Scam letter(s) from Anna to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello Peter!
What's up? I have to make you right. my name is not Ekaterina. I think the Dating service made a mistake with my name.
I'm glad you answered my letter! I am very pleased that you have shown interest in me.
I was really hoping to get a response to my short message, so I was glad when I saw your letter. I hope we can get to know each other better and become good friends. I think you would agree with me if I told you that a romantic relationship is much stronger if it starts with friendship.
Now I'm a little worried! Because this is my first time meeting a man online!
I want to tell you a little about myself. I think it will be interesting for you.
So, I'm a single woman who's tired of being alone. I have a kind, caring and sympathetic heart. I am looking for a man to whom I can give my warmth and care. Entertainment is not for me. I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. I hope you share my thoughts.
My name is Anna. I will soon be 33 years old. I was born on July 24, 1985. My height 168 cm, weight 56 kg. My figure you can see on the photos that I attached to my letter. I would like to know when your birthday?
Now I have to tell you the most important information. I was born and now live in Russia. My city is called Penza. This is normal in Russia, which is Penzaenskaya obl. I hope this information didn't shock you. I honestly believe that distance can't be a problem in a relationship. In any case, we can be just friends, but who knows where this virtual dialogue can lead us. So I told you the truth, but I hope that truth doesn't scare you away.
Peter, I think we should be honest with each other from the first letters. But if distance is a serious problem for you, then be sure to let me know in your next letter. I'll just keep looking elsewhere and never bother you.
I want you to be honest with me, and I'll return your feelings. You know, I'd like to find a serious, honest, caring and decent person with whom I can share my life and start a family. Love is the most important thing to me. I would like to find a special man and be happy with him. I'm looking for a serious relationship, I want to start a family. I am ready to overcome any distance, I am ready to leave my country for love.
I hope you liked my photos!
I am finishing my letter, but I will wait for your letter with great impatience.
Your new friend, Anna.
Letter 2
Hi, Peter!
I want to thank you for your response. You know, I was very afraid that you would stop writing to me when you found out that I live in Russia. So I was really happy to hear your answer. Now we can start learning about each other, ask each other questions. I really want to get to know you better if you let me. Peter, I'm really interested in you, I hope it's mutual. This is only the second letter, I have a lot to tell you. You already know that I live in a small town. My city is very quiet, very kind people live here. This town may not be very beautiful, but I grew up here. This is my homeland, so I love this place. My childhood was spent here and I still live here, but I am ready to change my life for the sake of love. I'm a romantic girl, so I still believe in romantic fairy tales. It's probably ******, but I can't change...My job, I work for the police. My job is that I draw up documents and various cases. I used to work as a fitness trainer and yoga coach. My work is completely satisfying me now. I love my job. I'm used to seeing the positive side of everything. This is one of the main features of my character. I'm a very optimistic person. I have to communicate a lot with people, and I like it. You know, I graduated from the University, Institute of management and business, Department / direction: Social technologies-specialist, now you see that I have a fairly high level of education. Peter, can you tell me about your work? What do you make? Do you love your job? Unfortunately I also have loneliness in my family's plan. I'm unmarried. Had not wanted to be married, and now I think it's the age when I begin to understand that if you live alone then it's bad. Maybe I don't have a decent man to spend my life with. I hope my life won't be lonely. I find a decent man. My last novel was 3 years ago. My affair lasted half a year. My man cheat on me with another woman. I've been in a lot of pain. I was alone. I don't want to talk about it now. I hope you understand me correctly. When I'm ready, I can tell you all the details if you're interested. I think I should tell you about my family. My family is small and consists of my mother and me. I am an only child (no brothers, no sisters). My father died 17 years ago, but I still miss him. My mother lives alone in the countryside near my town. I live in the city in an apartment. I live alone, without neighbors. I have no children. I am a very kind and gentle woman, I do not know how to scream. I don't like lies. I never play with human feelings, it's very mean. My most important quality is the ability to forgive. I think it's very important in life. I'm not a model, I'm not a TV girl, I'm not a model, but I have a very good heart. I think that I am very feminine and dream to create a family home! I hope you can see the depth of my soul in my letters. I'm sending you my new photos.
I wish you a good day!
Your friend, Anna.
Letter 3
Hi, Peter!
I'm glad you didn't forget to answer me. I'm interested in talking to you, and I find this communication very interesting. I understand that letters can't replace live communication, but it's a good option for us now, because we live in different countries. You know, it's very unusual for me to be in touch with someone from another country. I hope that you want to strengthen our friendship, too, because it will be the basis of any relationship.
