Scam letter(s) from Eleonora Penkova to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear ! How are you doing now ? :) Thank you so much for your letter !!! I am glad you want to continue our correspondence because I want it so much too !! There was a long queue today at the village council, 8 persons before me wanted to use a computer with Internet so I had to come to the council two times, finally I could get to the computer and write you a letter !!!! I like you more and more each time I'm looking at you :) You realize that life is too short to be unhappy or to be alone...
I understand it even sharper now... I want to find my soul mate and I ask myself: may be it is you ??? What do you think about it, honey ?
May be we are meant to be together, to rewrite Shakespeare ? Who knows... I want you to know that I'm not here to find someone to live with, I'm here to find the one I can't live without... It is very important for you to realize that I am not one of those girls who are just to play with somebody's emotion and feelings, who are just looking for fun and ***. I am not here for that, *** is easy to be found anywhere but I need something more than it, I need my only man to be close to me. He will be the only one I will love and the only one I will want to make love with. Darling, how can I describe myself? It is very difficult:) In three words, I am an easy going, decent and very serious girl. But when I am in a good mood I am very funny and like to make people laugh :) And what about you ?
How will you describe yourself ? Which three words will you use ? Tell me more about women in your country. I have heard that women abroad have nothing in common with Ukrainian women. They say they are not family oriented and the only things they are interested in is just their career and money. Is it true ? If yes then poor men abroad! I can't understand how a woman can not want to be a wife and a mother ??
It is the first thing she was born for, are you agree with me, my dear ? I feel that I was born exactly for it... To tell you more about my hobbies I like reading a lot and I often visit our local library. My free time I like to spend with my friends and have a lot of fun, but not to drink or smoke, also I have never used drugs. As you know I like gardening a lot and a lot of time from spring to autumn I spend in my kitchen garden. As Scarlet's father had said to her in the famous book of Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the wind", the land is the most valuable thing in this life and the only thing which is worth fighting for... I am completely agree with these words. Have you read "Gone with the wind" by the way or may be watched a movie ?:) It is my favorite book and movie! This year I grow a lot of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, I truly hope that the harvest will be good so I could make big supplies for my family for the coming winter.
I will also preserve a lot of vegetables for winter, do you like preserved food in winter, darling ? And what about compote ?:) My dear, I want you to write me in your next letter as more about yourself as possible! I am very very interested in you! I am waiting impatiently for your answer...
Kisses !
Letter 2
My dearest ! And again I come to the village council and have a nice letter from you! Thank you so much for your precious letter today!!! Honey, I don't know what is going on with me but I had noticed that I was waiting for your letter today very impatiently:) Do you know what can it mean? It seems that you touched something in my soul... No it seems that you have made a hurricane in it! By the way, I want to thank you again for the great photo you've sent me, each time I look at you I feel that there is no distance between us and each time you're sending me your photos I feel that you are very close, thank you for that ! :) How was your day, dear ?:) Did you think about me sometimes ?:) I hope you did... Darling, I have a question to ask: what is love for you ? My own perception of love is simple: love is life and if you don't stop living why must you stop loving... love is the best thing on earth that makes you want to live... love is knowing how to treat someone better than you treat your self... love makes you do the most crazy thing and you don't mind it at all... In conclusion love is life...
I hope these words means for you something... My family is ok now, and you know I told my father about you yesterday and he asked me to say "hi" to you:) It will be difficult for him to let me leave but he wants me to be happy ! So he is ready to bless us!
We have a very cruel war here now and my father does not want me to live here:((( I love my native town a lot but I understand that there is no future for me and my future family here. I have to start a family in a safe place with a reliable man like you are !!!!!! Darling, have I told you that I am fond of oriental culture and tradition. I even was trying to learn a Japanese language but it was too difficult to do without a teacher. I do Yoga every morning and I like it a lot !!!!! Do you like it ? So everything is going ok here, my family is doing good, my work is going ok too, I just have to work hard and I am a little bit tired after it so I always wait for the weekend very impatiently to be able to sleep well and get a good rest at home! I am sure you like weekends too, darling ? How do you think our weekends would be if we were together ?? I am sure we would have a lot of interesting things to do, are you agree??? But the most exciting thing will be making love yes ??:) Oh, I am a little bit naughty today... And it seems I am starting missing you... I don't know why... I am usually waiting for your letters so impatiently !!! So please don't forget to write me every day, ok ?? Honey, what do you think about the distance between us ? It seems to me that if we will be serious with each other this distance will frustrate me a lot and the greatest desire I will have will be to be with you... To swim all the seas and oceans, to walk all the valleys between us... But I am sure the distance means nothing for two loving hearts and when I came to Internet to find my soul mate I was ready for this, I knew that the main problem will be distance between me and my man but it will be over come one day, we just will have to be patient and make steps towards each other ! I am sorry if I sound too romantic today but this is the mood I am in now and I don't want to hide from you anything! I promise to be always honest with you as honesty is the base of good relationships, are you agree with me, honey? I hope to hear from you very soon... Yours Elina.
