank you for praising my English. I told you that I studied him at school and university. You did not write comments about my video? Did you see it? If you did not receive it, I will send it again. I was hoping to see the bright emotions and words of thanks after my letter... In my last letter I promised to tell you about my parents. At first I love my parents, they are very good, kind people! When I have the opportunity I care about them and help them, I would like to give my care more, but unfortunately, as you knew, they live in village and I can not see them every day or even every week. We must love our relatives until they are next to us and we need to talk about our love to all those whom we love. My dad is a pensioner and fermer now, he is 63 years old. He love to go hunting and fishing. Therefore, since my childhood I learned to cook fish and game dishes. Maibe someday I will be able to surprise you a delicious meal of rabbit or duck. My mom 47 years old, she works in a school cook. She started teaching me how to cook when I was 5 years old. As a child I played with pots and pans :)) My brother is 25 years old, he graduated from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He is currently working on a part-time job and help my parents. They have a large farm (garden and a brute). Therefore, my brother chose this profession. In the future, he will inherit the land and farming. He will live with our parents until end of life, so I am not worried that mom and dad will be left without care and support if I go away. This is important, because I could not go far away, if I was an only child. Do you agree with me? Today I want to show you where I was born and where I live now. As you see in the photo, these places are very different. And what about you, and place where were you born and currently live? Can you tell in more detail? I hope you do not think that my letters are boring. I am just telling you about my life and I am waiting the same from you. So we can get to know each other better. I am sending you a smile and wish you a good day!!!
Your Natasha
Letter 6
Good day! How are? What is the weather in your city today? I've already told you that I rent an apartment with a girl friend from my work. I like to enjoy fresh air and nature in general. I like walking in the park, feed the birds. I like to go on boats, swim and enjoy the closeness to nature. I already wrote that my dad is a hunter and fisher. So he used to take me to the river or in the wood when I was little. After that I have been camping at school and univercity every year. I like camping, nature, sunsets and sunrises, campfire and night starry sky. It is very beautiful and romantic. I am a hopeless romantic! I hope you too :)) Today I will send you photo from my holidays (it was a few years ago), I hope you like it. When I am in the woods or on the beach - I feel that I am free, and problems do not exist. When you see the waves and feel the wind, you know that problems exist only in your head. I found some pictures for you from my vacation, I hope you like it. And how do you like to relax? How your typical day is different from the weekend or holiday? I like to read your letters and... I can not know in advance what will happen to us, but I like what I see now. I hope the weather will be better tomorrow and the sun will warm me and lift my mood :)) Please enjoy your life and your day and think that there are person who are waiting for a letter from you...
Letter 7
Right now I have no time, so today I want to ask you a few questions what I interested. Though I believe life is given to us to enjoy every moment of it, I am not looking for one night love or something like that. What I am really looking for is serious relationship, not games. Flirting is great but only when it is the beginning for something big and serious, you know. Please, be honest with me. Do you writing to me just for fun? Or do you want serious relationship? What exactly do you expect from our relationship (write a minimum and a maximum)? What about kids? It is very important! I read somewhere why most relationships do not work. Most people in the search for a partner in advance come up with a mind borders (appearance, character, place of work and even approximate location). And when their expectations are not justified, people are disappointed, it stops working and the relationship begins crumbling. We should not drive ourselves into the these borders, we need to work on relations and both partners must do this, do you agree with me? By the way what do you value most in a friendship and in relationship? I am looking for sincere and pure love if this is possible and I believe that love, which I saw in the movie and book really exists, I just have to find right man...
Letter 8
Hello Jeremy! How are you? How is weather in your city? How is your health? You and your letter made my day !!! I am happy that we are looking in one direction and our thoughts are similar. I was worried when waiting for your answer...Now the excitement in the past and positive emotions and hormones of happiness overwhelmed me !!! My best friend (I will send you her photo in future) always says that I am working very hard and offended at me for the fact that I can not devote a lot of time for her and for my personal life. I worked in this place for 5 years and I do not always like what I do, but it is the best I could find at this stage of life. I am sure: "The best thing in life is given to those who can wait it" Do you agree with me? I am a little distracted from our Main topic :))) Unfortunately, the work does not come out of my head, sorry. I will continue my thought. I told my friend about you. I said that since you came into my life, all changed for me! I said that you are kind, caring, considerate, sensitive, tolerant and true gentleman!!! My friend worries about me, but she saw my determination and steadfastness so she supports me. Some people do not believe in me and in my communication with you. But nobody will change my opinion about you, Jeremy Only I read your letter, so only I can judge you. Do you agree with me? This people does not know anything about people from other countries. They does not know that thousands of people getting acquainted in the internet and create a family, travel and enjoy life together !!! In any situation you can think positively and negatively. Each person can see only the bad stories about criminals in online dating, and we can also find thousands of examples of fantastic histories with happy ending. I look at this situation only on the positive side and I believe in happy endings, and you? In short about pictures what you received today, I saw them in internet and thought to share with you! Do you like it? Have a great day and enjoy your life!
Your Natasha!!!!!!
