Scam letter(s) from Julia Perediry to Peter (Slovakia)

Letter 1
Hello. I'm so glad I'm writing to you. I'll call Yulia! I thought how to start with our famous and what to say about me.This time, however, you will not ramp up your thoughts, because I am a little concerned. You gave me your email address on the list. I'm very glad we started an interview. Tell me about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? Where do you work? Do not you mind when I write to you every day? I want you to know as much as possible. I have never answered anybody by email. You are the first person I'm talking about. I'm sending you a photo and a video. I'll click on your reply. Your new friend Yulia
Letter 2
Hello Peter, I'm glad you have accepted your letter. I was waiting on your letter impatiently. How are u? How was your day? I started with a little trouble today. When I was in the shower, my cell phone was on the shelf. My mack has broken it. The phone is broken, but it works! I was very sorry but I did not wear it for repair, because it works. Please note your letter.Something I like to know about me.I would be honest, very worried that we will not get any more leaves.Myslela I'm basically looking for a woman who is close to you.Therefore, a strong relationship with me, you will not be surprised. I remembered that you would not even want to know me.While the distance between our countries.That now I want to tell you that I am not afraid distances between us. This distance is a few hours flying by plane. I hope you understand. So I do not think it will be a problem for us if we really want a close relationship. Finally, I knew when I wrote you that you are far from me, but that's not a problem for me. I want you to be honest with me. Because today you give me your letter. I hope that we have a good fortune. And we can get a solid relationship based on love and affection. If I do not want something in me, it is better to say right now, at the beginning of our name. I do not want to have a fallacious hope. I want to say to you that I have chosen you and your country for the names not by accident. I wanted to meet you because you really care for me. And why I chose your country and not the species. So I'm convinced that I will be able to quickly make a living in your country. And as I said, people in your country are completely indigenous. Not like in Russia! I hope you understand me. I also have a lot of cleanliness and comfort in the house. I love kids. And you? How do you read about detches? I'm good at cooking. That's why I'm convinced that I will be good at home and a good mother, I ask you to answer my questions. Finally, so we can learn more about each other! Ask me and I will talk more about me. do you want to know? I'll send you my pictures again I hope I will love you my photos Your friend Yulia.
Letter 3
Hello! I'm glad you have accepted your letter. It's really a smile on today's shape. I thought about you. I do not know how to explain it, but I read that I will get my letter today. Maybe, because I have a good day of getting good. How are u? How do you know? I want to explain to you why I could not find a monster for a while. The main thing is a job that takes a lot of time. But I can not say I was rid of the man's attention. I had meetings with the men, but that was not a cause. These men were worried about the relationship or simply were not ready to do so. They laughed and misused alcohol. Because many people prefer a lot of alcohol and it floods their own shortcomings. A good relationship with such a man can never be good. Are you drinking alcohol? Tell me the truth. Do you think you will not abuse it? Do not drink or smoke. Only on holiday will I allow a cup of good white wine. I do not know if someone drinks alcohol. But this should be male and very rare, because I do not want to do it. I want my buddy husband to be always happy and in good spirits, without alcohol. And I will try to do everything for it. I'm ready for a kiss, constantly hugging him. If it was ok. I want to love each other day, vase and affection. That's okay! Do you prefer kitchen? I love to cook! Of course, this is the kitchen of Russia! We will take care of you at our first meeting. You can cook food on request. What is your peace of mind for me? It is interesting to me. I hope that everything will show me everything to leave me. In the nearest days, I need to know the exact date. And we can hardly discuss the plane of our encounter. This end of my letter. I hope you will not let me send my photos again!
Letter 4

Hello Peter! Peter with each letter you build a corazum of interest for me. I think we have a lot of common. I'm counting on your list, because I'm good at getting it. I did not notice how the week passed. Do you want to get my sheets? Peter tell me what robis? What did you cheer? Tell me about it. I think you like watching sports? Is it so? I want to watch TV, start programs, Do you know about the history of your country, tell me about it? I do not know about your country much, but I would very much appreciate your culture. It would be very informative for me !!! My wound is a sheaf, knitting. When I was little, I learned about it from the teacher and then I did not stop studying. At first I was knit for my grandmothers, then I started to pliest, something more. There is now in my clothes a lot of things I have bound. Peter knows, it's so easy with you! Communicate with you, I can talk about everything. I'm embarrassed. I was wondering how I became open to you! Tell me more about how your day goes!
