Scam Letter(s) from Anna Dmitrievna Yarovikova to Jake (USA)

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Letter 1

I'm glad to read your letters again. It's nice that the beginning of your letter was with humor and it made me smile and laugh about the letter of my friend. By the way, I sent photos with her. You really cheered me up all day. I read your letter in the afternoon, but did not lose time after reading the letter and tried to find a solution. but from the beginning, how is your day? how is your mood? how are you going to spend the evening? I have not asked you this for so long, as I was thinking more about the preparation of a trip and a visa, and also expected that I could ask you about this personally when we meet.

So it is a pity that we are still not together. It seems that we decided so long ago to meet and spend time together and it seemed that these days and the efforts that we made to ensure that our meeting took place, we should have been together for a long time. Sometimes it simply does not have enough strength and patience to overcome all these obstacles and bureaucratic regime of document processing. There are so many nuances and I do not understand why you can not do everything a little easier, so that people can easily make out the documents and this applies not only to documents for travel, but in general. This all is simple sometimes can force to drop hands and throw everything, as constantly to appear that that necessary. Even remembered a humorous miniature on TV, when a person wanted to go abroad to relax and when writing documents, he was told every day that one document was missing and he passed almost all his vacation so he did not leave. it really comes to ridiculous that it is necessary to draw up as many documents.

But I do not want to give up and refuse to meet. I do not want to stop now and postpone our meeting. I'm afraid that if we now postpone our meeting, it is not yet clear the year we will still have the opportunity to meet. Are you talking about the end of June? but at the end of June, I will be able to take leave at my own expense as well as not more than a week. And now I still have a few days off and I can add to these days my vacation days at my own expense. In addition, at the end of June in Russia begins the Velvet season, the time of rest in the warm regions of Russia or abroad, and so all my colleagues at work usually plan their vacations and later there will simply be no one to work on and I will have difficulties with this. Therefore, I do not want to postpone our meeting, I have more desire to meet with now and I do not want to be almost at the very end of the road to our meeting, stop to go back. And later, maybe there will be any circumstances or we will not meet at all, but I do not even want to think about it and I hope that our meeting will take place and we will be together.

My dear, as for the money I miss. I understand you and your situation with paying bills and will try to find this amount myself. we in Russia also have many, including I have rents and utilities. But last month I paid for renting an apartment immediately for 2 months, because I thought that I would be with you and at the end of the month I would not be here, but it turned out that I did not leave. Matt, I understand you and your situation, on this today I was already trying to find the means. As a result, my parents will give me about 700 dollars and will try to borrow money from their acquaintances, but there is little hope, because the end of the month and everyone has bills for housing and utilities. Today I decided to hand over my precious jewelry to the pawnshop, of course this is not right, because basically these were gifts, but I can redeem my jewelry, I will not spend that money. More precisely, my friend will hand over my jewelry to the pawnshop in my name, after which I will put these funds on the account. And when I get a visa and come to you in the USA, I will send this money back to her, so that my girlfriend will redeem my jewelry, since there is a certain period for the repayment of things and if I exceed the period of redemption, my jewelry will be sold, so we with a friend decided to do so. only my jewelry is not very expensive, about 250 dollars. Also my friend said that to help me out for 200 dollars and give me them all the same, but I will have to send these funds from USA, since she also has expenses. Today, unfortunately, my friend and I did not have time to close the pawnshop, since she worked. but we will do it tomorrow.

In the end, now I have 700 dollars and if tomorrow everything turns out I will have 950 and my friend will give it 1150 dollars and I still have 350 dollars. My parents are still looking for money and I will still have a chance to find the full amount and provide these financial guarantees to the embassy for a visa. How do you want all this to end and I just got on an airplane and flew to you in a few hours, tired after the flight, but happy, saw your smile and fell into your arms. Such thoughts about such simple moments give me strength and patience, still do not give up and move on to issue this visa and to fly to you. Yes you are right that maybe all this is now in a hurry, but I can not hesitate, because later the opportunity to meet maybe and will not, besides I myself do not want to postpone the meeting. I hope you understand me and I hope you also want to still meet now. You are talking about July in New York and tickets to Broadway and the rest of the ocean, it sounds fine and of course I would be happy to spend these 3 weeks with you. but I will not have such an opportunity to come later, no matter how much I want to. For me it does not really matter where we meet, the main thing we'll meet and be together and get to know each other. After all, the essence of this meeting is to spend time and get to know each other personally and understand as much as possible that we will have something serious. if the meeting goes well and we want to take the next step, then next time we can already think about organizing a meeting in whatsoever be special together or New York or better at all so that you come to me and know my culture, but I think you already know about the Russian mentality and culture, but just see my city and house, but we'll think about it later.

again the letter turned out to be too big, it is probably really not convenient for you to read this letter again during your work. on this you can not rush to answer and not be distracted from work. I'll check your letter later.

I did not quite understand what you said about tickets. But I can book tickets again any day basically. but from the beginning I have to make sure that I get a visa, so as not to lose money on registration. and as for pay pal, I did not hear about it. but do not worry, because you have so many of your expenses and you have already helped me enough. I will try to find the rest of the money myself, because I can return these funds faster and think this is a plus.

I hope in spite of all that has happened these days and how many obstacles have arisen, we will find strength and patience and overcome this last obstacle, because we both have the desire to be together. now I'm finishing the letter. good working day. write as you can. but of course I will wait for your letter with impatience. your Anna.

Letter 2

Glad to have waited for your answer! already almost fell asleep. My dear, do not worry about my jewelry, I said that I take them to the pawnshop, and do not sell them. This is such a kind of pledge that I was given money, only a pledge in the entire amount. I can get my jewels back, my girlfriend will pick them up as soon as I send her money back. I know that you would be against it, but more I just do not have where to find these funds, and I really want to come to you. I think people who gave me these ornaments will not mind if I use them for this purpose to visit you. You also say that you can send money. Matt, I'm very uncomfortable and now more than ever, if you send money. I myself still wanted to find these other 350 dollars. And you yourself say that your financial situation is difficult now, the more you need to make payments. I know that you would not refuse to help me if you had the opportunity. But if you have difficulties now, then do not, I'll try to find the rest of the sum myself. But if you send 350 dollars, do you still have the means to pay your bills? but in principle, if I have time to come to you already on weekends, then I will refund you these funds and even return you more for past help. I have not heard about paypal, but if it takes time, then certainly better Western Union. friend's data again
Name: Olesya
Patronymic: Erikovna
Surname: Sakhapova
I hope you can send on her name again, after all you already have sent more than 500 dollars on her name. But if that, tomorrow I can agree with other girlfriend. But I hope at you to turn out to send addressed to Olesya, not to lose time. Whether I do not know I will have time to receive the visa to days off, but I hope for it. If so tomorrow I already again should leave to Moscow and that in Thursday to give all documents and to be waited Friday. Tomorrow still I will specify all in tourist agency. I hope all it will be to receive enough the visa and at last to depart to you that we were together with you. Once again thanks for your help, I do not know how to thank already you if you I at all would not have a hope of that to arrive to you now. All right I finish the letter now. It is time to me to sleep. Tomorrow I will wait your answer. Good evening. Yours Anna.



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