Letter 9
Hi dear Jeremy. I've never heard of it. You ask me if I would like you to visit me, I think it's a good idea, but are you ready for this now? I think that we do not need to hurry. I am glad to receive your letter today! Thank you! Today we will have a corporate party on my work. We signed a big contract, we ended submit reports, prepare declarations and other documents, etc. Also, my boss bought a new car and wants to stand treat for all the employees of our institution. We will have a small party at work, then we are with the girls from my department would like to go somewhere to have dinner and talk about the work, about life and about men :))) By the way about car (I think about car of my boss) - what car do you have? Big or small? Do you like drive? Driving fast or accurate? I have drive license but I can drive only car with automatic transmission :)) Cars carried away me. But today my head busy with other thoughts, I began to think about simple things, that did not worry me for several years, usually I only thought about my work and my career. I began to accept that I am single. I want to ask you - can I call myself your girlfriend? I am monogamous by my nature, so I have to be sure you feel the same to me. I want to say that every day I think more that I need someone who will listen to me after a hard day's work, who will give me the support, care and attention. I need a man, whom I will give my care and tenderness. I am tired to care only about myself, I want to make happy someone else, you know? With age I understand that for happiness does not need a lot of money and things, you need only two plates on a table in the kitchen, two coffee in bed, two umbrellas on the hanger. I mean, all we need is a person who will be the second half for us to be happy. Maybe my concept of happiness is not the most original, but I know what I want! You know exactly WHAT do you want?? It is just my thoughts, now in my head, I am not sure it is the right time now to speak about it, but in any case I want you to know about it. Please do not think that I am trying to develop our relationship too fast, but I promised to always be honest with you. Now I am with other girls from my work are going to go to buy fruit and champagne for the evening. Of course I would love to change this evening for the evening with you, but you are so far... I promise to think of you today ;) Unfortunately I can not continue to write, I have to go. I will wait for your answer!!!
good luck and bye bye
Letter 10
Good evening my dear Breand!!! In my last letter I wrote you about corporate party. After that, me and my girlfriends went in a small restaurant not far from my work. We ate fish and grilled vegetables. We had a lot of talking and laughing. In the restaurant, a man (one of the visitors) came up to me with intention to invite me for a date. But I kicked him out. A little later he came back and wanted to give me a bouquet of flowers. I refused him again and did not took the flowers. I said that I am not single, I immediately remembered you and smiled. I want to tell you why I wrote you this story. Yes, I am a beautiful young girl. Yes, many men show their attention to me. Yes, I promised to be honest with you. And yes, I always reMayn true to my partner. I am never looking for intrigue or amusement, I am monogamous and never betray close people! I had the sentimental mood when I kicked out that man and I thought that my man will be found and I will not grow old in a small apartment with 30 cats :))) And I believe that there is still a place for love in this cruel world. Perhaps I already have found my special man... I was very tired after corporate and restaurant and I went home early. I thought about you and about the future. It is a great pity that we can not see our future :) You know, you became very important for me. I appreciate relations with you very much, and I am afraid to lose it. It is the first time in my life when I try to begin relations with a person who is so far from me. I do not know what is waiting for me in the future, but I already thank the destiny, that I have met a such wonderful man. I would be happy communicate with you in the future and I hope you want it too. I feel that you have become an integral part of my life. I am waiting for the moment when I get free time to write you. I enjoy the time when I read your letter! You can not imagine how much I am enjoying it!!! You are so far, but I feel that the distance between us less and less with each letters...
Your girlfriend
Letter 11
Hey, forgive me Jeremy:) I just accidentally pressed an extra button. Only today I caught myself thinking that I'm too open with you. In ordinary life, very few people know my problems and the details of my life. I'm an open person, but I always clearly delineate the boundaries of what I'm allowed to do and control any communication from behind my comfort zone. But in your case, I made an exception and only today did I understand why it happened. In Russia they say that "the easiest thing is to tell the most intimate to fellow traveler on the train", because most likely you will never see him and it gives a sense of security. In Russia, psychotherapists are not very popular, that's why we "shower our soul" either to the closest people or to unfamiliar "fellow travelers"))))) Maybe that's why our communication with you is very comfortable, easy and convenient for me (I hope you feel the same ). I have never been so close to a person because I was afraid to trust. Because of the absence of visible barriers, we can talk to each other all that we think and feel. This allows you to get to know each other easily and quickly, do you agree with me? I hope that in the future we will continue to move in the right direction. As they say "The longest path starts with one step forward"...
Letter 12
Hello Jeremy. Have you ever read my letters? I told you why now I'm alone. Reread all my letters and even the last one, because I told you about it in confidence. Probably my eyes shine like the eyes of a baby on Christmas whrn I receive your letter :)) Your letters became a big part of my life. I see, that our relations develop. I have caught me on ideas, that I think of you constantly. I wake up and I think, what are you doing now. When I work I think of you again and every day I have thoughts about you more and more! Today my friend gave me books and notebooks about fitnes. She received a license coach a few months ago. For many years I have been doing yoga and well versed in Fitness and Diet. I plan to finish the Academy of fitness and get license coach. This will be extra money for me. I can change my Mayn job or combined with the work of the coach. I do not know what professions in demand in your city. How do you think what kind of work I could have if I will live in your city? I am very hardworking and I am not afraid of hard work. Sometimes I work 10 hours a day. I grew up in a poor family, me and my brother know what is real work. I am glad that I have a younger brother. Because of the tradition of our family, my brother would live with parents and take care of them. So I am not worried, when I plan on living in another country. By the way name of my brother is Victor and he and my parents say "hi" to you. They are happy that I began to communicate with a good, well-mannered man. I distracted by a my relatives and forgotten thoughts that I wanted to write :)) When people look at me, they see little, fragile girl. Usually these girls go shopping, read magazines and walk with a small dog. I always laughed at them :))) I have other values in life. I already wrote to you, that I am a hopeless romantic, I appreciate family, trust and support of close people. I do not know why the world is degraded and spiritual values have lost their price. I am glad that I was able to find you. I see that we are similar and we look at this world the same way. I have long been thinking of moving to another country. No one and nothing holds me. I try to practice my English, when I have free time, I am saving money every month to one day travel to the other country. Maybe it is just a dream, but I believe - I will find happiness in this life!