Letter 5
Hello Peter, I'm glad you try to answer all my questions and carefully recite my sheets. I see that I am very interested in you. I'm glad we found each other. Our friendship with you is great for me. You are a fascinating and communicative man. I want to know that our relations will not stop just for correspondence. This is my opinion and I want you to be upright. I'm just sitting here at work and writing a letter to you because I thought about you. More precisely, I thought more about us! I'm glad we found out about one million people on the Internet to find out about each other. Whether I think it's fate. I can not call it anymore Now, when I wake up early, my head is interested in your thoughts When I go to bed, my head is occupied only by thoughts on you. You are back to reality. I've done the whole thing before. But now I'm thinking. Thoughts about you. That's for me. I always think, but everything is good with you. How did you spend the day. What are you doing. Correspondence with you makes me very happy. It's very nice when one understands my feeling. So I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. I do not know why, but I believe you. You are the other person in my life, which I really believe. I told you I lived in an orphanage. I do not know how to live your children. But in our country, it's just the night of the sea. Everyone tries to do the best. There is no love, no care. All that's there, it's the rules. So I just wanted attention. I do not know how to explain it, but I have your big dover. If I knew your whole life. I have not had such feelings for a long time. I'm convinced that Dover is the main thing in the relationship. But I'm afraid you'll be laughing at me. So I want you to be aware of this, so we have to be very honest! We have to work with you! Today I have prepared delicious borsch! You probably know about this meal !!! We love borshch in Russia !!! Have you ever eaten a borsch, dear? By the way, I already told you very well and tastes. And I think one of the bottoms really does something for you. At the end of my leaf and I feel at your new leaf Yulia !!
Letter 6
Hello Peter !!!! Peter, how was your day today? My day today is perfect. I am full of energy. Peter is all because I woke up today with a beautiful laugh. I have dreamed about you today. I dreamed that we came to you to talk about. We are surrounded by a beautiful green avenue, we are together, then the reflection has taken me to the naruque and began to bite me. I am glad, and not even dreams, I've read the warmth of your embrace.Then you got me on the ground and we were shaped in ourselves, in my eyes I saw my reflection, the reflection of the blue sky.This dream was so obvious, I did not want to wake up.Chceli by you dream has become a reality? Peter, in me that changes. I think my life is a change. And it is very good. My day today was filled with work. The work was an audit. That's when we get a profit from the store. And the losses were zapeditane. Everything went well. But it was very davno.Days I talked to your boss about your vacations. And they told me you could say the exact date in the near buducnost.Nemam nobody. I told you I grew up in an orphanage. Thank you for your dream. I want you to send me a lot of photos that you are smiling with. When I see the smile on the shapes, I became more cheerful! Yours and yours, Yulia!
Letter 7
Hello! Your letter is warming me like a luc sun and making my life more enjoyable. My friends, I have changed very recently. They are surprised by my stastim. I want to thank you for being with me. It makes me happy. Well thank you !!! When I quote you honest leaves, I have a good day for that day. I just want to dream about you and me. Tell me, do not you mind? I'm telling you that I've never met a man like you! I want you to know that I do not look at a rich man like a lot of women do! I do not care about wealth and dear darlings. The most important thing for me is that my buddy husband can provide the family with everything I need, and I think he should be doing a woman. He should be able to feed a family, clean clothes, clean up a house. But many people do not want to do it. Radsej has a service service. But is it really bad for food for the family? Are you crazy in the house, is it bad? Rano Spray your husband to work with delicious ranajky and you can meet a delicious dinner tonight This is really a family home! And I want it! Of course, we know that our relationship is only virtual. But I think we are close to true devotional relationships. This is just the next stage of our relationship. There is no discernible distance between us. It is very important for our first meeting to take place after the virtual list because it is my first experience with dating on the Internet. Let me imagine the first meeting but I am not afraid. And you fight our first encounter? Have you thought about it yet? It's a very interesting thing for me ... I'm gonna hit your answer tomorrow. Vasa uprimna Yulia!