In my last letter, I told you about my family. I hope you read my last letter completely. Peter, yesterday I wanted to visit my mother, but I missed the last bus. My mother is always happy when I visit her.
My hobby is reading. I like to read books when I'm at home in my free time. I often read books before going to bed. I prefer to read Russian and world classical literature, historical literature, works of modern authors. I will not list all the books that I have read, I do not think it is necessary. I can only say that I have read many books in my life, thanks to which my inner world has become much brighter and richer. My last book was"the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas". This book made a very emotional impression on me.
I also love going to the theater! Sometimes I go to the movies with my friends. My friends say I'm a very smart girl. I love animals. I love to take care of animals. It's probably my second hobby. When I see a small animal, I can't pass by. I want to give a helping hand. And do everything possible to bring joy.
I also have many more Hobbies! Bicycle, fitness center's. not so long ago I tried to study "Pol dance". In winter I like outdoor activities. But I don't do them often. I attach a photo. I hope you like my picture. Please tell me about your hobby. What do you like to do in your free time? I think it will be interesting for me.
You know, I've always dreamed of having a happy family based on love, trust and mutual understanding.
If you are not able to send photos in every letter, then do it if possible. I will always be happy to get your new photo.
I am finishing my letter, but I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a good day!
Letter 4

Hi, Peter!
You know, I rushed to work today to read your letter. I can't explain it, but I really wanted to read your answer. I've always been interested in making new friends. And this is my first experience with a person from another country, so it's very exciting for me. I'm glad we met on the Internet.
What holiday did you have? in Russia there was no holiday on this day.
My dear, today I would like to tell you about my past life. I've already told you so much about my current life that I completely forgot to tell you about my past life. I will start the story from my childhood. You know, when I was little, every summer I spent in my grandmother's village. She lived in the village where my mother now lives. My grandmother loved me very much, but unfortunately she died a long time ago. But I still remember with a smile on my face the times when I spent time in the village. I went to primary school when I was 7 years old. I don't want to brag, but I was one of the best students in school. You know, training was my priority. I wanted my mother to be proud. My success in school helped me to enter the University. After University, I left the village and started living and studying in the city of Penza. I studied at the University for free because free education still exists in our country. When I graduated from University, I got a red diploma. The red diploma is the highest achievement in any Russian University. But my diploma has not been useful to me so far. Why? Unfortunately, getting a diploma in Russia does not guarantee getting a good job. I didn't build a good career, but I never really wanted to. I'm not a business lady. I think my calling is family. But building my family is the only goal I haven't accomplished. Peter, what can you say about yourself? Are you optimistic? How was your childhood? What education did you get? I hope I didn't ask too many questions. But it's really important to me.
My heart is open to love, to sincere feelings. I think you understand me. Peter, we met recently, but I have a good feeling. You're a very good person, and I want our dialogue to continue. Our correspondence makes my life much brighter and more interesting. I have to thank you!
I'm sending you my new photos.
Now I have to leave you. Please don't miss me.
I wish you a good day!
Letter 5
Hello Peter!
Every day of communication with you brings me a good mood. I know that letters cannot replace real communication, but I am glad that our dialogue continues.
My dear, I want to tell you about the way of life I lead. I don't smoke, I think it's a very bad habit. I try not to drink alcohol, but sometimes I can afford a glass of champagne or wine, but no more. My daily diet consists of healthy food. These are vegetables, meat, fruit. I want to look good, so I watch my appearance, my diet. It is very important for me that my man could be proud of me. You know, I don't judge people who choose a different lifestyle. I think that everyone is free to choose his own path in life. I have chosen a healthy path. My dear, it would be my pleasure if you told me about your life too. Peter, I told you that I try to follow my appearance, but for me the external beauty is not the most important. I think that the inner world of a person is much more important than appearance. External beauty disappears with the years, but the soul always remains the same. People can be beautiful on the outside, but completely empty inside. The real beauty is in the human soul. You agree with me?
Peter, you're an interesting person. I feel more confident with each new letter. I can share my thoughts and feelings with you. I feel comfortable. I think it's important. You know, I get the feeling that every new letter is a little date. What do you think about it?
You're very kind to me, I appreciate it.
I'm sending you my new photos.
In my eyes you can see the true beauty in my soul.
I'm sad to say this, but it's time to finish my letter.
I wish you a good day!
Letter 6
Good afternoon Peter! Yes you can call me dear. I like it.
Opening your letter, I feel a slight presence you. So nice to read and get to know you more. A week of our communication and I already like it.
I understand your feelings and desires I also want to make a long relationship for life! Why don't you send me some new pictures?