Letter 13
Hello my Jeremy. My friend gave me your eMayl. Today we had a scandal on my work. We have amercement and other consequences... Each amercement divided by all employees, and we are losing part of their salaries. I already wrote you that I am assistant of the chief accountant. Today chief accountat made a big mistake and because of this we had a big problem. I was accused of an error and I was forced to prove my innocence. The most annoying - I have never been wrong and has always been attentive and hardworking. I am tired of proving to others that I am a good, hardworking and honest worker. I am tired of proving to friends and relatives that I am caring, considerate and kind. I want to be a fragile girl, I want someone to appreciate and love me... No one appreciates my skills and my efforts. I reached the ceiling on my career ladder, and I do not have perspectives on my work. So I try to learn new skills in order to be able to choose and be confident in the future. Today is a long day and every minute seems like an eternity... I am physically and emotionally exhausted... I need a rest and I want to go home... I want a good, calm, happy life. I love my homeland, but now my life in Russia is not similar to ideal life. So I want to get a good emotions in this life. I want to wake up with a smile and go to bed happy. I hope you understand what I want to say.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jeremy. This person want to be incognito. At first I am sorry for my last letter. Emotions took over my mind and I wrote a "cry of the soul". Usually I am balanced and calm, but the problems at work accumulate every day...And I have not had a vacation for more than a year, so I need a rest :))) Yesterday I saw an interesting article about questions that help to get closer. Do you want to try a few of them?
1. Would you like to be famous? In what way? As a child I dreamed of becoming a veterinary and help homeless animals. Later I wanted to become a famous designer of clothes and I was absorbed to this when I was at university (I will attach a photo to this letter).
2. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? I did it this morning in the bathroom and after that my cohabitant and I laughed aloud :)))
3. Is there something that you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why have not you done it? I always dreamed of traveling and seeing the world. At first I had no money, then I was afraid to travel alone... Maybe I had fears that did not let me go. But I hope these problems are in the past and my dream will become reality soon !!!
4. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? I am proud that I was able to independently get higher education. I have lived in Russia for almost 30 years and have never violated the law. I did not give bribes, I did not deceive for the sake of profit and I always adhered to my moral principles.
5. What is your most treasured and most terrible memory? My most terrible memory is a fire... When I was a little girl, our house caught fire and my parents grabbed me and my brother from our beds, at night... They ran out into the street and tried to stifle out the fire. That day, we lost a house that was not insured. It was terrible and I do not like to remember it... But do not worry, now my parents with my brother live in a big house and they are happy. And about my treasured memory - I think that the best, beautiful, bright and happy is waiting for me in the future.
Last night I spoke with my mom by the phone and I told her about you and our relationship. She has long ceased to ask me about my relationships with men, because this issue frustrates me. And yesterday she was happy to discuss you. I told her all what I know about you. Everything you say in your letter describes you as a good man and I am sure that I could trust you. My mom asked me why I talk with you, because we are very far from each other? I said her that if we have a destiny to meet once, and if we really wish it, our relations have a future. Right now we are far away from each other and we just enjoy our fellowship and I like where this is heading! Do you agree with me? My mom said that she is glad that I found a good support in your face. Have a wonderful day and I hope you think of me? I think about you and our relationship!
Letter 15
Today since the early morning I have an exelent, positive mood. I'm thinking about the past, about future, and the fate and bout luck. I was thinking about how short my life. We all live one life, right? If so, then why do not we always do what we want? Why can not we live as if today - this is our last day? Why do we put our life for tomorrow? Why do we want to live tomorrow, but not today? Why most people hating their work, but they continue to work or sleep with the unloved person in one bed? I have only one answer! Ordinary lazy and fear of the unknown! We can not force ourselves to stop smoking or start running in the mornings. We always say "I'll start on Monday" and it does not work again. We are always afraid to change job for another, because we are not confident in ourselves, in our success and in our well-being in the future. We are afraid to act and instead prefer to go with the flow. There is a saying "with flow can swim even a dead fish" and we should not behave like a dead fish, do you agree with me? We only hope for the best instead of acting !!! Perhaps this is why the recent years are gaining popularity motivating quotes, motivating seminars and films? We forgot how to dream and make dreams come true! My parents always wanted a new house, but they built a big brick house only when our old house burned down. Do you understand my idea?
I want our relations to grow. But it will not happen if we will not meet. All this year, I thought about my vacation. I never left Russia, but I have been saving up money to make my vacation special. But it will not happen if we will not meet. I have learned many beautiful places to travel, but our communication has given birth to new ideas in my head. How do you see me spending my vacation in your country? It would be really special, interesting and magic! Thoughts about this trip cause me different emotions. Excitement, anticipation of joy and romance are struggling with fears of the unknown. But I'm willing to take a risk and believe that negative emotions will go away and in time there will be only positive ones! I know that you are a good person and I know that you will never cause me pain! I see no reason not to trust you, also I see no reason that May hamper my journey. How do you think, May something happen between us in the near future? I understand that it is very difficult for making, but how do you think, it is possible? If we just imagine that I decided to travel to you, you would be glad to show me your city and the place where you live? Perhaps all this letter just thoughts and fantasies, but Maybe it's the beginning of something great and and amazing, who knows....
Have a good day and enjoy every day!
Your Natasha!!!!!!!
