Scam letter(s) from Maria Mulyar to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Dearest David
How are you ? Now on my watch for about an hour a night and I'm writing this letter from my apartmentt I just came out of the bathroom and decided to text you ! Just ask how you're doing ? What's new ? Where are you now? What are you going to do today ? I have so many questions for you ! But let's start at least with these simple questions ! :) But in any case now I'm sitting on the couch wrapped in a towel and looking at the wet footprints on the floor that left my heels ! And you know ... I have to get up now, get a rag and go wipe the floors ! But I don't want to do it so much ! : Know... I'm just too lazy to do it ! :)hat's new ? We have a very strange communication today with you ... don't you ?I just don't know what to think about it ! I can't imagine ! Maybe you found another woman ? If so ... is she better than me. I don't ! :) I'm sure I'm the best woman in your life ! :) You know why I'm so sure ? Because you are the best man in my life ! :) Either way ... this is my short letter ! :) I won't write to you again until I see a letter from you right now ! :) If you're busy.. then write there simply: "I love you ! ha ha.m waiting for your letter. I Love You.
A million tender kisses
Your Maria
Letter 2
Have you noticed that recently with this site there is some problem ! And all the time ! It stops working all the time ! :) Idon't know why ... but it is ! And that's a fact !
But we have what we have ! I don't know why this is happening But all I can say is what a pity ! :) But I'm a little luckier than you ... because in my case the site stops working when on on my watch deep night ! :)
So I'm just going to sleep ! :) But your watch is not the same time as mine and you have to wait for this site to turn on again ! :) But you know ... well that site is not working I can find time to write you a letter ! Talk to yourself a little ! And then you just read my mind ! But in any case - I want you to answer one of my questions ! He may seem strange ... but I want you to give me an answer! What do you think about when you fall asleep ? It's very important for me to know the truth ! Im going to bed now ...
You write me ... what do you think about when you fall asleep ! :) I will definitely read it and only after you write to me - I will tell you why I asked about it !
I beg you ! Take seriously this issue ! I'm waiting for your answer
A million tender kisses
Your Maria
Letter 3
Dear Sweet David
What's your mood ? I hope you have time to read my letter before you sleep ! : This is my short letter ... and all I wanted to do was wish you good night ! :) Ihope you can let me write a letter before you go to sleep ! :) This is my short letter before the new day can pull me into the abyss of routine ! :) And today may 9th ... 7 o'clock in the morning ! :) Today in my country is a huge holiday ! :)
It used to be Victory day ... On this day we celebrated the victory in world war II ! In Russia, this holiday is still called ! :) And now this holiday is called " day of memory ! " :) Do you have a holiday today ? I still don't know what I'm doing today this day ... But in any case ... My first task today is to talk to my father ! I want to ask him a question about his relationship with Jeanne ! Want to know why he decided to do this to mom ?
You'll probably ask me why I'm so interested. After all, it's a personal thing my father and my mother !Yes !But if you remember why I broke up with my ex-boyfriend ... You won't have any questions !
If you remember ... he cheated on me ! And so more than anything, I hate betrayal ! I will never betray or mislead you because I love you David with all my heart...
I hope I did not bore you today ! :) I 'll wait for your answer
A million gentle kisses
Your Future Wife Maria
Letter 4

How are you doing ? What's your mood ? I hope that you now still not sleep and read my letter ! :) How long do you have now ? Are you home ? Ihope that Yes and have you all well :)
I want you to know ... I've been thinking about you all day ! :) It happens ... you seem to have settled in my head ! :) And I like it ... I like a sense of that you constantly near with me ! :) Thank you for this kind and wonderful feeling ...
Now on my watch for about 4 hours in the morning and I'm writing you this letter from the kitchen ... After my last letter, I went to Leo's room and lay down next to him !:) I don't know... I just wanted to lie down a little with the baby ! :) He hugged me and we fell asleep ... so we slept for a few hours ! :)And now I'm looking out the window ... at the starry sky ... writing to you is a kind and wonderful letter ! :)
Tell me how was your day ? I hope that all well ? Did you have a good day? Uou had dinner ? What did you have for dinner tonight ? O hope you ate something good ! :) Because you know that eating right increases your life expectancy by 10 years ! :) And generally when I move in with you, you will go with me to yoga ! :) You don't mind ? Ha ha ... I'll make a man out of you ! :)And you know it ... I want to ask you something ?
You're so smart ! :) Why in cities on the sky there is no stars, and in village there is ? Are there any stars in your city ?
Maybe it's just the Kharkiv has no stars in the sky at night ? Because yesterday at the hostel I looked up at the sky and didn't see a single star ... And here ... outside the city. .. in the house of parents all the sky is strewn with different constellations :)
I'm waiting for your answer
A million gentle kisses Love You
Your Maria
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