Letter(s) from Elena Horunzhaya to Giulio (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello, dear GIULIO!

I have never thought that it is so pleasant to say hello to the man whom I like very much. Of course it is only the beginning of our acquaintance but I know a lot of things about you that answer my soul requests. I feel from your letter special good "aura". Probably you don't believe in women intuition but I do. I know exactly that the logic can lie me but my heart never.

There are so much topics that I presume you are interested. Music, daily life, family. I would like to tell you a little about my family. I have mentioned that I grew in the friendly, happy family. My father is a journalist. My mother is an accountant. I am the only child. In spite of that fact I never feel lonely because from the very childhood I had a lot of friends because I am very easy-going person.

I am a student. After school I decide to follow my father and become the journalist. Of course it would not very easy, because the education is expensive and several times I had to interrupt my studying to work and earn money for paying for the course at the University. Though, I am glad because I found a lot of interesting things and met a lot of good people.

Now the time of creating my family came and I can only hope that our relations come to the point when we feel the chemistry between you and me and later we meet and never part. What do you think about it?

I have got passport.
My Zodiac Sing is Pisces.
What was your childhood dream?
I like children.

What I know about Italy? I have seen movies about Cisilia Mafia, I have tried Italian cuisine and I know that Italian men are very temperament.

Now I think it's enough. It's better to go forth step by step.

From the heart of
Elena Horunzhaya.

Letter 2

Darling Giulio,

Thanks for your letters and your attention to me. I appreciate it. I couldn't answer you earlier because I was at the hospital. Now I am OK. How are you?
I used to share my thoughts and dreams with you. Recently I even saw you in my dreams.

Can you imagine you and I are walking along the beach holding on to the hands? We are looking on the sundown. Sun's beam is reflected in the calmness of the sea. Is there nobody on the beach? We are looking around and realized that this is our dream to be alone now. Our faces are windy by a light wind from the sea. We like this wind which seems a little bit salted on our lips. Our hairs are fluttering by the wind and you are trying to straight them right.
"Let's build our dream house, !" We are falling on the sand and beginning to build. "I want to be windows here," you say and put holes in those places. While you are doing this I try to decorate our house with stones and water-plants.
Suddenly you saw a couple of dolphins and said me to look into the depth of the sea. I have never seen dolphins before, but they seem to be really very beautiful as they are swimming together.
You are clasping me and kissing having said that we will be always together like those dolphins.

Having slept I began to believe in this dream and woke up in a sweat as was shocked that it was not true.
How often we would like to be our dreams to be true! Do you agree, darling? Please, send me some of your beautiful lines that you dedicated me from your heart.

The summer is wonderful; there are a lot of flowers smelling so pleasant! I am waiting your letter, which will make my soul to blossom and sing. I feel so much towards you and wish you to feel the same! With warm thoughts and desires.

Elena Horunzhaya.

Letter 3

Hi dear Giulio!

Thank for your letter. Every morning I open my eyes and think about you. And I run to the Internet cafe again with the hope to get your letter. So at last I am able to read it and write you, my darling. Isn't it a happiness? The only thing makes me sad is that you are so far away from me. There is a distance between us but nothing will stop me from seeing you. With each day my feelings to you become stronger. And I am so afraid to lose you. I want to share everything with you and to be near you, just to feel your warmth. I dream about it every day. You really drive me crazy, now I can think only about you. And I don't need anyone except you. I want us to be together, to make love, to enjoy the time we spend together, just to watch movies, to cook together, to listen to music, to go out, to do everything which is called - family! Well, I will better stop here, because I don't want you to think that I am weirdy But I am really crazy about you.
I was at the Travel Agency. The manager offered me a good and economical varient about the flat. I explained him our situation and he noticed that it would be better if you wrote to this Agency and discuss prices and flats. They can also reserve hotels but it doesn't give much more privacy.
Their e-mail office@sputnik-lugan.com
They gave me also their site http://www.sputnik-lugan.com
Of course 3-4 days are not too many but it's only our first meeting. I adore Italian food as for Italian coffee I don't think that I tried it.

My kisses,
Elena Horunzhaya.