Letter 16
Hello my dear Jeremy, in my last letter I wrote you about my thinking and idea in my head. Last days I think about our meeting, about the pros and cons, about fear and safety, about risks and prospects for our happiness. Your words has given me confidence, I see your desire and understand that I have chosen the right path. Our thoughts, desires and dreams are identical. In the morning I imagined the weighing-machine where on one side was a trip to you and on the other side - traveling to another country with my friends. After your letter and your bright and pleasant words - your side of weighing-machine outweighed. I know you are worried like me, therefore this situation needs your determination. The Mayn thing - to discard fears and support each other. Up to this moment we did not give each other reason to doubt. I hope in the future we will not bump into the rocks under water. I want to work on our relationship, I want to go forward to my happiness! I want to see your smile and shining eyes at the airport! May be I say banal things, but I try to be honest and sincere with you. Today I will try to restrain emotions and will not describe ALL my thoughts. I want to see your reaction and your support. I want to know what you think about our future.
Your Natasha
Letter 17
To begin with, I want to thank you for having appeared in my life. You helped me to rethink a lot of things, today I look at the world around me and life differently. You helped me to understand myself and in life, I changed my priorities, my principles and in general in my head is now in complete order :))) I feel happy and satisfied. Probably it feels normal people :)) When we met, no one could be completely sure about us. I can surely tell your assurance grew every day gradually, like mine. Even 20 years ago was fery few of who in the world could assume that people from different countries with different mentality, with different cultures and values can learn each other, fall in love and create couples. Today this is a common thing and no one is surprised when people hear stories about how people have met on the Internet and live happily ever after. I'm glad that modern technology has helped me find my happiness. You're not just my special man, you're so much more! You not only changed my status single, you also filled all the void in my heart. I enjoy every day in my life, now I do not notice difficulties and problems. All these are just obstacles for me. Our communication taught me that there are no problems, there are only situations that we have to solve to be together and enjoy life and each other. I'm glad you do not think I'm crazy because of my last letter. I promised you to always be honest with you and I really share with you all the thoughts and ideas that are born in my head. I believe that relationships are built primarily on trust, so I try to be open, honest and honest for you. I was afraid of your reaction and I've been very worried about the last days since we started discussing the meeting (although at this moment it's just talking). Correspondence through letters for the last few hundred years has helped men and women make romances, melt and Mayntain a love fire in their hearts from a distance and share feelings with loved ones. Today, technology has replaced paper, but my heart still fades when I wait for your letter, my dear. This is a pleasant excitement and experience. I did not have it for years. Thank you !!! I hope you feel the same and our thoughts and feelings are same...As soon as I start writing about the meeting, feelings grab me, I get lost in thought, get carried away and start writing on different topics, I am sorry))). I want to return to the topic of our meeting, I want to dream and discuss our date. Let it be a tea party or just a cup of coffee at the airport or not far from your house. For me it is much more better and 10,000 times more exciting than going to an expensive restaurant with a man who does not mean anything to me. I want to look in your eyes, I want to ask questions and get answers, while this seeing your emotions! I want you to hear my laugh and see my reaction to your words and my touch, you understand what I mean? I want to meet you, my dear Jeremy!!! Our communication is wonderful and it made me happy, but only our meeting will make me the happiest girl in the world! Do you want to feel like a magician or a gin? Do you want to fulfill my desire and make me the happiest? If YES, then let's move forward and take one more step towards our meeting! I will find the best travel agency in our city, and you write me the name of the nearest airport so that I can find out the maximum information, ok? I'm very excited while writing this letter. For the first time I feel such emotions: happiness and joy, delight mixed with excitement and fear of the you understand me? Perhaps I will finish this letter and wait for your answer. I do not know what your reaction to this letter will be, but I hope for your support and approving words. Your opinion is very important to me, because you have become really close to me!
Letter 18
Are you serious??? If every word of yours is true and you really want our meeting, then all my worries were in vain. I never doubted you, but many different factors could influence your decision. I'm glad you're ready to meet me! After your letter, I have no doubt - I am ready to make the most important act in my life - I want to come to you! I'm glad that we are both ready and both want to take a big step to meet our destiny and meet each other! I do not know what awaits us in the future and how our relations will develop, but I have a very good presentiment!!! We have never met, but at this stage of the relationship I believe that we are ideally suited to each other. Of course we will need time to get to know each other better. Of course, we are not perfect and each of us has our shortcomings, but this is normal! We both have everything to be together and make each other happy! And this is the Mayn point!!! All the rest of the little things and no small problems should not worry us! When we are together, we will remember all doubts, problems and obstacles with a smile))) We will tell our friends our story embracing and looking into each other's eyes...I already see it !!! I am sorry if I ask the same questions every day, but I'm a girl and you must forgive me :))). This is really important to me and I want to see and feel your support and your confidence in our future. I want this more than anything in the world and I want to know that you want our meeting as much as I do! My parents and my friends support me and all my doubts are also in the past. You are my man and it is very important for me to feel your confidence and support, you understand? Today I went to the travel agency Avantix (I studied all the offers in my city, this agency has a lot of experience and they are the best in the price / quality ratio). I explained our situation to them, they wrote down all the information, but could not tell me the cost right from the problems with the Internet. They promised to send me all the details on e-Mayl as soon as everything is ready. I'll share this information with you, but for now we just have to think about each other and fantasize about our meeting and our dates...We've never met, but I really miss you...And to distract myself I will be engaged in household chores - Wash, iron clothes and prepare a delicious dinner. And to cheer up your mood and so that you do not get bored, I send you a couple photos of the hostess (hostess?) :))))
P.S Thank you for the video, so beautiful:)
Kiss and gentle but strong hugs only for you!
Letter 19

Hi dear Jeremy, are you kidding me??? I'm not a *****!!!!! I have already get a message from the travel agency and i hasten to share it with you. I just copied some senteces from there is letter so as not to confuse anything. This is detailed information about the process of preparing documents for travel in Bulgaria. Your country is a member of the Schengen agreement and my Mayn target - to get tourist visa (type C). Since the 14th of September 2015 all applicants have to enroll for biometrics (finger prints). In accordance to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation, all applicants have to provide consent for processing personal data. Fees for processing my visa application – ? 35 (express visa will costs ? 70) plus consular fee ? 30.