You know, our dialogue now is emails. I understand how fragile this communication is. Sometimes I'm afraid you'll just stop writing to me. But then I see your new letter, and I understand that you're still interested in our communication. Peter, this is very important to me. With each new letter we become closer to each other. We become closer not physically, but spiritually.
My dear, I want to tell you about my usual weekday.
So, my regular working day starts at 9:00, ends at 20: 00. I Wake up in the morning, two hours before my work day. I shower, make Breakfast, make a make-up and then go to work. I use public transportation to get to work. It takes about 20 minutes. I work six days a week. When I come home after work, I cook dinner, then I read a book or watch TV to relax a little. You can see that my day is no different. Peter, do you understand that your letters make my life much more diverse?
My dear, I want to tell you about my past relationships that lasted half a year. I wrote to you in my second letter. That I don't want to talk. It hurts me. Now I want to tell everything. It was a serious relationship, I was planning to marry that man, but he betrayed me. I loved that man, gave him my love, but he was seeing another woman behind my back. Then he went to another city with that woman. I don't know where this man is now, but I'm not interested. I can never forgive betrayal. Peter, now I'm looking for a man who won't play games with me. It's been three years, and now I decided to use online Dating. I wish there was a man by my side who would never betray me. Betraying a loved one is very painful. I experienced it myself. I hope to meet a man whom I will love, I will care. I believe true love still exists.
Today I'm sending you my picture. I hope you like my picture.
I'm finishing my letter.
Have a nice day!
Letter 7
Good afternoon Peter!
Good mood for you. I hope you slept well tonight. I woke up very early and couldn't sleep. I didn't know what came over me. I've been thinking that my life is starting to change. And it is changing for the better. I got you. I can share my thoughts with you and tell you what is in my heart. These pleasant thoughts gave a pleasant mood today. I'm happy.
My dear, I want to create a happy family. I'm tired of being alone, I'm familiar with loneliness. I think that everyone, deep down, is afraid of being alone. My life was not very successful, sometimes it seemed to me that luck turned away from me. But I always kept fighting, now I'm fighting for my happiness. I want to be happy, I think I deserve a little happiness.
Peter, I want to tell you about the man I'm looking for. I am looking for a person with whom I can share my past, present and future. I'm looking for true love, someone I can just lie in bed with, look in my eyes and talk to all night. I'm looking for a man with whom I can share everything we do in this life together, a man who knows how to laugh and how to love. I'm looking for a man who respects others and knows the value of human life. I am ready to give my heart to such a man, my care. I want to create a family home and a favorite family nest where we'll be happy together. You know, it's very important to me that my man feel my care, my love. I am a very open person and I never try to hide my feelings. I like to spend time with my loved one, walk together, go shopping, laugh, play, cook dinner. I hope I can find such a person. I may have already found such a person. It is possible that this person is you (smiles). But I won't rush things. You know, it's been a great pleasure talking to you, and I want us to keep this conversation going. Peter, tell me in your next letter about your future life? How do you imagine your future? I'd like to know what kind of woman you're looking for. Your answers will help me get to know you better.
I sent you a picture. I want you to answer me sincerely. You look into my eyes and decide firmly! That's the kind of woman you want to let into your heart?! I hope I have a chance to develop our relationship and be with you.
So, my dear, I'm finishing my letter now. I wish you a good day!
I'll wait for an answer!
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Peter!
My dear, I'm really glad to see your new letter. How are you?
I'm glad that you see our future in my eyes... I really want to start a family and have children. I would like two children!
In recent days in my work all notice that I have an even ****** smile on my face. And that I'm a lot of communication. I began to dress more brightly. My colleagues at work notice a glint in my eyes. I think they started to suspect that there was a man in my life. I tried to hide it somehow, but I can't. And all simply to notice. I'm grateful for the feeling you're giving me. You're becoming like a ray of sunshine to me. Which gives me more strength for every day. Tell me, do you feel that in your life there are some changes? Maybe someone's telling you that. I'm very interested to know that you have a change in your life too. I have a very good feeling about this. My intuition tells me that our friendship is just the beginning.
You know, I visited my mother yesterday, and I told her more about you. I told her about your life, your country. She listened to me very carefully. You know, she's not against our dialogue, she even supports me. But she said I should be careful. Peter, I told her only about your good qualities, which I saw in your letters. My dear, when I talk to you, I see a good, intelligent, honest and caring person.
