Scam letter(s) from Marina Kupriyanova to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello! I'm Marina. I hope you don't mind if I write you in English.
I want to tell you a little about myself. I live in the city a lot. I am working a nurse in our little hospital. I am 29 years old, I live with my mom. Father now lives in another city with another woman for many years. He a lot of drinking and mother left him. I finished school and got nurse education. I've dated men but a lot of them. them want only *** who that constantly drinks, or changes with other women.
I want to meet a man who will be happy with me and with whom I'll be happy.
All I want is love, affection, tenderness, passion.
And I found out that I had the opportunity to meet men.
via the Internet. And here is we with you help. you can tell me what you're looking for in women? Tell me. I'd really like know it. What a character, what appearance? That she must be able do? I'm sending you my new photo and I hope you like it.
I'm waiting for your letter!!!!
Your new friend Marina
Letter 2
like you? How's your day? All is well? I hope that you have everything excellent. Today I was looking forward to the day the work day was over and I can come to the Internet cafe and get your letter. Unfortunately my phone is broken and in repair. Therefore I write to you by e-mail. How many languages do you speak? What do your friends call you? I'm sorry, I forgot to write to you that I found you on the Internet. I'm sorry, I forgot what site. Nema is in Russia in the Kirov region. Unfortunately I not sit in social networks, I have their reasons. I'm sorry I can't tell what. I want to tell more about myself. I have a good friend, her name is Nastya. We live in the same house with her and our apartments only on different floors. My mother's name is Vera. She works at the factory. In our small town everyone knows each other. I work as a nurse already about 7 years and no one complains about my work. I like working, I also like to cook different dishes very much. Especially on holidays. Because you can think of something new. Would you like to try my dishes? I think you would have liked it. I do not smoke or drink. I drink alcohol only occasionally on holidays. But only red wine. my friend and I like to go to the movies, to dancing. And you? would you like to dance with me? I would really want Look into your eyes and dance. I think it would be good. tell me about yourself, ask everything you want from me, I'm with joy to answer all your questions. Tell me about your family? About parents, about what you do each day and what brings you joy and a smile? Tell me. I will very much wait for your letter. I look forward to your letter and a new photo. I wish you a wonderful day and mood after you get mine letter.
Your friend Marina
Letter 3
I'm sorry, today I have appointed and I need to watch again to go back to work. I beg you not to take offense at me, I come Tomorrow Internet cafes and answer your letter completely. I hope that you'll wait for my letter tomorrow. Hugs, Marina
Letter 4

Peter sorry I could not write to you. I had to stay at work because I was assigned a duty, and I forgot about it. I she left her job not long enough to warn you.
I hope that you will not offend me and write to me tomorrow. I'll wait your letter. I worked all night and tired. I even fell asleep at work on few hours. But nothing happened and everything is fine. Do you know what kind of dream I saw? Peter you will not believe. In this dream, I walked along the river bank and saw the boat. And there are flowers in it. I sat in it and looked at the other one. shore and saw that there is also someone who stands and shakes my hand. Can it's you? I sat in the boat and swam, but then the second nurse me I woke up and I woke up without seeing what it ended. Peter maybe we stand on different shores and sail to meet oneanother? I want to know more about you. Tell me more about your friends. what you do together? Do you think you have a lot of real friends who will always help you? Do you often relax with them together? what What do you most like doing? Would you take me to your company? Peter I am sending you a photo. I hope that you liked it? I have only one real friend, remember I told you about her? And I I think that tomorrow I will tell her about you? Do you want to know what she will say? I'll let you know as soon as I meet her and we'll talk. I think that she will be glad that I communicate with you. Can not wait for your reply. Gentle Marina
Letter 5
Hi Peter!!!
Today I woke up from the fact that the sunbeam lit up my room and my face. I realized that it would be a beautiful day and I will receive your letter.