-form filled out and signed personally by the applicant;
-passport valid for travel to the Bulgaria - my passport must be valid for at least three months beyond my period of stay in the Bulgaria;
-the medical examination focuses primarily on detecting certain serious infectious or contagious diseases, or medical disabilities that May be a basis for visa ineligibility (? 20);
-medical insurance with procuring less than ? 30 000 (? 50);
-hotel reservation confirmation (? 110);
-get a document from my work (I have to be hired more than 6 months);
-get a document about all bank accounts and information about money transfers (last 3-6 month);
-get a document on property (my apartment, cars, land and etc.);
-money, confirming my ability to pay all costs of the trip (? 45 per person each day);
-round flight tickets with open dates (? 292);
-made color photo 45mm x 35mm. My photo have to be in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.
Travel agency "Avantix travel", where experienced lawyers and agents, who work with embassys dynamicly, will prepare full kit of documents, which are important for positive decision of embassy. When international passport and other documents will be ready, I will bring all documents in agency and they will send them to the Bulgarian Visa Service Center. The advantage of making a visa through a travel agency is that I don't need to wait in line. Also the travel agency will help me find the cheapest tickets and make a discount.
My ability to pay all costs in the trip (financial guarantees) for one month will be 1350 euro. I should not spend this money, but I shoud have them at the time of the getting visa and flight to Bulgaria. I attached you the doc that was sent to me from Avantix travel. This is a contract, which will detail all the services that my travel agency provides. They will help me make a prepayment for the hotel, book an airline ticket, assist in the preparation of visas and insurance. They can even order me a car at the airport if you can not meet me. Now in the contract only a few items are filled out so that I can get acquainted with the prices. I duplicated some information from doc in a letter to make it easier for you to understand the situation.
You can see, i have to spend tons of time to visit all of necessary institutions and get all necessary documents. Also I need to pay a tidy sum before our meeting at the airport, where my knees will be tremble and I will feel million of butterflies in my stomach :)) I want to be honest with you. I did not expect that I should have 1987 euro for travel to you, I will think about it and I will think what I can do... I wrote you that I was planning my trip abroad for a long time, but to be honest, this travel cost more than I had planned. I have to digest the information and talk to my parents. There is no reason to be upset right now. I will be glad to read any comments from you, it is very important for me. I have to feel your support! I am really want to meet you! I am sure it will be very beautiful and romantic, because we both want it!!! I already feel that we are very close to each other and I even think that if I hug you at a meeting I will not hold back, I will jump on your neck and kiss you...(embarrassed)
I have to go now and I am looking forward to you letter !!!
Your princess, Natasha!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Jeremy. I have only one name, I don't know about Yulia. Right now I'm overwhelmed of emotions and different thoughts is flying in my head. Past few days I thought about our meeting and today I'm definetely want to come to you. I want to tell you honestly - unfortunately, the cost of traveling appeared to be more than I thought. You saw my last letter and you know total cost. I was saving money for a half of a year and I am sure that I could fly to you by myself, but due to the fact that the ruble rate has fallen in recent months, the price for traveling has increased. I have only about 1350 euro and I do not know where I can find the reMayning 637 euro. And it is not my only ptoblem. More than a year. I have not taken a vacation for more than a year and I can not postpone it any longer.. I specifically asked my vacations for this season at my boss and I can not change time of my vacation for another period. If I can not organize my vacation now, we can meet only in next year. If you think that I want to stay in a hotel (because I wrote this cost in the price) this is not true. Travel agency will book the cheapest hotel, it is necessary for your embassy. I shall travel like a tourist. If I shall tell, that I go to the friend (to the man), I shall have problems. I am single and not married... I shall have problems if I shall tell about you, understand? Employees of my travel agency is professional in it, do not worry. They said that I could take the prepayment when I arrive there. I told my parents that I do not have enough money to travel, they really want to help me, but it's really very big sum for me and my parents. I spoke with my friends, but they have their own problems and plans and they do not have free money. My parents told me to sell the land (my grandfather hath been given unto me and my brother the land, when he was alive). When my parents suggested it, I was happy, I thought that I was found out of the way with money. 15,000 USD very quickly. I was called the travel agency and talked to the manager about my idea. But the consultant explained that I can not sell the land. The sale of the land was supposed to be of a suspicious and official nature. My work and my land. No one will give a visa to a young, unmarried girl who has just sold all the property. The embassy will think that I'm going to leave Russia forever, and I have to convince them that I'm an ordinary tourist. The only way to sell the land is to issue power of attorney to my brother at Natarius. With the power of attorney he will be able to sell the land without me. In this case, when I will land at your airport, my brother will be able to sell my land and send me money. It is a good plan, but I still need money for air tickets and documents...I need 637 euro for 3-4 weeks, until I landed at your airport. Then after a few days I will have a good amount of money. My mom told me that I should not give up and have faith. I know that my mom is right, there is always another opportunity. If two people have a dream to be with each other, nothing will stop them, even time and distance. I apologize for giving bad news to you today. I want to make your day and your life better, and happier, but not today...I believe that we can find a way out together! Do you agree with me? I asked my parents to ask neighbors in the village about the land that belonged to my grandfather. Last year several people were interested, Maybe they still want to buy it. Please have a good day and give me your answer as soon as possible!!!!!
Your Natasha!!!!!
