Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Korotneva to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
You here Buzz?
I try to check the mail every day, if you have not received a letter from me maybe it did not reach you because the mail server is working badly.
Please write me if you did not receive a letter from me.
I read your letters with great interest.
We continue our communication, and it's really interesting to me.
I like our communication and I want to develop it.
I am open with you and I am ready to answer any your question.
I forgot to tell you about my work, I work in beauty salon as a manager.
Salon in which I work do everything for care, body, face, hair, legs and very much more.
I like my work, I try to look after myself.
I also like that.
I really like watching comedy, adventure, just like watching romantic movies about love.
Preference for music is more like Pop music, sometimes I like listening to jazz:)
Buzz what genres do you like? What music?
Yesterday when we had supper the sister Elizaveta , the son of my sister played with my phone.
The child is such whimsical His name Oleg its only 2.7 years, it has imperceptibly taken my phone and has drowned it in a toilet. I was very malicious on it.
As I can not that I have drowned mine phone.
But I was very much upset, after all, I have bought this phone at all for a long time, is insulting.
Later the nephew approaches and speaks, "Forgive aunt Assel?
It was so touchingly, I have got it at his eyes and at once have forgiven.
Sister Elizaveta my best and unique sister.
We with it became very close and we understand each other without words.
I to it have told recently about Buzz. She was delighted, for me.
You told about me to friends?
It is good, what I could find you Buzz To me very interestingly to learn you, you have the best friends?
You can write to me about them, your environment very interests.
Buzz, what you will do today at evening?
Today after work I gather grocery, I wish to buy products for a supper.
I think that today I will prepare a hen in French with a potato in an oven.
All my friends and relatives adore this dish.
And you love a hen or prefer that not be another? You like fish or meat?
In general very much I love a hen, it is tasty and it is useful.
But I do not allow myself a lot of ***.
Now probably I will go to a workshop, I will try to give a phone to repair.
And that without a mobile communication is very heavy today.
Buzz Please write me the phone when I will repair phone.
My a phone number +7 776 354 8335, well you can not call to me as phone I give today on repair.
We could have spoken by WhatsApp, well now my phone is broken like I'll do, we can talk a lot faster.
Though all these mobile phones, the Internet, they take out the most valuable.
But can not people be far apart, you agree with me? I wait for yours the letter yours Assel Ps I send a photo in 50 minutes as nephew Oleg drowned my phone in the toilet :)))
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