And I'm very sorry just that I can only reply to you so late sorry a lot of work, and I did not have time to go online. How do you? How's your day? With what thoughts did you wake up? With what do you fall asleep? Peter I was talking with my girlfriend. You know what she said? ... She was surprised at first, and then she said that she was very happy. He says that he does not could first understand why I look so radiant. Now I understand. Because I met you. She sends you greetings". Peter she asked about you and I told what I know. She said that you are a good man. I know it. I want to ask you about your work day. Tell me what you are are you doing? Do you like your work? What is good about it? Or she do not you like it at all? Peter I in my work love that I can help people. They are coming and it hurts them, and when they leave the hospital, they know that they will soon be healthy and they are happy. I rejoice in this. I feel that I help people and this feeling me very like. I'll post you soon. I will come to the Internet
cafe tomorrow and I hope to receive your letter.
Your friend Marina
Letter 6
Hi Peter!!!!!
Peter I do not even know what words describe what happens to me, when I receive your letter. I WELL! I'm happy that you do not you forget about me.
Peter want to know more about what you like to do? Than was engaged earlier and why has ceased? I used to do dances and for a very long time, but then I did not have much time and I did not have time. We have to work hard to live now.
But I still like to dance. Sometimes my friend and I go to the park and then go to the dance or the movie. Peter which films do you like? To me like comedies, drama, or youth stories. I love action movies, but not terrible. Peter what kind of music are you interested in? I like different music and so I listen to the radio at home. I like to watch interesting programs on TV, sports competition. I like when people achieve such success. Peter and what do you like? tell me. What did you eat today? I wanted to what would you like me to cook for you?
Peter when you go to bed, what are you thinking about? It is very interesting to me.
I look forward to your letter with impatience and I hope that tomorrow will be a beautiful day and I will receive your letter.
Thinking about you Marina
Letter 7
Hi Peter!
Peter I do not know why, but many of my friends say that I has changed. Changed in the sense that in my eyes there was desire to live and it is good for them simply because they see my happy face. mom, girlfriend, and at work colleagues tell me this! A you? What do they tell you? Peter tell me??? I want to tell you why I'm in a good mood today. I woke up, cooked breakfast and went to work. At work, too, everything OK. There were no harmful patients. Everyone understands and was not difficult. FROM I was not able to leave for long. And I immediately went to the Internet cafe. Peter I so glad that I received your letter now. I do not know why but this day I memorize for a long time. Peter And what happened in your day? What did you do? You have everything did it work? I hope that yes. I want so much that you smile, that you would be in a good mood. Whatever you can do. I I think that it will be fine if it is so. What do you think? I It is assured or confident that yes. I send you a photo. Like? I am waiting for your letter. Peter I am already missing you.... I like you ..... I think about you .... And it pleases my heart.
Always thinking about you Marina
Letter 8
Hello my dear Peter!!!
How's your day? I was very much looking forward to your letter and very glad to receive your letter. It's like the rays of the sun that warms me. And my letters? They warm you up? What do you feel when you get them?
Peter I want to seriously talk to you. I like you very much, and I I want to know more about you. About how you feel? I write to you all About Me. I know that you understand me and this feeling makes me very happy. I want to talk about why you broke up with women. I'll tell you about itself. OK? Peter I thought several years ago that I understood what love is. I met a guy who took care of me. We walked in the park, walked and enjoyed life. But then I found out that he was not only with me. He meets with others. And he tells me that I have him alone the only one. And we broke up and for a long time I thought that all men are the same. Everyone I knew before, drank a lot. One even wanted to beat me up because I did not want to talk to him anymore. Peter, I realized that not all men are the same only when I met you. You understand me. I do not have any secrets from you. And I hope that you too do not have secrets from me. Peter, can you tell me about this? If you do not want to talk about it and it hurts you to talk about it, I understand. Then do not write about it. I do not want you to be hurt by memories. I'm really looking forward to your letter,
Your tender and loving Marina
Letter 9
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!!
