Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Nietis (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi there my dear mate, How is your day? Hope you are okay. I'm Nastenka. i'm solitary and lonely women. I try to find a pure love. So it's my reason to write to you. I have information that you are single man too and want to true love. Is it real? It's a little bit about me if you interested: Im twenty seven y.o.,my country is RU,and I'm working in medicine. I'm never be married have no kids and now I am single. I'm optimistic and romantic,try to enjoy every day of my life,i have a lot different interests and hobbies. My dream is to find a pure real love with special men. So thats something about me. I will be very happy if you will write to me and write more about you. Anastasiyusha.
Letter 2
Hello,how are you? Thank you for your letter! I was so exited when I found your answer in my email-box.
I’m writing to thank you very much for the nice letter. I am very pleased with your answer.
Nice to meet you. In nowadays many people use Internet for meet someone and find somebody special...
I think it is really romantic way, that's remind me love correspondence in the Middle Ages...
My friend give to me advice go to the dating agency in our city.
This agency help to single women find man. I paid for the membership and they give to me your email address,they take it from some online dating site. I hope, they say to me truth and you want to find somebody. Are you single? We are far away from each other now,what are you think about long-distance relationship?
Internet give to us chance to know each other despite the kilometers and I think we can try it.
Its good opportunity to share our thoughts, dreams, fears and jokes! We would never have met in real life, but the Internet introduced us and it's great, because our acquaintance can be the beginning of something more! Let's start our meet and I want to introduce myself.
My name is Anastasiya,but you can call me Nastya.
I live in small city Kirsanov with my mother.
I'm 27 years old. My height is 166cm and my weight is 53 kg.
I'm cute and kind lady. I'm so romantic!
I never married,I dont have kids. I dont have bad habits (don't drink,don't smoke). I'm administrator in the hospital and a part-time nurse. I like my job, but it take a lot of time.
I have a lot of hobbies and interests:cooking(especially cakes and steakes), fitness,read poetry and books(romantic books), walking on the nature and have a good time with my family and friends. I like movies, I try to watch something new in cinema every mouth.
I like classic movies,dramas,comedy and romantic movies...
My favorite movies are "Divorzio all'italiana","Titanic","Forrest Gump", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and etc. I like American actors-Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.
What's about your taste in movies? What's kind of movie are you prefer? I like music,listen a lot of songs! The choice of my music depends on my mood.
I can listen to funny pop songs or old rock ballads, beautiful instrumental music or hits of the eighties.
I like "The Beatles". I hope I managed to interest you and you will write to me about yourself, about your tastes and hobbies, about your work and the city where you live.
If you are interested in something specific, then ask.
But I really want to know you better. Please,write me about yourself. I'm always be romantic girl and dream about true love with special men.
But I never meet a men who really impress me, a lot of russian mens are rude,drinks a lot...
I hate disrespect...but a lot of mens disrespect womans.
I want to be a lady with gentlemen. I want to care and give tenderness for special men who will care about me.
with my future men we will share a lot of joy and happiness...thats a reason why I try to use Internet dating.
I want to find somebody intelligent.
I dont find right men in my town, may be Internet help to me find somebody...
But something tells me that its possible to meet a good man in Internet and may be from another country... I know many stories about online dating with happy-end and I wish to try.
Trust and mutual respect is the very important thing in relations with the man.
I hope that you will write to me in this my own email address.
Sorry for my English,may be you will found some mistakes,I studied English language in the school and in the university. I send to you a few of my photos and I wait some photos from you!
Hope to know more about you from your next email.
Have a good day! Best wishes, Anastasiya.
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