Letter 8
Hi Peter, what's your day? What do you do? Did you miss me? I would be willing to wake up today in a bout. I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. Peter, what will our first kiss be? What do you think? I think it's gonna be a great mall and a big kiss. I appreciate your love and grace. I really want to try this kiss now. I'm sure it will be unforgettable! We are like climbers on the mountain. Only from the different sides of this mountain. And when we meet at the top of the mountain, we go to our stand. We can enjoy the sky, the stars, the lashes and yours. Thank you for saying that we can not write to each other indefinitely. It is a great moment when we all know about it. But do not see it together. And then the question remains for our shape-shaped meeting. Do you want to talk to me? My colleagues from work colleagues have noticed that something has changed in my life. Just ask me if I fell in love with someone? I told them I'm in love with what interests you, but on the other hand, it's good that they also asked for me. It's nice that somebody thinks about you. So much for the fate we met. This destiny brought us to ourselves. Maybe she wants us to unite and unite our hearts! And who knows? Can anything happen? Really? What do you think, I'm good ... I want you to read, I touch you. It is the worst torture that leads me to me. Yulia !!!
Letter 9
I like to see your letter. Your leaves are very important to me. It's important to know what's wrong with you. How do we really want to be closer to seeing each other and looking after each other. Peter I think we have enough awareness to get to the next level of our relationship. When I join you, what are we going to do? Will we be together? I do not need many stastia.If you smile and everything is good, it will stay for me. Peter does not know how well I react to your people. Will I be accepted? Probably mate routine. I do not know you are from another country and how everything happens. Do you think everything will be all right? If he says yes, then come and we will be together. What do you say to your friends? Did you talk to them about me? Will I be alive if we are together? Will not I influence my state? What do you think? Peter I need to know all of this so I can be sure that I will not be disappointed afterwards and we will be able to enjoy our buducnost.Urady told me that after three days I will be on vacation. And we have to make every effort. This is a very big step for us. I will scratch your letter and answer my questions. You and your only Yulia!
Letter 10
Today you know that we think about our whole day. I really want to believe that everything will be okay. I hope you understand the ******* of what happened. Well, you understand that for us it is very big and a step is reached. A man in life always gets the time to decide. And what she chooses and will be with them. Very concerned. Peter I have heard that there are people in your country who are offended by the Russian girls who come to them. Finally, I have no one. I'm an orphan. And if I come to you, I have no one but you. But I'm sure you're good and you'll be all right. Feel what it is to me if I come to your country. I never went there . Now I'm in the head of a thousand thoughts. It's a big step and I'm still thinking about it. Peter Very, I hope you understand me and do not be afraid! I will give you a precise answer tomorrow. Do not worry. Maybe it's just because I'm very worried. Tell me you really want me to come in? Do you want us to be with you? YES or YES? Vasa Yulia!
Letter 11
Peter, I'm very happy to hear your reply. I'm glad you are the same as I want to be together. I love that whole heart and shower. Peter, when I first got the letter, he says honestly, I did not think I'd feel that way for you. Peter now can not live without you and the bottom. I used to say hello to the lashes, it's amazing, but I never believed it. Now I understand what it is. I do not care, the main thing for me is that I do not care about you. I'm sure you will be the most beloved girl in the world. I'm very glad our feelings are so great. Everyone's everybody's kind of a half, I found it. It's you, Peter !!!! Today I was offended, I still thought you would answer me. When I was in the internet cafe, my heart beats like a million krat per minutu. Thank you Peter !!!! Thank you for being here. Thank you for finding me. Do you believe in fate? Peter after meeting I believed in fate. I've been alone all my life, I waited for a while when you will be there !!!! My thoughts are now mixed, I think in many respects. I'm dreaming, I'm afraid, I see everything. Everything I know about this path. We have a travel agency in the city.I'm there and find more information about flying on your boat.Peter as soon as I know everything, I will inform you! I am sure that the realization of our dream is in my power.I think that when we are together we will take care of ourselves when we go hori. We share the experience with life. I think we will be great for our common life! Tomorrow is a lot of cases, I still want to go to the hospital and undertake a survey. I'll be glad tomorrow to write my long-awaited Peter.Sen about you, your Yulia!