Can I call you "Lovely"? Peter, you do not mind? I hope that you will not scold me for it. How is your mood? All is well? tell me. I'm very curious what happened in your life new. Thank you for telling me about your past relationship. I am glad that you sincere with me. I'm glad to know more about you. Peter I think that we already trust one another very much. We already know a lot about each other. And so many we do not know. True Peter? What do you think? I already told you and once again I will say that I do not have any from you secrets and mystery. I know that you are the man I can trust all and know that it will only be between us. Yesterday I went to grandmother, she is very glad that I communicate with you. Says that a woman you can not without a man, and a man can not be without a woman. And they will happy if there is no lie between them. And I agree with that. and you Peter? I think about us with you. What awaits us? Happiness, love, tenderness, passion, affection, games? Or disappointment? And the more I recognize you more understand that we will be happy. And I believe in it. And I think that this will be so. Grandma gave me a few new recipes for cooking pies. She loves to cook, as I do. you would like to try them on new recipes? I think very much. Peter sorry if I ask very much. I really enjoy communicating with you. How do you like my photo today? I did it in the summer. Like? Peter I am sending you my kisses. If you go to the bath today, then when you go and you are there, they will surround you, they will everywhere. Everywhere around you.
I'm waiting ... I miss without your letter and I'm waiting ..... Marina
Letter 10
Hello my Lovely Peter!!
I read your letter and I'm glad that you write to me. How do you? How is your mood? All is well?
Today I worked very hard and was tired. But when I read yours the letter that fatigue has passed and I feel better. Thank you Peter? Last night I went to my friend. We drank tea and talked. She is works at school as a teacher. She says that she gets tired and soon she will need to go to further training. She asks about us. I said that everything is fine. I said that you give her your "Hello". Peter Today we opened a massage room in the hospital. When I studied at the nurse we studied massage. I was asked whether I will work there. But I said no. It's hard to do massage all day. I'm doing massage mum and grandmother sometimes. When they ask. Would you like me to be did you massage? I think you would have liked it. Imagine, you you come home tired. I'll cook dinner, we eat and then I make you a massage all the fatigue passes. I would gladly do you have a massage, and you would have liked and you would have enjoyed it.
What do you think Peter? would it be good? I feel that you are a good man and I really like you. I want everything more and more to you. I send you my kisses, if you wake up and you have a good mood, it means my kisses came to you and brought joy and the luck that I sent with them.
did you get them? Do you like them? I would like to feel them for real?
I miss and I'm waiting for your letter.
Your personal masseur and girlfriend Marina
Letter 11
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!
Your letter. And again my heart knocks when I open it and read it. I I love to receive your letters. Peter I want to talk about what's going on in your heart. How do you Do you feel yourself? What do you tell the heart? I do not know how to describe that a feeling that now lives in my heart. But it seems to me that this love. Because I want to you, I want to talk to you, I want to meet you at home, want to enjoy our love, cook wonderful dishes for us and you, meet your loved ones. I I want to hug you, feel your warmth, kisses, tenderness. Peter I really want to know more about you. I like you very much and I I want to you. I feel that you are as close to me as my mother and grandmother. Peter What happens in your heart? What do you feel? Tell to me. I really want to know this. Do you want what I want? Tell me. It is necessary for me to understand whether we can be happy or not. Peter today when I went to work, I saw a man and a woman who saw no one except one another. They enjoyed each second together. Do you think we will have the same? I would really want this.
I will look forward to your letter with impatience. I hope that you can to open myself to myself and I will learn everything that my heart needs so much. I dont know I'm in love or not. But I know for sure that I'm happy that I have you.
I am waiting for your letter. Peter Write me. I'm really looking forward to. I send you my photo. Like? I would like to be on it together with me?.
Yours and only your Marina
Letter 12
Hello my Lovely Peter!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I was waiting for him and I'm happy to open it. your letter. I'm glad that our feeling is mutual, and I'm now confident that we will happy together. Do you want our meeting? I want to talk about what your close and familiar people think about us? what they say? Did you talk about me? Are they happy for you? For us? I really want to get acquainted with all the people who are dear to you. I think you do not mind? Peter will you introduce me to them? What do they say about me? Can you tell us what they think? You talked to them? I talked with my mother, with my friend and grandmother. They are all glad that I I know you. They say that you are a wonderful man and they would wanted to get to know you better. My grandmother asked me to send you have her letter. I said that I should write on the computer. She is said that she will send it next time. I promised to teach her how to to use a computer. Peter would you like to receive letter from my grandmother? From Mom? Peter I hope that your day is beautiful and every day you see dreams, and they are beautiful. I am sure that all wonderful dreams will become a reality and very soon. I believe in it. Grandmother says that if you believe this will be reality. And I believe. Peter and you ? What do you think? I really miss you. Every day I go to bed, and I know that I I will see the dream in which we are together. And soon they will become a reality.