You know, I had an unpleasant but funny incident today. I went to work and broke the heel of my shoes. It happened near my house and I decided to go home to change my shoes. I was late for work because of this little trouble. My boss is a kind man, so he did not fine me for being late. I think I should take my broken shoes to the repair tonight. This incident with my shoes did not upset me absolutely. When I saw your letter today, I completely forgot about my broken shoes. I like to read your letters.
I'm sending you my new photos.
In the photo, me and my work colleagues.
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll be waiting for your answer.
Have a good day!
Letter 9
Good afternoon, my good Peter!
Now I want to call you that. Of course if you don't mind. Every day that I saw your letters, I understand our letters well. I hope you understand my letters as well.
You know, every time I see your letters, I try to learn new words. And I like learning a new language. It turns out I'm a polyglot (smile).
I think it's too early to tell my friends about our friendship. that's what I wanted to tell you in my last letter.
Peter, I want to tell you that I changed my opinion about Internet Dating. I used to think that Dating like this can't lead to anything good. I thought that Dating didn't work, but now I realize I was wrong. Our relations are developing with each new letter, and I like it very much. You know, we should thank my friend, her name is Ekaterina. Ekaterina, my best friend, I have known her since my childhood. My dear, she advised me to use Internet Dating. I'm grateful to her for that. Peter, she knows a lot about you because I told her about you! I don't tell her everything, it's just our dialogue, but I tell her some important details. Maybe after a while Ekaterina will become our Cupid, who knows (smile). Do you want to know what Ekaterina says about you? She said you seemed like a very good person with a good heart. I think she's absolutely right. I like talking to you, reading your letters. You're a very good person, and my feelings tell me I'm not wrong. To be honest, you're not like the other men I've been around before. I think that letters can reflect the human soul, the character of a person. Your letters are very beautiful and kind, it means that your soul is very beautiful and kind too. But I can feel the manhood of a real man, too. I hope you understand my thoughts. It seems to me that only a real man can be gentle with a woman, without hesitating. Peter, I've seen a lot of pain in my life. I lost my father, I felt betrayed by the man I loved. It was a very difficult moment in my life, but I got over it. I think you can never hurt me. You are man!
I'm sending you my new photos.
In the photo, me and my best friend (Ekaterina). A big and tender kiss.
I'm finishing my letter. I told you about my thoughts. It was a really honest and open letter.
Gentle kiss.
Letter 10
Hello my darling!
Peter, you came into my life recently, but you have already become a part of my life! I feel happy when I read your letter. I need so little to be happy...
I'll miss your letters. I really hope you don't hurt my heart, too!
You know, my thoughts are open to you like a book! I understand that this is only virtual communication, but I believe that we will meet with you in one day. I've never played games with you, my intentions are very serious. You're a very interesting person, and I want us to meet. Peter, our meeting can replace hundreds of letters, but between us now a long distance, but who knows what awaits us ahead. You agree with me? My dear, I'm sure our dialogue is not a waste of time.
I am ready to make every effort so that we can meet. I understand that now we know too little to plan our meeting. But I want you to know that I never played games with you. I'm not afraid of the distance that separates us now. I'm willing to cover that distance if I have to. Peter, now you see that my plans are really ambitious, but we have to be patient now. I think you agree with me.
I think you're a very good and honest person. We've only met recently, but I'm grateful to meet you. I am glad that our correspondence develops with each new letter. It's very important to me.
I want you to imagine now. That we are two climbers at the foot of the great mountain, called love. Every day we take small steps. Every day we get happiness. Day passes. Another day. We take steps, we climb higher and higher. I believe that every day brings us closer to our meeting. We're reaching the top of the mountain. Where we find happiness. For me, happiness is when you're around. When you hug me. You say kind words in my ear. I'd be interested to know what happiness means to you.
You know, I'm going to go to the store tonight to buy some food for dinner. I thought it would be nice if you were here with me. I could make a nice dinner for both of us. I'm good at cooking meat and vegetable salads. What do you say to that?
I'm finishing my letter now.
Again I send you my photo. Smile. Kiss.
I'll wait for your answer!
Letter 11
Hello my darling! I'm glad your trip went well. do you have any new photos?
You know, I'm glad we found each other in this big virtual space. As always, thank you for your letter! Thank you for not forgetting to answer me.
Peter, I am very flattered by your attention to my person. You write letters for me, which means I'm interesting to you. Please don't forget to write letters for me. My dear, if you don't have time, I'd be glad to have a little message. I live in a very small provincial town, so I rarely meet polite and well-mannered people here. We show mutual respect for each other when we write the answer to each letter.