Letter 4

My dearest Giulio,

I am so happy to get this wonderful letter from you. I say: "YES,My Love". The only little problem is that besides tickets I need visa. I got to know everything. Visa costs 35$. Besides I need 75$ for my trip to Kiev. Embassy of Italy is situated in Kiev. You know that Lugansk is situated in 800 km from Kiev. Then it would be good to arrive to Kiev and get my tickets to Italy. I think that Noel with you would be the most wonderful in my life,
Love you,

Letter 5

Dear Giulio,

I was at the department where I should renew my passport. They told me that if I pay 135$ they renew my passport during tow days. If I want to do it cheaper it can last 2-3 months. I don't know what to do. I have 40$ left after my trip to Kiev. If I pay the money I am sure that I will get my passport and in two days I will be able to go to Kiev, get my visa. Please, don't reject my tickets. Winter period is the most difficult to find free seats, if you reject now you will not be able to buy tickets for me later. please, give me your soon reply. Elena.

Letter 6

Dear Giulio,

I don't understand you. I wrote that I can renew my International Passport during two days. At the department of Passport they say me that they settle it during two days if I pay 135$. I have 40$. Why you write that you are hopeless and disappointed about my trip? I gathered documents, I went to Kiev. It's not my fault that my documents weren't applied because of Passport. I have never been abroad and I didn't know the rules about the term of Passport. I want to be with you and everything is possible. YOu don't love me any more? Don't make me cry. I so much want to be with you. We dreamt about it and we should make our dream true to life. We need only some effort. please, give me your reply about the passport at once. I have only 40$, I need 95$. If I pay 135$ I will make my passport and come to you.
Please, answer me,
Love you,

Letter 7

My sweet love Giulio,

Please don't be angry I wrote that I paid for the renewing of my passport 135$. I couldn't use them on Kiev. the whole sum was paid to the department of Passports. What can I do? If I would have money I would go to Kiev on my own expenses but you know very well my material situation. I know that you helped me a lot but I have no chance to go to Kiev without buying Tickets.
Love you,

Letter 8

Dear Giulio,

100$ will be enough for me. I will be very grateful. I want to go to Kiev tomorrow. the train will depart at about 16.00. So, I have the time to get money and buy tickets tomorrow. Please, buy my tickets for Italy. i wrote about it. I will come, please, don't miss these tickets.
Love you,

Letter 9

My dearest Giulio,

YOu are my precious gift also. I have been thinking recently about how life is magic and a big fairytale, where you never know the plot without reading it till the end, and sometimes I think that in fairytales there are always two loving persons who help each other, support, give tenderness and warm, open their hearts and souls before each other. I remember how I was happy to read such stories in my childhood and now I realize that I live in the same fairytale which names life and wait for my other part who will be next to me till the end of my life. I know for sure that in fairy tales there is always happy end but in our life it's seldom.........
I experienced a lot of pain and disappointment and understood one simple truth that we should live in hope, which never fade in our hearts, to find our destiny, to win in this complicated life, to reach all the goals and have our own family to which devote my life and soul and heart. I lived in hope and now I got my reward. IT'S YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I count every day, every minute that separates us. I need you.
By the way I was at the Travel Agency, they gave me the list of what I can take with me and what I can't take with me. Besides, they explained me that I need to show at the custom office money as the proof that I can pay for meal and the place of living by myself. I need to have about 40$ for every day of staying in Italy. So I need to show at least 400-450$. I don't know what to do. I can lend only 100$. it's the most that I can get. Manager of Travel Agency explained that if I don't show money I can be returned to Ukraine at the day of my arrival. I came to two other Travel Agencies and they confirm this information.
What we will do?
Kiss you,

Letter 10

My dearest Giulio,
I have great news, my passport is renewed I am ready to go to Kiev. All my documents are ready. I am so happy. The only thing is to get my visa. Thank you for your kind words. To be honest when I placed my ad at the Internet I didn't think that I met such a wonderful man like you. YOu are very tender , kind and intelligent. I am the luckiest woman in the world because I have met you. You know Italian and Ukrainian people are alike. They are emotional and romantic. I think that we are a good couple. I am sorry that I couldn't write you on Saturday but to be honest I came to Internet Cafe and I got your letter only on Monday. I thought that you were busy with getting to know about my tickets that's why you didn't write me. Now I understand that it was technical reason. I will write you every day. We are really one soul. My love Giulio, I am very sorry that I need to bother you again but now I need to go to Kiev, I wrote you earlier that I need 35$ for visa and 75 for train tickets. I have 30$ now. What should I do? I was going to Kiev tomorrow to apply my documents on Thursday.
Kiss you
Your Elena.