Your gentle and affectionate Marina
Letter 13
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!
I open my mail and receive your letter. And the ray of the sun immediately illuminates my heart. How do you? How is your mood? I don't know how to answer your question. I want to tell you about my dream. I can not help but talk about him. it it was beautiful. Peter I do not know what kind of dream you saw this night. Can same? In this dream, I walked through the park. I was alone and I was sad. None looked at me and I was of no use to anyone. And then you approached me. He came up and asked how I was doing. Said that you have two tickets for a new film and you'll go to him only if I agree. And I agreed. Peter we talked the whole movie, did not even look at it. And then you said you wanted to take me home. And I did not become mind. I really wanted this. You took me home. AND he kissed me. When I turned to you. It was so passionate, sweet, loving kiss, and I kissed you, too. You said that you need to go and tomorrow you will meet me. And I said that I'll wait for you. Peter I am now in the Internet cafe, but I can not forget your kiss. I feel it warming me, refreshing, giving me happiness? You do not thinking about what would be to kiss me? Tell me, what did you dream about tonight? What dream did you see? I really look forward to your letter. I send you a photo. I think she will decorate your day and night? What do you think? I miss and I'm waiting for your letter. Do you think we can see one and the one The same dream? I wait and miss, I kiss and hug. Your tender and dreaming of you Marina
Letter 14
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!
Peter your letter gives me happiness. I would be happy with every your a letter to receive a lot of your kisses. Peter do you think we will be happy together? I'm sure that if we we will be together this will be a big step. We can enjoy the fact that we will translate all our dreams into reality. I understand that if you cease to write to me then I will suffer, and very much. I will worry and wait for your letter every day. Because you're loved man for me. I know now how wonderful the feeling is when you know that to make you happy. I feel happy that I can do happy you. And I would like that I would grow wings and I could would you be in one night? Would you like that? Imagine, you are you asleep and I like to fly to you? Peter would you like? I would very much wanted. I know that I will be happy that I can make you happy. I I can make every your day beautiful, you will rejoice and smile. We will enjoy our love. We will create our world in which will not be anything wrong. Only what we dream about. Peter tell me, do you think the same way? What do you think? This is very it is important for me. I know that you will be happy with me and I will happy with you. Do you doubt this? Why? Peter I am waiting for your letter. I can not breathe, do not eat, do not drink, but I will be sick without you and your letters. I hope the photo that I'm sending you today will bring you happiness and smile. I would like to have it on you.
I miss ... .. whole .... very hard ... passionately passionate ... gently
gently ... .. sweetly sweet ...
Your sweet and sweet Marina
Letter 15
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!
I'm happy. I received your letter and I know that you are doing well. How do you? Are you bored? Peter I thought a lot about us. I want to ask you one question. is he and I think that you will answer it well. I myself first I will answer it. I need you to tell me about it. AND when I receive your answer I will surprise you. I think that you'll be very happy about that. Peter, I want to know about how you represent our first meeting? How will it happen? What we will do? What do we do? Peter I think that when we meet, you will give me a flower. is he will be perfect like you. We will kiss for a long time, while our lips are not fatigue. Then we'll go home together. There will not be anyone, except for you and me. I will wash, and cook a wonderful dinner, we cover the table, light the candles. You include slow beautiful music and we We'll sit down to supper. Then we'll dance and you'll carry me in your arms bedroom. And we will enjoy and embody all our dreams in reality is so. And in the morning when you wake up I'll cook a light breakfast. And then we will think what to do. I want it so much!! I I can not describe in words, but if you could see me. Peter I hope that you understand my feelings. And I'll wait for your answer. I hope that you will write to me soon and tell me how it is. you represent. I really look forward to your reply.
I love you Peter!!! I miss and look forward to your letter.
Yours and only your tender and dreaming of you Marina
Letter 16
Hello my Lovely Peter!!!!
I was very much waiting for your letter. Peter I know that our meeting is coming soon.
