Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Apakowa to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Terry!!!
I have gotten your answer, it's so happy for me to receive your necessary love for me, your warmth words my dear.
When I read your letter it seems that I feel your presence near to myself, I feel your breath and warmly of your hands.
I love you so much that I can't without you now my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life. I say about it very seriously! Because you know how much I love you my darling Terry!
You charm! You my life!! I LOVE YOU!!!
In my life I do not have enough only one, it YOU I with impatience wait for our meeting, it will be the happiest day!
When it happen I will be very happy.
I want to kiss you, I want to take your hand and to feel the heat of your hand, I want to to glance into your eyes and read the love in it, I want to feel your breath and to hear the knock of your heart.
I want to listen to your voice and to see your smile, I want to see you when you happy.
I want to learn you... because I LOVE YOU!!! I think you know about it. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!! The love of Anastasia and Terry is eternal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now about travel to you, it is difficult to receive the visa to the lonely Russian women The majority of people of Russia are compelled to wait approval of the visa a lot of time, from 6 months about one year In some cases, it is especial to girls, refuse, but due to my familiar (she works in embassy of Moscow) it easily.
Are necessary to pay registration of necessary documents only If you really seriously concern to that that I have visited you, I can settle these formalities Whether I should know you are capable help me with the finance for the visa and air tickets?
Inform me the closest international airport, I want to look flights and cost of air tickets.
I remember, that Svetlana spoke, for registration of the visa necessary time from 2 - 4 weeks.
Svetlana has learned how much cost a visa and a foreign passport too. She have called in embassy and there have said to her that it will be better for us, if I will have the visa of a tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visitor visa will valid during six months. On this type of visa I'll can travel till USA without any restrictions. The price of this visa, as Svetlana was informed in embassy, is 110 US dollars.
Besides the process of the registration of the visa costs 55 US dollars. Svetlana also has taken an interest about other kinds of the visas too, as to her have said, that there is a set of kinds of the visas.
For example, visa of a bride. She thought, that it is the best variant for us, but her in Embassy have said that this visa costs more expensively and visa's registration costs a lot of money. It's around 650 US dollars and the registration of the visa will during seven months, it is very long and expensive!
From it because the tourist visa B-2 is the bitterest variant than visa of bride now for us my love Terry!
My love, I want to ask you one thing, I will need to ask your help with a financial charges for the getting all necessary documents for my coming to you.
As probably, may be you know an economic situation in our country, it's simply awful.
Our government explains it to those that simply they don't have a money, it's a difficult financial situation, and they don't have a recourses on the salary for the any kind of the job in total.
My dearest, my love Terry, I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate us from each another.
I love you so much, honey, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it.
Of course, I asked my mum and my friends to help me with this expense on the necessary documents for my coming, but my mother and my friends doesn't have such money though they would like to help us.
My dearest Terry, in general, I'll need for 400 US dollars.
It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 60 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams, it will be 50 dollars.
And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Surgut to Moscow, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Surgut - Moscow, it will be 2500.00 Russian rubles or it is around 85 US dollars.
Svetlana will try to find the cheaper prices of the air ticket for going to you.
She said me, that will try to find a cheaper air tickets! I so happy from this so happy news!
But now, at first, my angel, I will must begin a process of the registration of all necessary documents, in total I will need 400 US dollars.
My dearest Terry, if you will send me this so necessary recourses for this documents, it will be better to do through a system of Western Union Svetlana trust this system Western Union, as She have said me, Western Union is the fastest and reliable system of remittances worldwide! Also Svetlana said me, you will need in some detailes from me, you will need my full name, and address of the nearest bank where is situated the system of Western Union in Surgut: Anastasia Apakowa
Post code - 628405
Surgut sity
Street Dzerginskogo, 11
Akkobank. The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money (Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)), your full name and full home address.
My love I need your help, I think you will help me.
Soon we will be together and it will be wonderful.
If we fated to become single whole, I believe that it will be. Our hearts are like two great oceans.
They are vast and very deep yet calm an peaceful on the surface. Our feeling run very deep and they are very strong.
Sometimes we get afraid we will be pulled under by the current.
I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerfull wave that will shake the very earth.
And when all is done there will be one vast beautiful ocean, beautiful, powerful and heart, one ocean.
Terry you have given me much more than you can realize.
You are my prayer, my shelter from hopelessness and despair, only you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright.
Write back as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter.
And I'm thinking about you.
Kiss you.
Yours for ever, Anastasia.
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