Letter 21
Hello my Jeremy, how are you today? I hope you are doing well. A lawyer is a wonderful profession that people always need. I was surprised that you built such an incredible theory about what the letter Y in the document means, it's even a bit ridiculous that you guessed that the explanation for this is very simple. My name is Natalia, my last name is Nikiforova, and the letter "Y" means my patronymic Yuryevna! And as you should understand as a lawyer that with a passport scan you can take a loan for this person whose passport you have. Therefore, I will not send my scan of the passport on the Internet, because I do not take a loan or loan from a bank. My letter is not a scanword or sudoku, I wrote to you as clearly as possible, but I'll try to explain it again. The situation at the moment is such. The amount of the whole trip will cost 1987 euros, of which 637 euros I will need to pay for tickets, visa, medical insurance, medical examination and hotel reservation. And I also need to have 1350 euros on my bank account, so that when I'm in the embassy interview, I could show them that I have money and I will not stay on the street without food and shelter. This is a mandatory procedure for obtaining a visa to your country, the more I am going to travel abroad for the first time in my country. I will not need to spend this money, I will only need to save them on my bank account before arriving at your airport. The fact that I have property that is land, it does not play any role, because I need to have money on my bank account, and not just land in my country. As I explained to you earlier that it will be sold and my brother will send me money from its sale when I'm in your country, I explained to you why it can be done just like this. My vacation will begin in 4-5 weeks, and preparation of all documents for the trip will take 3-4 weeks, so I ask you to take our meeting seriously, we can not just waste time. I do not like to talk about money. I never asked money from the man, but now the situation is forcing me to do it. I do not want to to be humiliated and I feel uncomfortable when talking about money with you. I am an independent woman, but now - the money is not the goal. Now the money - it is a means or instrument for our meeting. I imagine that you are standing behind the door, and money is the key that opens this door and I can hug and kiss you. You understand me? I hope that yes...
Letter 22
Hello Jeremy, how are you today? I hope you are doing well. Ahahah, it's not a gun:) I have never heard of a western union before, but today I read about it and now I understand how it works. I have never used translations around the world. On their website, I learned how it works and what you need for transfer, you need to specify my name, surname, patronymic, country and city. You can do this in any currency convenient for you, because when you receive them, they still convert this currency. I repeat once again that you do not need my passport. I read on the western union website that I will need to show my passport only when I receive your help. And I also need your data, such as full name, surname, patronymic, city of departure of the transfer and the exact amount of the transfer. This morning on the radio, I heard an anecdote and it does not go out of my head. I think it looks more like a parable, so I philosophized and thought about it all day. I want to share my thoughts and feelings about this with you. Also I want to hear your opinion.
"There was a heavy flood in the city, one old man was sitting on the porch of his house and prayed for salvation, and a boat of rescuers swam up to him and they offered him to get into the boat. "Oh, no!" said the old man. "I believe that God will save me!". The water rose and the old man climbed on the roof to continue praying. Soon the old man heard a helicopter above him, a ladder was lowered to him and they offered to get up. "Oh, no!" the old man shouted, "God will save me!" Soon the water hid the roof and the old man drowned. When he appeared before God, he asked: "Why, God? I believed that you would save me, why you did not save me?" God answered him: "I sent a boat for you, you did not want to be saved. Then I sent a helicopter, you did not want to be saved again, why are you still indignant?"
I saw in this anecdote a lot of wisdom, many analogies and metaphors. It seems to me that the "porch of the house" is our youthfulness. At this time, we easily get acquainted and get close to people. People create couples and many of them marry and live happily. If up to 30 years a person has not found a partner, he becomes too picky and picky. Finding the right partner is getting harder and harder... And with time comes the "roof of the house" when you must not lose your chance. You should not afford to keep pushing people, you need to appreciate friendship, appreciate loved ones and create a couple so that you do not get lonely for the rest of your life. You can not just hope for the best and go with the flow. I am afraid to be like this old man's and I hope you will not miss your chance either. Perhaps our meeting is exactly the salvation - helicopter for each other :))) what do you think about it?
Letter 23
Hi Jeremy, I don't see your reply today, but today I have a good mood. This morning I heard on the radio the old song, it was a wonderful song that I love. When I listen to this song, I am charged with energy and strength for my life. It was the song R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly" You hear that? it is a wonderful song, right? There is such a word in the chorus:
I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly.....
I am very inspired by this song and your letter that I read today. I am really happy that we will soon meet and when I listened to this song today, I imagined how we would walk together, dinner under the stars by candlelight. It is so romantic and gives me a lot of hope to move forward towards our happiness and I believe that I can "fly" when I feel your concern and your support. I am very grateful to you, I am happy that I took courage then to write my first letter to you. Do you remember that? *)))) I hope that you happy too that you answered me then!? Now we have more than a friendship and together we can "fly" and even "touch" the sky! I hope you feel my warmth to you? I try to express it in my letters! I really want that for our meeting, we did not hesitate to express our feelings for each other! Today I have a lot of work and so I will finish my letter, I hope that your answer will come very soon. Have a good day dear!!!!
Your Natasha
Letter 24
I am ready to spend all my savings and I think it is the same risk for both of us. I ask you to stand in my shoes - I am going to leave Russia for the first time. Paperwork, search for the airport and the journey alone. I am a small and fragile lady, I am going to go to a foreign country. You are the only person whom I know in your country! You are my only hope! I hope you can meet me at the airport or taxi will bring me to you. For me it is a foreign country, a foreign city, and many strangers... I fear... Why do not you understand this? Why do you think only about money? Do you understand my feelings??? We are both afraid. You are afraid of losing money, I am afraid to go to so far to a man whom I had never seen. But if we do not do this step, we will not be happy! Maybe never! Experts say, "if you want to change your life and be happy, you have to get out of your comfort zone" and "if you want to get something new, you must DO what is never done". Therefore, we should not be afraid to take a chance. We have to do something new! We both have a fear, but we both have a feelings and a desire to get to know each other better. Think of the dates that we will have. I do not want to persuade you and ask for your money. It is humiliating... I feel uncomfortable. I never asked money from a man, I am an independent woman, but i do not know where I can find 637 euro. This sum separate us from our happiness. I have always been honest with you and never lied to you. And thank you for the video...