Do you know what kind of surprise I told you? I'll be with you soon !!!!!! I I will find out all that is necessary to be with you and I will do all that in my power and we will be together.
Peter I'll be with you!!!! We can enjoy our love, passion, tenderness, affection. We can feel each other's breath, touch, kiss, our lips will be able to caress each other. We can to translate everything into reality. I will see you happy. I'm ALL I'll make sure that you are happy. Because when you're happy I'm happy too. I adore you. I want to see you. I can not think anymore nothing but you. Only about you, only about how good in your embrace, I'm good when I can cuddle up to you. Feel your hands, your kisses.
Peter I have no words to describe what will happen when we meet. Because such happiness can not be described. True? Peter you agree with me. Will you meet me when I come to you? I already found out today at work. I can take a vacation at any time. Tomorrow I will find out what to do that we would be together. And I'll tell you. And soon we will together. Can you imagine? I have a feeling that I have to start growing wings with which I will be with you. And this is a wonderful feeling.
Peter I will be in your arms soon !!!!!!!!
Imagine it! I'm so happy about this. I WANT HOPE WHAT IT IS
I'll let you know everything I know. And when you receive my letter tomorrow, then you'll know when I'm with you.
I love you Peter!!
I want you Peter!!
And we will be together.
And we will be happy !!!!!!!
Happy forever !!!!!!
I'm already in your hands. Do you feel it?
Yours and only your Marina
Letter 17
My heart is compressed from words which I have to write to you. Peter I thought better not to write it, but if I don't write you will be to think I forgot about your surprise. Peter forgive me, I hope will you forgive me that I rejoiced too early. I had no idea that so will.
I want you to forgive me, I didn't know what it will be. I believe that you forgive me. Okay? I ask your forgiveness. Peter I won't be able to come to you. Today I learned and it is very expensive. I talked to mum and girlfriends, I can't find such money. I need very long to work what would earn as much. So I can't do it. But I ask you not to forget me. You made me happy and I don't want to lose you. I hope you will forgive me and will write me tomorrow. I'll wait for you. Peter love is beautiful. And I'm sure we will overcome all obstacles in our way.
I ask you one thing. Don't leave me alone. We'll be together. I don't know when. I really want to be with you right now. But it is expensive. I learned approximate price. I don't have that kind of money.
Peter sorry..... sorry..... sorry..... sorry..... sorry.....
I really hope you can forgive me.
Your Marina.
Letter 18
Hi my love Peter.
Peter I am glad to receive your letter. I was very much waiting for your letter. My love, I'll be happy if you can help for our meeting. I do not knew what to do. I cry all night and think about what and how we can organize our meeting. When I found out about the trip, I just asked what was needed and how much it would cost. Peter I was told that the registration of documents will need 410 dollars. I do not know what to do. I want to be with you. I want to be with you forever. But I do not know how and where find such money.
I do not know what to do. Maybe you know how to do it the way we can to organize our meeting? Tell me. I will do whatever you say to me. Just say Peter and I do it. I want to see you. in your Embrace, to your kisses, to feel your passion and tenderness. I want be with you forever. I hope that you also want this and soon we will we can do it. I I look forward to your letter with impatience and I hope that you will write to me soon.
your and only your loving and affectionate Marina
Letter 19

Hello my dear. Peter I'm so happy to open the mail and receive your letter. Again on my face smile and happiness. I hope that you, too, everything is fine. Tickets will be ordered by travel agencies, but I need to know your exact airport where I will fly. Peter I want to be with you, and in winter and summer, in spring and in autumn. I want be in your arms and I want my love to make you happy. And I believe that it will be so. WHAT every day our you will be beautiful and we will enjoy it. Peter I'm sure that we will do this, we will be together, together forever. I waited so long for you and met. I really did not think I could to meet the man of your dreams. But you showed me what it's like to wait, that it's worrying what it's like to be happy. I know what you think about me and want to be with me. And I also want this. And we do it. I sure I love you Peter, and I crazy want to see your happy eyes when I'm in your arms. Your Forever Marina
My data:
Last Name: Marina Kupriyanova
Country: Russia
City: Kirov region
Street: Lesnaya Street 3
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