Scam Letter(s) from Maria Vasilyeva to Scott (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my beloved, Scott! Today I got more details for my trip. I got information about the ticket price, also I know what documents will be required for my trip. I think if I draft my documents through a travel agency, then it will not take much time. By the way, I also do not have a passport to travel to another country, I have only a Russian passport. Scott thanks for your information, I realized that we both will insist on their own. Scott I'm glad that you will try to change your schedule. I'll try to do everything myself to fly to you. At work there is little chaos because of my departure. Now I finish the projects and start looking for a candidate for my position. The boss asked me to do it myself, because I'm aware of everything and I can find the right employee. I already told you that I live in a small town and I know who to offer my place. Now I have already written the text of the vacancy and posted the ad. I will soon interview job seekers. I've never done this before. Have you ever been looking for workers or employees? Do you remember your first interview? Did you worry? By the way, here is another interesting question: are the specialists of my profession in demand in your country? I would like to continue to work.
To do this, I still need to learn the language. Or can you communicate in English? I'm very tired today. How was your day? What did you do?
Tell me how you came home, what did you eat? I'll be waiting for your letter. Kisses Olga

Letter 2

Hello my love Scott! Thank you for reading my letter. Your letters mean a lot to me. I am crazy in love with you. Scott, I want to tell you this every day. I want you to hug me now, kiss me! You are a wonderful man and all I want from life is to be with you. Scott, I want to be happy. I want my life to be filled with love and affection. For me, the main thing is to be with you! Every day I think about us, I imagine us together. And it makes it easier for me to endure the pain of loneliness. Scott, I love you, I really want to be with you. Nothing matters to me in my life except you. Scott my beloved, I am very pleased to read that you will know what is necessary so that I can fly to you. When I was at the travel agency, I was told about the cost of a trip to the US.
The cost of documents is 950 US dollars.
This price includes:
passport 125 dollars,
a visa of 160 dollars,
a trip to Moscow $ 255,
living in Moscow 200 dollars,
medical insurance 210 dollars.
a trip to Moscow is necessary in order for me to be interviewed at the US Embassy for a visa.
Scott, the approximate cost of a ticket to Los Angeles is 700-750 $ US dollars. My lover first needs to start making documents, it will take time so the most important thing is to start making documents. I do not understand, do you want me to fly to you at the end of May? Scott you promised me to write about your work schedule and about when and where you will fly. Scott my beloved, I do not know why we were disconnected, I tried to call more, but unfortunately I did not succeed. Scott I cannot often walk and call you, I'm very pleased that you want to buy a phone for me, but it's better to make sure that we meet as soon as possible and you can give me a phone in person and you can teach me how to use this phone. I'm sorry that you are not with me now, but I very much hope that very soon we will be able to fall asleep and wake up together. Thank you for your words and your feelings. I'm very pleased to read about it. what do you feel. Scott, we are created for each other and we will be together. I believe in it! Scott, I believe that our love is stronger than anything in the world! and only together we can overcome all barriers in life! And only together we will be happy. I really want to kiss and caress you. I want to feel every breath you take, a kiss. I want you! I would give anything to be just with you. Scott, you are the most important person for me!
Scott, I want you to always be happy. I really hope that one day our dreams will come true and we can be together. I with all my heart and with all my heart hope that tomorrow I will be able to read your letter. I send you a sea of kisses! I'm yours and only your forever Olga



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