Letter 25
Hi Jeremy, yes I will spend it, because your money will reMayn on my account and I will return them on arrival to you, and I will spend my money. I do not know what kind of site you're talking about and what I have written there, I have no idea, because I had a chat with you and two other men, but they were just perverts. And also the western union warns you to be afraid of fraudster, not your girl!
I'll just write you two quotes of great people, they describe our situation very well. One sage was asked:
- Why are the poor more affable and less stingy than the rich?
- Look out the window, what do you see?
- I see how a beautiful couple is walking in the park.
- Now look in the mirror. What do you see there?
- Myself.
- You see the window and the mirror are made of glass, but if you add a little silver, you can only see yourself.
Omar Khayyam Who really wants to make something, he finds a way, who does not want he search for a reason....
Letter 26
Don't you trust me?? Your letter shocks me truly. I don't use anymore, it's my village!!! I closed my eyes then opened them and read your letter over and over seems to be unreal...your words...I can't believe you wrote them with your hand! How could you blame me in something? Did I give any reason to doubt me? And what about all your words about trusting each other??? Were they just words??? And you actually was always lying to me saying that?? Why should I believe you?? What makes you think that you are better than I am?? The distance that separates us is equal! We have never seen each other and letters are the only connection between us. But I'm ready to leave my friends and family for you and what about you? What risks do you take? I have never told you before but the risks that I take are so much higher. I have never blamed you in anything, I always thought of you as of the most honest and the best man in the world. One friend of mine at work said bad things about men who live abroad and meet Russian girls in the internet and help them fall in love. When women come to them they become slaves in their own houses. Women supposed only to clean, to cook , to wash and to delight men in *** every time he wants it. And women "disobey" such men they got punished and bitten by their "caring" men. And nobody can protect these poor women because nobody care about them in foreign country. I argued this friend and tried to prove her that her opinion is not right and we do not talk at all. I told her that you are not like those men and that I'm lucky that I found you. Why life is so unfair to me???? Why did I protect the person that now blaming me in lie and cheating??? And you one friend of mine showed me an article in the internet about one Russian travel company "YarTravel" that is situated in Yaroslavl. 2 former military men and their friends from Moscow had a ***** trade business. They sell young and pretty girls abroad to Spain, Norway and Germany to work as prostitutes. For each girl they got from 1800 to 2300 euro. On June 2008 they got caught. The organizers of this ***** trade got from 7 to 9 years of imprisonment. You can find this story in the is very cognitive! The friend who showed me that article asked me to be very careful with foreigners. But I tried to make him to change his mind, I told him about our letters, about your warm and caring words and about our plans for future. Now I'm not sure in anything...I'm so confused… Are all the plans that we made just my and only my fantasy? When I was taking a decision to visit you or not I talked to my mom and to my best friend. And the both supported me in that and told that I should go. I needed that support in my situation. I was taking a very serious decision and finally I made up my mind and decided to visit you no matter what. It was well considered by that time. I know that you will take a good care of me and I'm ready to everything that is in my power to make you happy. I still do believe you. And I ask you to think carefully one more time. I will not say the words of apology to you as I'm not guilty of anything. I was always honest with you. I'm waiting you answer.
Letter 27
Hello Jeremy, Thank you for your congratulations. But I have absolutely no mood lately, because we do not understand what is happening with you. I'm just at a loss. You say that I refuse to show any proof of personality? Are you kidding? I never refused. What exactly do you want from me? I just told you that I will not send my documents on the Internet, nothing more.
Letter 28
Hi Jeremy, I do not like this sarcasm, you could just ask me about it. I have a bank account, probably almost everyone has it. I'll send you my details. I'll go to visit my parents for the weekend! This is my birthday, or rather birthday yesterday, but we will celebrate tomorrow. My parents will call their friends and our family and we will meet at the banquet table. I'll talk to my parents greetings from you !!! I know that we know each other recently, but I have a feeling that we know each other for the whole life, it seems to me that if we were not interested for each other, our relationship would not be developed as it is now! Do you agree with me? I am very glad to receive your letter and I hope that on Monday when I get back I'll read your kind words to me!? I'll write my new letter on Monday and I hope that you'll have to wait this as I wait for your letters, it's really important to me, I'm waiting for your letter for each day and get upset if I do not get it, but I know that you anyway write to me, because I feel that for you too important our relationship! I hope you'll have good weekends and good mood. I'll thinking about you till monday!
Beneficiary Bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, Russia - This is head branch of my bank.
Nikiforova Natalia Yuryevna
ACCOUNT NUMBER ? 40817978710060000942
Letter 29
Hi Jeremy, I hope with you all is well. What is your weather today? The answer to your question is obviously simple. I signed it specially, that this is the Mayn office of my bank, all the tranctions pass through it and it is in Moscow...
