Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yuryevna Nikifora to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my new pen-friend, This is my first message for you so could be the last. I found an intrigue in your character when I found you upon the inet. I think you will not be against talking, because I am looking for a mate for a beginning. My main target is to make serious relationship in future. since you not going to be looking for that, then I supposeare not suit each other, and if you pleased we can attempt to learn each other better and realize where it will lead us. I live in Russia. In my city time zone UTC / GMT plus 5. So, what do you say? Can we write a paucity messages to learn if we are linked? maybe we are not linked we may become at least friends. I am newer in this so I could accept any answer from you, just be fair.
Letter 2
Hello friend! How are you?
Thanks for your answer it is really a honour to get it from you. Thanks for appearing in my life, it is my immense pleasure in getting to know you! I will try to tell a little about myself. I have no children and never been married. Currently I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia. My birthday is May 25 and I am 29 years old. I do not smoke and never did not try to smoke. About alcohol - I can drink a little wine or a couple of cocktails with my friends, but it happens very rarely. I do not know what more to write in this letter...
I am waiting for your answer. For example, you can write about your city and country where you live now and were you was born, write me about your family and pets. For me it is all very interesting. Today I am sending a few photos of me so you could introduce me better. I will be glad to see your photos too! If you answer on this letter, I am sure you will not regret, and we can at least be friends :)
Letter 3
Hello my friend. If you answered me, then you like my photo and short story about me and now we are ready for long-term dialogue :)). Today I want to say about my family. Originally I am from village Karavay, near the city where I live now. But 12 years ago I moved from my parents. They live in my native village with my younger brother. I adore this place because it offers me the opportunity to go for long walks in the woods or on the lake. Nature is wonderful here. I do not have own apartment or house. I rent a studio apartment with girl from my work. I do not have the opportunity and the desire to buy a flat in my town. The last few years I have thought about my future, and I came to the conclusion that to find happiness for all my life in my city is very difficult for me. I can not explain it, but I feel that I will not be happy here...
I think I should tell you about my intentions and my expectations from our communication. After my last relationship, I spent all my time at work. I am a little has risen on the career ladder, but it has not brought me wealth and happiness. Recently I realized that I can not be alone, and I am looking for a simple female happiness. I decided to change my life, I have tried to communicate with the different men in my city, but it was not working. I met a clever mans, I met a rich mans who wanted to buy me and to be in one bed with me, but I refused them all. I want to be happy the rest of my life, not one day. Therefore I decided to try to find a man in another country. I read that the mentality of our country has the distinction, but also we have a lot in common. So I decided to try their luck :) Over the past 20 years, millions of people from different countries met online and now have a strong, happy family. What do you think about this?
Right now I do not know what else to write this letter. I will wait for your answer...
Letter 4

Good evening, I am glad to receive your answer, I am just happy like a child when you wrote back :))) I finally was able to free up some time to write you. Today I have a good mood, because in the morning I found a small kitten. I brought him at work and my friend helped find a new owner for him. I always helped to animals, friends and strangers who need help. I believe in karma and I have always thought that the fate (or the forces of the universe) will help me. My parents taught me "if you will be a good person, you will be sure to be happy!" I watched the movie "The Secret" and I believe that all thoughts can become a reality. I believe in my dream about happy future, but... I do not see justice in this life, do you agree with me? Church officials have treasures and gold, and ordinary belivers are looking for money to buy food. Politicians say beautiful words on TV and have an expensive yacht, and an ordinary Russians goes to work and dreams of a vacation and delicious food. This is not fair, do you agree? I am 30 soon and I do not have a partner with whom we will have dinner and discuss the news. I do not have even a small cozy apartment where to I can come after work. I lived all my life correctly and honestly and I have no regrets about the past. I am not a mercantile person, and I never wanted to be rich. I just want to be happy. Now I need love and care. I want to share my feelings and feel reciprocity, you know? I am not looking for a prince on a white horse. I do not ask to perform feats (to **** the dragon etc.) I am just looking for a decent, honest man who will appreciate me, love me and take care of me. I finished my last relationship 2 years ago. I already wrote you that I tried to get acquainted with man, but I did not feel a special connection and I have not seen special man in them, you know. Today I planned to tell you a little about my parents, but I do not have time for this. I will write to you about my family next time, if you are interested.
