Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Chichikova to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Sir!

My name is Andrey Pavlovich and I am the manager of travel agency "Tuda Tour".

You e-mail address has been given to us by ms. Nadezhda Chichikova.

We send you the application form in the attached file. Please fill this application and send it to our e-mail address. You will need 3-5 minutes to fill it. Application contains some questions about your information and information of your visitor. It can be used by your Embassy at the issue for reception of the visa by your visitor. In all other cases we guarantee that we will not disclose your information.

We will be glad to gave answers at your questions.

Sincerely yours,
Andrey Pavlovich


Thank you for using our services,

Best regards,

Travel agency "Tuda tour".

Letter 2

Hello my Dear Jim!!!

At me bad news..... It is awful day for me... Today since morning I went to embassy on interview. I talked to the consul. he asked to me questions on my travel. About the purposes of my trip, and other questions. We talked to him long. Then he has told, that all is good, but I still need to confirm my solvently. I have asked that it ? he has told, that this usual condition which is applied to young girls trip to America. he has told, that it is necessary. he has told, that I must to confirm my solvency. he has told, that for the first month of residing in America, I should have with myself 3000 $. That is on every day residing 100 $. he has told, that this rule, have entered, because many girls leave for America, and are engaged in prostitution. I have asked him is I is similar to the prostitute? he has told, that is not present. he has told, that it not he has thought up such rules, therefore he can make nothing. I explained him, that I to meal to the guy. That I shall live at him. He has told, that at me the tourist visa, that is in embassy I do not matter at whom shall live. he has told, that this requirement and needs to be executed it.

I am upset very much... I did not know, that to me to do. I have called parents and informed about it. Parents have told, that at them is only 400 $. They have sent me this money. Tomorrow I shall go to bank to receive their translation. At me is 300 more $. I do not know, that to me to do... I do not know, lovely... I wanted you to call, but at me have ended money for a telephone card. Tomorrow I shall buy a card and I shall call you.

Then I have contacted travel agency. I shouted, on them. I have asked the manager why he did not inform me about it. he has told, that rules of reception for all different. he has told, that did not know, that the embassy will demand to confirm my solvency. I have told to him all. he has told, that he can transfer my flight on Sunday on April, 10. he has told, that there there will be a same flight. That is the same details of flight.

Lovely, I do not know, that to me to do... To me it is very bad...

Jim I love you!!!! Please tell, what to me to do??? I have made all that could.... I have made all that in my forces!!! Lovely we should overcome all barrier!!! I love you Jim!!! I love you very much!!!

I shall wait your letter!!!!

Yours Nadia.

Letter 3

Hello mr. James!!!

Thanks for your support.
I have given her your letter. She is happy.

She has written to you the letter.

Hello my Love Jim!!!

I love you very much!!! I miss very much on you.... I need to recover faster. I am tired already from hospital. I all the day lay on a bed. To me do injections. Use different preparations. I am tired from it..... I want to be faster healthy that we were together!!! I love you!!!

How has passed your day??? Than you were engaged???

Excuse, my doctor swears, he has told, that I now cannot worry.

To me it is sad without you my lovely.... I love you very much...... I want to be with you!!! I do not know, my doctor speaks, that all will be good.... But he speaks me not all. I do not know why. I asked, that to me gave a computer. He has told, that it is not possible.

Today have brought the sick girl. She has told, me, that two years ago, she addressed in hospital. At her the same disease, as well as at me. She did not begin to do. She has told, that she did not have money. I have been surprised, having learned, that this operation dearly costs. Now this girl the invalid. At her legs do not move. She in an invalid armchair. It is a pity to me of her very much.

Well..... My doctor swears. Now it is necessary for me injections.

I shall write to you tomorrow. I love you very much!!! I miss on you.....

Yours Nadia.

Today at Nadia there was a pressure of a brain. It is very dangerous. She has written nothing to you. The attack has taken place since the morning. Doctors long resulted her in consciousness. The doctor has told, that operation is necessary. He has told, that now it is necessary to perform faster operation. He has told, that dying off of cells of a brain begins. If late with operation when there will be an increase of pressure Nadia will die. Her mum in a shock. Now her mum is at me. She to cry every day. She does not know what to do. Today we with her called Nikolay she is daddy Nadia. He has told, that cannot sell an apartment quickly. He has told, that it is necessary to give documents on sale. He went to bank wanted to take the credit under an apartment. The bank has not given the credit. It is Russia where it is necessary to do all through the big bribes or when you have familiar people in the government.
We do not know what to do. Lena could collect only 1000 $. Now not enoyght 1500 more $. Mum talked to the doctor. She asked him that operation have made. The doctor has told, that preparations, various medicines and the disposable hospital equipment are necessary for them. He has told, that if there will be no complete set operation is impossible.

