Scam letter(s) from Irene Cook to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
why are you not going to help me, i did not ask you to send me any of your money and i believe that you have handled that much money before being that you have a lot of businesses going on and you sell and buy goods as well. so why are you freaking out on me?? it's not like i didn't ask you to help me but you refused.well i have been living here on credit and i have to sort out a lot of things.. well, yes i will also be getting my bus ticket from the money also, we can still be great friends but i see that you don't want a future for us both, and i am not trying to be an option to you if you won't take me as your priority and my daughter too..
i have also been lonesome and been thinking about you but you have to decide honey

well, cause my dad instructed the lawyer before he died not to give me any of the material things Or money that I am entitled to until I find a man I can marry and be happy with as my husband, but I talked to the lawyer and told him about how I misplaced my wallet and all the money I have, and also that I found someone but we are not yet married and I need help but you as my man is unable to help me at the moment with anything.. so he gave me a term that he can only help me with some money if my man is involved and that is why I am involving you to help me catch the check and now I hope that you can see why my aunt or myself can not catch the check ?? Will you be available to receive the check and deposit it in your bank when you get it?? I don’t mind if I have to wait 3days later before you send me the money but as long as I can trust you and I believe that I can trust you honey, what do you think??
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