Letter 30
Hi Jeremy, how are you feeling? What are you doing last days? I've always been in Yekaterinburg and I'm still there. As I already explained to you my account has registration in Moscow, I specifically visited my bank to get the detailed information that you needed, I was told what to do in this way. I see that now we have disagreements with you, but I perfectly understand why this is happening. I perfectly understand your feelings and fears. I will not try to persuade you to do anything, it's just your choice. I just repeat to you again that your behavior is similar to a person's boring and all the mismatches are only in your head. I think that we need to meet, because you have so closed yourself from the relationship that everywhere you see only a ***** trick. You need to become a more open person, I would like to help you with this, I think that you need warmth and care, that you start to feel better, but I can not do this without your help to get something, I always need that something to give. I hope that you will change your mind, because I'm very tired.
Life goes by like one instant
Appreciate life and feel it every day.
How and with whom you spend it you choose yourself.
Do not worry about the past, better know the price of today.
Do not be afraid of what awaits you ahead, a moment in your life, you are densely valued.
Treasure your spend while you are alive, because all the same in other world after death we all come to the have-nots.
Letter 31
Hello my Jeremy, I'm glad that you are doing well, I certainly do not know how late you planted melons, but I hope that they will grow up and be very tasty! My bank gave just such information, this is the information of my account. Do you think I'm joking or what? I do not need your money to go. All the information that I gave you it is true and this is my bank account, if you send it to him, then your help will come to my bank account. What's the point of giving me a non-existent bank account? That's right, there's no point in that. Enough already everywhere to look for a ***** trick. I really look forward to our relationship with you, I do not play any games here...
«You miss 100% of the shots you don't take». (Wayne Gretzky)
Letter 32
Hi my Jeremy. Some time ago we started our communication on the Internet. It seemed to me that our communication was simply beautiful. I thought we had a serious relationship, maybe even love. I really fell in love with you...Unfortunately you do not love me. You now do not have any feelings for me. I do not know exactly what happened to you, but you've changed...You have changed when I asked pay a half. Most likely you do not love me because I proposed to pay my trip together. Apparently you wanted to find a girl not like me and live with her. You do not interest me at all....You think I need money from you. You know, you are very deeply mistaken...But I need to have confidence from you! and I need to see your feelings before I come! I did not expect such words from you...I'm just shocked by this....I do not know why you started talking to me on the Internet. I just can not understand it. Most likely, you just wanted communication and everything...It's really not clear to me, but I'm worried about it. I was terribly hurt (almost to a loss of consciousness) when I read this letter from you. The whole situation is so disgusting to me that I do not know what to do and how to be...I feel terrible, I cry, I can not even come to the mirror - I do not want to see myself, I hate myself and I can not forgive myself that for you it was only communication on the Internet. Now I feel very bad....I can not even say a single girlfriend about it. I'm so disgusted with this situation. I just do not know what they will say to me. Since I always talk about you only good. Yes, really, I tell a lot about you to my friends. My friends were happy when they found out that I was meeting my prince on the Internet. That's what I'll tell them now. I will be so ashamed of them. Mom, I do not say anything about it now...I thought we will have many wonderful moments in our life when I come to you. I wanted to be with you, enjoy, rest. Apparently all I thought about was in vain. That is, I was thinking about this in vain. I do not know what you were thinking, but I was thinking about you. I kept thinking about you...Even in a dream, I could imagine what our first meeting would be...It turned out that this was just an illusion of my imagination. How can I survive this now and what should I do? I do not know the exact answer to this difficult question...In such a situation it is especially difficult to be alone and to experience everything yourself. Most likely, I now have a little stress, after your letter. This is my first time. You know, I now feel terribly hurt, the feeling that a hole in my heart was pierced. If I really do not care about you, then just tell me honestly that you did not love me, but just played on my feelings. I just do not know what to think right now...I'll probably suffer a lot...Although, these are my problems. You are not at all interested in what I feel for you...I think you probably already deleted all the emails and the electronic mailbox from me. Most likely you want to part with me and forget about me right away. You do not have to love me just because I love you...I do not know what's going on in your head right now. I absolutely do not know how many girls are writing to you right now...I think that you will definitely meet a girl in your life!!! You know, I really thought that I met a wonderful person (with you) with whom I was looking for meetings for a long time. For the first time I experienced such love. For the first time I made a serious decision to come to a person from another country. For the first time I wanted to take a serious step towards meeting my destiny. But apparently this need not be done...The fact is that we only have communication, but the sequel did not follow. It's been more than one week, but you can not meet now. Every day does not pass without thinking about you. I believed that you are the very person who should leave a mark on my life. I tried to take the first step, so that everything was fine with you, but time is running out. I'm afraid that you do not have any interest in me right now. You know, I absolutely do not want to live in this unfair world right now. I hate myself. You know, I'll probably end up living a suicide. Because no one likes me in this world. And more deception in this world. Moreover, I think that you just played with me and on my feelings. Apparently I'm a naive girl, because I believed that we can do something. All your letters were so beautiful that I do not want to believe in deception. It is because of this that my life becomes unbearable! Although from me it is possible to say that I am a happy person. I'm not sure what to do now. I'm afraid of this word, but probably the moment has come when I end my terrible life...Forgive me, but I do not know anymore the way out of this situation. Forgive me for everything !!! Most likely - it was the last letter to you. You know, I'm very sorry that we all happened....Maybe I will not answer you any more. Please remember, I loved you!!!! I'm ready to die for you. I hope we will meet again in another world. I wish you all the best and the best for you at the moment. Remember, I loved you with all my heart and soul.
With love, always only your Natasha!
Letter 33
Hello Jeremy, what kind of evidence are you talking about? I never refused to give you anything, everything you asked for, I showed you everything, the only thing I said was that I will not send my passport, because it's too much. What is the point of giving a mobile phone number if we still can not get in touch? I do not know why you act this way, I thought you wanted our meeting, too. But it turned out the opposite, you just played with my feelings, I'm very upset...If you want I can to try call to you, give me your phone number.
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