Letter 12
Peter I'm glad to write you a letter ... I'm writing to you, about you, about us ... It's said that people are starting to feel hard about their honest feelings just when these feelings are troublesome. I'm sorry I hurt you with their problems. Prepact ... I want you to be here! I've never traveled outside my country. I am very alone alone here. And I want you to see you as soon as possible. I want to create a world of laziness with you, a world of comfort. I'm going to tell you about the nice day. Today I left my work and moved to the travel agency. There I talked to the agency manager. He told me to organize my trip. As this is a success of his work. The scientist told me that I needed to publish a visa and a passport. On the question, how much would it be? The supervisor told me that the visa and passport will be 190 euros. The pass will cost 125 euros and the visa is 65 euros. Sttale has to pay for the insurance, which costs 180 euros. Manazer explained to me that the agency is responsible for the person who uses his agency to travel to another country. This means that he said he had a relationship with the organization. In the total amount I needed 370 euros to get the documents. Manazer also said that all necessary proofs of flying could be obtained within 7 days. The most important thing is that the travel agency was money. I think it's great. What did you think? When I found out all the information, I was home. I drank my tea and thought it was very difficult to find 370 euros. Now, I'm bored with a ****. These questions are matched by money. Coming to you is very expensive for me. I do not have such money. If you can help me, I will be very kind and grateful. I think it would be cheaper than it really was. My dear, I need your help to pay for the documents. I hope you will not refuse my help !!! I hope this is not your problem! Is that right? Manazer said he made me famous. This is a man! It is beautiful !!!! The truth ??? We will have less money to travel and we will have less time. Now all I need is to pay for money. I really hope we'll help you. I hope you can help me and our meeting will come true. Do not miss me, I'm waiting for your reply. I ask your Yulia!
Letter 13
Hi, my dear! Today I learned how you can send my help. I do not have a bank account, but it's a good choice for me, MoneyGram. Have you ever heard of such a company? It is very simple, fast and resilient. If you can help me through MoneyGram in 15 minutes, I can get your help. I hope it's not a problem for you. Here are my details that I will need to help me to help me. Name: Perediry Name: YuliaMusic: SmolenskKrajina: RussiaUlica: KonenkovaDom: 40Apartman: 23PSC: 214000This data will be enough to send me help. Just do not make a mistake in my name and then I can get your help easily and without problems. I need to know the secret code, the whole name. And it will be better if you send me a copy of the MoneyGram form. You can see the address of the bank on the Internet. Tell me if you found this bank or not. I am very happy to send you 370 euros. Tell me, can you do this week? I know you have a lot of work to do. But go to the bank and send the money you need about 15 minutes. You are very good man. You are ready to send the money you have redeemed to a new handset and a portable computer. When I come to you. I work in your country. We will make money. And buy a new laptop. I hope you can help me and we'll be together. I wait on your answer. Your Yulia
Letter 14
Hello my fate. How are u? Is it good for me? I want to be with you as soon as possible. When will we be together? I really have a mistake. I cakam on your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 15
Hi my beloved Peter. I'm very happy to get your letter. How are u? How is your day? What's new with you? I'm okay. I spent my weekend at home. I watched the TV. Full cleaning was done. I have the advice of cleanliness and order. I have kept your letter carefully. Mily, I talked to the bank manager. And he said MoneyGram is the safest way to send money. He said it was a lucrative bank. And he can make money without problems. Do you understand me? You should simply be put into MoneyGram and send money to my dates that I gave you. No one can get the money without me. They can only get them. It's a good, fast and tested bank. You do not have to be scared. Everything gonna be Alright. If you want to send money to bank accounts, it takes a very long time. And through MoneyGram they can get them instantly. I will very much ask you. So you went to MoneyGram. Do not be afraid, everything will be fine. I love you very much. I cakam on your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 16
Hello, Peter. How are u? What's new with you? Is it good for me? I'm okay. Yesterday I thought long ago. I went to the bank today and talked with the manager. And he said it was not. He said MoneyGram. It is a very good, fast and reliable bank. They have never lost money. Money always came to the person. That's all right. Do not worry. You must be an abbot to MoneyGram. And send the money there. Understand me, now our meeting is close to you. If you help me faster, we will be together faster. My vacation started yesterday. And if you can help me, we can do this together. I love you very much. I want to be with you. I want you to kiss and embrace. You have my sunny . I love you. I wait on your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 17
Hello. My favorites. My fine. You have not written to me for a few days. And I'm very concerned. I think you are very busy at work. Write me as much as possible. Because now we have to organize our meetings. And that is very important to me. I really miss you. Waiting for response. Your Yulia
Letter 18
Hello. Why don 't you? Mily, I'm very worried. I've created a bank account so you can send me your help.
