Scam Letter(s) from Ann Hayes to Chris (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Okay so are you here to respect and learn from me? I am interested my dear n teaising and denial,spanking light bondage,Chastity,foot,ass,pussy and body worship,fa
ce sitting,humiliation I'm more into Oral(giving or receiving) , golden shower , CBT, Cockhold, Sissyfication, Small Penis Humiliation, wax play foot, Force Bi, Strapon Play and body worship, face-sitting and sexual humiliation and pursue your sexual desires , how about you?

I would like to know more about you
Can you introduce yourself ?
How old are you?
Are you single?
Where you from?
What do you do in life/work?
What are your limits?
How many Mistresses did you serve before?

And can you attach some of your photos too aswell ?

Letter 2

Ok , let me introduce myself too , I am majestyhayes , was born on October 11, 1995, 22 yrs old and I work as a free lance model
I have rules that you must follow ok?

First and foremost, I want you to always address me as Mistress.
Second, and this is very important, do not ask questions unless I have given you permission to do so.
Third, I hate waiting for responses because I hate wasting time – don't make me wait!
Fourth, you are a slave so I demand that you act, speak and chat like one, and show me that you know your place.
And the last rule is that you must show me your absolute devotion and loyalty , and i need your sincerity , be a good listener and a good follower. Is that all clear?

Letter 3

Good . So are you eager to please and impress me as your Mistress?

And are you willing to begin with online activities? If you meet my expectations, I will want to meet you for real. Will you be willing to do that?
Are you willing to take any consequences to test and to prove your sincerity and loyalty on me as I am Your Mistress?

Letter 4

In that case, I agree to own you as my property. I will make you a certified slave in the BDSM community. In order to proceed, I’m going to ask you to carry out some tasks to prove that you can be a good servant to me. You must give me your full obedience in completing this process. Do you understand?

Letter 5

Good. Have you heard about Slave Profile Submission my dear?
and are you devoted to do all my commands to you my dear?

Letter 6

Ok , I will be requiring you to create your own SLAVE PROFILE dedicating all the important details for Me as your soon to be your owner, that should be done and submitted to my chosen page where legit Mistresses like Me and trainee novice like you are. I want to see all your willingness inside that profile to show me on how you can be devoted to me and on how you can serve me at any cost I am pleased. Do I make myself clear ?

Letter 7

1. I want you to click and submit to this URL>>>Slave Profile
2. One Mistake will change everything my slave, After Clicking the URL. Click JOIN FOR FREE and start making your Submission Profile. Use (SLAVECHRISTIAN43xx) as your screen name there.
3. State in your About Me: "I am a new servant of my Majesty Pleasure . I swear to serve her to the best of my ability and to make her happy and satisfied with all my might. I would be honest, willing, serious and sincere in whatever training or session we will be dealing on this few days. I won't entertain and not allowed to speak or to talk to any other Mistresses online as I am Her property from now on and on wards unless ill be set free or released."
4. After making your profile my slave, I want you to upgrade your membership into at least 1 month Gold Membership. Just 1 month. The reason why I will be requiring you to upgrade is to become my Discreet Real slave as I have been address you a while back that I want private will intact into this Lifestyle coz i have placed there my rules & videos on my dominant side how i give trainings to my slaves.
5. tell Me when you're done so I can give you the items you must have for our first training session.

Letter 8

can you do it now my love ? i wait you my love .. just tell me if you done yes my love ?

Letter 9

are you doing it now my love ?

Letter 10

are you still with me my love?



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