Honestly, I'm tired of seeing rude and inadequate people here. This applies mostly to men. You know, men in Russia do not show respect and deference to women. I understand that this does not apply to all men in our country, but there are a lot of rude men here. I don't think you look like a man who can hurt or humiliate women. You've always been very generous with me. I found you, and now I don't want our correspondence to stop.
You know, our correspondence is developing very quickly, and sometimes I think about our future. My dear, what would our future be like if we were together? What do you think about it? I know this is a very difficult question, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. I think we'd be a good couple. I hope my words don't scare you. Peter, today when I was going to work, I watched two ***** men walking down the street. It was an early morning, and they were acting uncivilized. I can see this situation here very often. Maybe that's the reason why I can't find love in my country.
Peter, I visited my mother recently. My mother asked a lot of questions about you. I told her everything. Now she knows how our correspondence develops. My mother's name is Natasha. She's not against us, she even supports me. She is very interested in our dialogue, because she wants her daughter to be happy.
I hope this news gives you a good mood.
I hope you like my picture today.
I want to wish you a pleasant day. Hope you answer me soon.
Letter 12
Hello my good Peter!
How nice to see your letter. Every day we get to know each other more and I like it.
You know, lately I've just been feeling like you're there. And we just sit on a bench in the Park and make our fellowship. With you, I can tell you everything. And laugh, and Express feelings. I'm glad you're with me. Yes, I think we can plan our meeting at the end of this month. when I get vacation!
I really hope we can be a good couple, too. Time and personal meeting will show how well it will work! I agree with you, I think we are on the right track!
You know, it's hard to describe my feelings, but I'll try to do it. I'm starting to write you a letter, I feel happy! I am immersed in my thoughts in my own world. Our world! It is only our world. I don't notice other people. I forget about my problems, my work, my friends. Peter, we have created our own world in which we are cozy and warm. You agree with me? I wish I could stay in this world anymore, but it's not possible right now. I hope these thoughts don't seem silly to you, I just want to tell you about my thoughts. I don't want to lose that feeling of affection that we have. We have become very close recently, and it makes me very happy.
You know, a few years ago, I was at the theater. I think you've heard of Shakespeare's immortal book, Romeo and Juliet. You heard that? This is the most romantic, sincere and bright story about the great love between a man and a woman, but this love story has a very tragic ending. I saw a play in the theater based on this work. I received a huge number of unforgettable impressions after the performance. So many thoughts about this love story have appeared in my head. Love, Romeo and Juliet brought them death at such an early age. They loved each other, but fate gave them a chance at happiness. I mean, love is the most difficult feeling on the planet. Do you agree? Many people get married and think that their marriage will last a lifetime. But, often we can see that marriages break up. And I can't explain to myself why this is happening more and more in the modern world. People became callous, they stopped doing good, respect other people. It's sad. But, I am sure that true and light love still exists. Love cannot die. I remember this play, and I understand that love will always live. I hope my letter wasn't too boring for you. I like to talk about my thoughts and feelings with you. I can be completely honest with you!
I'm sending you my new photos.
I hope you like my picture.
It's time to finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer with excitement.
Letter 13
Hello my darling!
What a happy day! I have the opportunity to read your new letter! Peter, I was again in our warm and cozy world. You feel that too?
I can't wait to meet you in mid-August. What do you think if I fly to you at the end of June?
You know, I had a good night with my friends last night. We went to the cinema, but the film was not interesting. We watched a Comedy with ****** humor and a ridiculous plot. It was Russian film. We left the theater before the movie was over. I invited my friends to go to the cafe after the movie. Ekaterina (my best friend), already knows that I correspond with you. But, my other friend, she didn't know that I was texting with you. She was very surprised when I told her about you. They started asking a lot of questions about how we met. I tried to answer all her questions, but I did not talk about all the details. I think that the details of our correspondence should remain only between us. You agree with me?
Peter, my friends really liked you. They said you were a good and decent man. I think they're right. I do agree with them.
You're a part of my life now, I don't want to lose you. I think of you every day, your letters make me smile every time. How do you do it? I'm really interested in talking to you, reading your mind. I like you.
You opened my eyes, because I can again be absolutely happy woman!
Peter, do you want me to tell you about my dream? I really want to meet you, I want to see you in real life. I don't know when it will happen, but I really want my dream to come true. I think this day will be one of the happiest days of my life. I think that we would be very worried before our first meeting, because it would be a great event in our lives. You agree with me?
I'm sending you my new photos.
Me and my friends. After the movie, we went to a cafe. Ekaterina agreed to take my photo. So I could send you.
I have to tell you that I'm leaving our little world for today. I have to go back to the real world.
My dear, I'm leaving you for a while. I hope you'll answer me quickly.
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