Letter 19

Hello my fate. I'm looking for your answer as soon as possible. I love you very much. I hope you do not leave me in a tricky moment and help. I love you very much. I really need that one. I miss it. I wait on your answer. Your Julia
Letter 20
Hello my friend Peter. I'm very happy to get your letter. How are u? How do you train? Have you done that yet? What do you do now? What's new with you? What's your time? What did you eat today? I'm okay. I'm very happy to see your letter. I think of you every minute, every second of my life. Bust today on the street. But it is not a badge, I got your letter and I am very stastny.Tu is my bank account: Send to Euro: 40817978813094001445BIC: 043601955 recipient: Perediry Yulia VadimovnaNazov Bank: Bank VTB 24. I hope that these data is enough. I love you very much. When can you send me your help? As soon as you do it faster, we will be together faster. I love you. I wait on your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 21
Hello . I'm really looking at your letter. I really have a mistake and I want to be with you. I'm thinking about you. I want to kiss you. I want time with you. I want to make you happy. I wait on your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 22
Hello. I love you very much. I'm looking for your help.
Letter 23
Hello. How are u? Did not you forget about me? I am very concerned that you did not write for a long time. I wait on your answer. I love you.
Letter 24
Hello my fate. I'm very happy to get your letter. Your leaves are for me with joy. When I see your letter, I have a shape and a smile. When I got your letter, I was just frustrated. I am disappointed. I do not know what to do. How come it happened that you fell? Why do not you tell me? Why do not you tell me? I was afraid. I cried every day. I'm worried about you. I thought what happened. I really did. Because you my husband. And you could not even write me a letter. Why is that so? What have I done? What have I done? I do not know why everything in my life is so bad. I have a letter and a payment for you. Mily, I'm in a very bad state. I am tired. The travel agency manager told me I had to pay the documents on Tuesday. And if I do not, I'm not fining. I do not know what to do. Today I've been on the pledge and wanted to hand over things. But I did not get anything there. Because my things are not very valuable. Now I'm sitting and I do not know what I'm doing. I'll answer your answer. Your Yulia dish
Letter 25
Hello my fate. How are u? How is your health? How's your hand? I really hope you're okay. I am very concerned and concerned. My darling, why do not you tell me? It's me and me. I did not get your letter for about a week. That you were hospitalized in the hospital that you were operating. But you can write at least one leaf at least once a day. Why do you do it with me? Sedim and cakam on your sheet. And you can not even tell me. Why is that so? Or do not I need it? Why are you forgetting me? My lass, my gentle, do not do it for me. I have a deal with a travel agency. I need to pay for my papers. I wait on your letter every day. And do not write me. We were hoping to read my letter. And write to me.
Letter 26
hello, my favors. I'm very kind to get your letter. How are u? How is your health? I'm glad the doctor gave you a laptop and now you can write me. Darling, I'm citing your letter and I'm skewed. I do not know what to do now? I'm all tired of it. I just want to get to you and be with you. I want to look after you, I want to help you. When you are my husband and I think I should be with you at this time. I do not even know what to do. I have a good idea. Mily, you very much help your payment with my documents. If you help me, I will come to you instantly. We will find work in your country. And we'll come to you every day in the hospital. I'll take care of you. I'll help you with the money. I think it'll be good if we're together. You will quickly recover. I love you very much. I hope you carefully clean my letter. I wait on your answer. Your Yulia dish
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