Today with photo you will get my video and I hope you like it. Please do not hesitate to send me your photos too.
Letter 5
In my last letter I promised to tell you about my parents. At first I love my parents, they are very good, kind people! When I have the opportunity I care about them and help them, I would like to give my care more, but unfortunately, as you knew, they live in village and I can not see them every day or even every week. We must love our relatives until they are next to us and we need to talk about our love to all those whom we love. My dad is a pensioner and fermer now, he is 63 years old. He love to go hunting and fishing. Therefore, since my childhood I learned to cook fish and meat dishes. Maybe someday I will be able to surprise you a delicious meal of rabbit or duck. My mom 47 years old, she works in a school cook. She started teaching me how to cook when I was 5 years old. As a child I played with pots and pans :)) My brother is 25 years old, he graduated from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He is currently working on a part-time job and help my parents. They have a large farm (garden and a brute). Therefore, my brother chose this profession. In the future, he will inherit the land and farming. He will live with our parents until end of life, so I am not worried that mom and dad will be left without care and support if I go away. This is important, because I could not go far away, if I was an only child. Do you agree with me? Today I want to show you where I was born and where I live now. As you see in the photo, these places are very different.
I hope you do not think that my letters are boring. I am just telling you about my life and I am waiting the same from you. So we can get to know each other better. I am sending you a smile and wish you a good day !!! Your Natalia
Letter 6
Good day! How are you? What is the weather in your city today? I like to enjoy fresh air and nature in general. I like walking in the park, feed the birds. I like to go on boats, swim and enjoy the closeness to nature. I already wrote that my dad is a hunter and fisher. So he used to take me to the river or in the wood when I was little. After that I have been camping at school and univercity every year. I like camping, nature, sunsets and sunrises, campfire and night starry sky. It is very beautiful and romantic. I am a hopeless romantic! I hope you too :)) Today I will send you photo from my holidays (it was a few years ago), I hope you like it. When I am in the woods or on the beach - I feel that I am free, and problems do not exist. When you see the waves and feel the wind, you know that problems exist only in your head. And how do you like to relax? How your typical day is different from the weekend or holiday? What would constitute a "perfect" day for you? I like to read your letters and... I can not know in advance what will happen to us, but I like what I see now. I hope the weather will be better tomorrow and the sun will warm me and rise my mood :)) Please enjoy your life and your day and think that there are person who are waiting for a letter from you...
Letter 7
Right now I have no time, so today I want to ask you a few questions what I interested. Though I believe life is given to us to enjoy every moment of it, I am not looking for one night love or something like that. What I am really looking for is serious relationship, not games. Flirting is great but only when it is the beginning for something big and serious, you know. Please, be honest with me. Do you writing to me just for fun? Or do you want serious relationship? What exactly do you expect from our relationship (write a minimum and a maximum)? What about kids? It is very important! I read somewhere why most relationships do not work. Most people in the search for a partner in advance come up with a mind borders (appearance, character, place of work and even approximate location). And when their expectations are not justified, people are disappointed, it stops working and the relationship begins crumbling. We should not drive ourselves into the these borders, we need to work on relations and both partners must do this, do you agree with me? By the way what do you value most in a friendship and in relationship? I am looking for sincere and pure love if this is possible and I believe that love, which I saw in the movie and book really exists, I just have to find right man...
Letter 8
Hey. If she still asks for money, then do not believe it. It's all a hoax. You can see for yourself later. I hope you will be all right and the other girl will not ask for money from you anymore.
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