Letter 3
Sweetheart, thank you very much for another letter from you!!!!
I miss you like usually very much ! Honey, have I told you that I wrote you my letters from the local village council in Ivanovka ???? Well, right now I write you not from Ivanovka, I am in the neighbor town Krasniy Luch, I am here because Internet in my village council was cut off today as they had no money to pay for it :((( So starting from this day there will be no Internet in my village :((((( I was so desperate to come to the council and find out that there was no Internet and I was not able to write you a letter !!!!!!! I was shocked with that news. so I decided that I have to fight for my happiness, took the bus, came to Krasniy Luch and now I am writing you from the local Internet cafe !!!!! I feel such a relief, darling !!!!!!!! You are the man of my dream and I do not want to lose our contact !!!!! You and your letters are too precious for me!!!
So I found out how to solve the problem! I can come here to Krasniy Luch every day and write you letters from the local Internet cafe ! It is only in 15 km from my village so it is a nice decision I think !!!
But there is a small problem, in my village I paid 1 usd per one hour of Internet, it was ok for me I could manage the amount. But to write from Krasniy Luch I will need to pay 3 usd per two ways ticket to Krasniy Luch and back home to my village and also 2 usd for one hour of the Internet cafe: ( You know, darling, it is too expensive for me :(
I will not be able to manage the amount :((( May be you can help me to pay for my trip to the Internet cafe and also using Internet ??????
I am so sorry for my request :(( But I live in the zone which is occupied by the separatists, I have received my salary for the last time two months ago :((( I really can not afford the ticket and Internet cafe fees :( I could afford paying 1 usd there in my village but now I will need 5 times more money to come here to Krasniy Luch to write you :(
May be I will manage money for one more letter for you tomorrow but I do not know yet. I will be waiting impatiently for the news from you !!!! I need you, honey...
Please do not leave me, ok ???
Your love
Letter 4

Good morning my love !
I know that now it's only early morning but I could not sleep this night !
My heart felt pain! I cried all night ! I am thinking about us and about our future !
I tried to find a decision but I cant ((( But my love when I opened your letter I saw that you didn't left me and I feel your love in every your word ! Darling, thank you so much for your wish to help us in this difficult situation !!! I cant find any words because I'm crying out of happiness ! Thank you my love ! Now I know that our relationships so important for you and you will help us to be together ! Thank you my love ! I love you because you make me laugh, because you maintain me the permanent smile at my lips, because you support me in all moment, because you spread me your hand when I fall, because you supplement me to the perfection, because you love me so much and, mainly, I love you because you make me very happy. You are my soul and a part of my heart !!! Near the Internet cafe we have the Western Union office and I saw Money gram office not far away from here. They told me that you need this information only. I don't have a bank account. The banks are closed here. I send you my information. In order to transfer the money you need to use MONEYGRAM or WESTERN UNION SYSTEM only. Full name : Penkova Eleanora
Country : Ukraine
Village : Ivanovka
Address : Pochtovaya street, 37
Zip/Postal code: 91000 I hope this information will be enough for your help and honey please if you will need something ask me! I can come here tomorrow only for one hour, because I have no money to pay for more ! I hope I will see your help! Thank you so much again! You are my hero ! I am waiting for your answer with excitement !!!!
Only yours
Letter 5
Thank you for your reply :)
I said that I can't pay for the internet anymore and without your help
I will not be able to write you, sorry :(

Hope you will be able to help me soon !
Letter 6
Hi my dear, I miss you very much, but still have no money to pay for the internet services, all I can do is write very short letters to you !
I miss you and I hope you are fine there. With kisses,
Letter 7
Hi my dear, I can't write to you because I have no money to pay for internet services, all I can do is write a little to you and read your letters, in my previous letter I asked for your help, but you wrote nothing about it Please, help me to pay for internet cafe and we will be able to resume our correspondence. I will be able to write longer letters with photos to you. In my previous letter I gave you my details, I will give them to you again and I hope you will be able to help me. I miss you very much and you are the only one who can make both of us happy. Here is my details, in order to transfer the money you need to use MONEYGRAM or WESTERN UNION SYSTEM ONLY ! Full name: Penkova Eleanora
Country: Ukraine
Village: Ivanovka
Address: Pochtovaya steet, 37
Zip/Postal Code: 91000 I will be waiting for positive reply,
with love and kisses,
forever yours, Elia.
Letter 8
Hi my darling, I think we will meet this year, I'd love to meet with you even now, but I can't do it. As I wrote you before - I have no job right now, I get fired and now I'm searching for the new job, but it's very hard, because of the war. And I asked you to help me to pay for the Internet cafe services, so I will be able to write you ! Unfortunately I can't send you more of my photos, because it's very expensive for me. All I can do is write you such a small letter. I hope you will help me and we will discuss our future together.
With love and kisses,
yours, Elia.
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