Still the doctor has told, that if there will be attacks of a high pressure......... It is difficult for me to write it...... Nadia will be lost.

Mum Nadia asks you. If you can help any money, let it will be even 50 $. Mum has told, that they will return to you this money, at once, as will sell an apartment. We ask you if you can help. We are afraid for life Nadia. It is serious very much!!!
You can transfer money for name Lena. She collects all bank translations.
These are her details: Chumarova Elena Russia Moscow. You can take advantage Wester Union. These are fast reliable translations.

We need to hurry up. Life Nadia is in danger.

I shall wait your letter.

Yours faithfully


Letter 4

Hello mr. James!!!

It's Olga, Nadia's gilfriend. I think, that she have told you about me.

Nadia has died today's night. Now she is not with us anymore. Her parents.......... It is a pity for me to see them very much. Her mum became mad. Nadya's daddy.........

I shan't explain anything to you. Tomorrow me and my guy will travel to Moscow. It's necessary to prepare for Nadia's funeral.

I have talked with Vika by phone. She has completely expained me all history of the troubles with Nadia. And all the roots of this history begin from you! Yes, from you. I have read all Nadia's letters to you. You are the mean person. I don't know, you........ But I don't care about you. You have the part of guilty in Nadia's death. She was like the sister for me. I have made all that could to help Nadia. I was late for some hours. And you, her "loved".... she loved you sincerely, you didn't made anything! And Nadia is dead..... Know that I hate you!!!

I write to you not only to say all that I'm think about you. I write to you because someone should pay off, someone should be punished, for Nadia's death. My guy Matthew has already employed the best lawyers in Russia. Tomorrow our lawyers will bbegan the trial against that damn Travel agency. It will be started two cases. Criminal, entailed death. And civil, for Nadia's parents moral harm, and it will be compensated, and expenses are compensated. I'm sure this Travel agency will be bankrupt.

You are the participant of this damn trip because Nadia went to you!!! I sware, you will be involved to criminal and a civil liability. I promise you!!! Now I shall not be quiet, untill I shan't punish all bastards who is guilty in Nadia's death. Your details are in Travel agency, I have found it already. I think that the police of your country will find you without any problems. This case will be at the international level. All your correspondence was kept. It will be one of the determining facts. I shall transfer all correspondence in Police division.

As far as I understod the rules of international trial, you will be the offence in criminal case. Have you ever read about morality norms and participation in unintentional murder? No? You haven't yet? So you have the time to prepare.

I advise you urgently to search for the best lawyer in the world. But I'm not sure wether he would at least reduce the punishment, instead of avoiding it.

I'm not the lawyer, but I know the law a little. I'm sure, soon the police and our lawyers will contact you.

Vika asked me to let you go. She told that Nadia loved you sincerely. But you........... You scoffed at her!!! This will be proved. Now I will need to care about Nadia's parents. Constant supervision will be necessary for them, and........... I don't know while, what else. She... sge was their's unique daughter...... Which is dead now. Maybe you still don't understand what has happened.... It is awful. You don't understand, because you have not seen this.. all this urgent situation.. You haven't seen the tears and infinite sufferings of parents which will not see any sense in their's life anymore. I am not their's dauther, I cannot replace Nadia for them. I only can try to reduce their's pain. Wounds will pass oneday... but the scars from wounds will remain - for all life!!! This scar will be up to the end of our life!!!

Know, that my guy persuaded me that I didn't began all this stuff. But then he has understood all. Is there will be anybody except me??? Who will be with Nadia's parents? Who if not me... will punish YOUR guilty......

Probably when you reading this lines you are hating me. Know, that I wanted... I wish Nadia to be happy.. I would like to invite you and Nadia on our wedding in this summer... I'm not the malicious person. I'm fair person.

I think, that if you would lose the child..... You would be ready on everything to punish the one who is guilty.

I analyzed your correspondencewith Nadia. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE IT!!!

... AND after that I have one simple questionto you. I ask to answer sincerely in this question. What did you want from her if you did not love her??? What???

I shall operate on behalf of parents because now they are not capable. I shall achieve my purpose.




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