Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Bondarenko to Brad (France)
Letter 1
Good day Brad, it's Olga.
How is the weather in your city ?
As for us, we have a cold summer this year. I thought it would be warmer in june))
How was your weekend ? I hope you had a nice weekend.
As for me, I worked at the weekend. If i have some mistakes in my email, please don't be too strict to me.
I have never had an experience in correspondence with a man in the internet.
I am speaking from my heart & I am honest with you that
I am really looking for a true love and serious relations. Ok, I am 26 years old.
Olga - it's my real name. Nice to meet you ;-)))
Well, I live alone in my mom's appartment.
I'm working as a dentist. I have never been married and I have no children.
I like to do different kinds of sport: swimming, aerobics and running.
I think that every person should keep fit and be in a good shape.
I visit the gym two times a week : Tuesday and thursday. By the way, tomorrow I should go on gym :-)))
I hold my body in the healthy form. Write me Brad. Do you do sports in your life now? How old are you ? Tell me about something interesting, you like to do.
May be it will be your hobby and interests ?
Where do you live now ? Tell me as much as possible about yourself.
I have sent you my picture. I hope you'll like it ;-))
I'll be waiting for your email and more your photos ;-))))) Take care
Yours sincerely friend
Letter 2
Hello again !
How is your mood ? I feel great ! :) I'm very pleased to get your letter.
I want to say that You are an extraordinary man ;-))))) Thank you for some answers to my questions.
It helps me to know more about you and to understand you much better.
It's always pleasant when someone shows interest to you.
And especially when it is through such an unusual way as Internet.
But I'll use this chance to know more about a person writing me. I want to be sincere with you. It doesn't matter to me of what age my man will be.
The main thing is he has to be mature, wise and ready for serious relationship.
If it's not a secret, how old are you ? I like your manner of communication ;-)) I want to find warm, confident, hard working, tender, honest, caring
and romantic person who is searching for friendship -(true love and real relationship).
Which will lead to marriage and family. My idea of happiness is sharing my life with my beloved,
to walk down the path of life arm to arm with him, to enjoy many things that life offers with him. To bring a smile to his face, to make him laugh and to see him happy everyday for the rest of the life.
To walk along the beach with him and later watch the sunset over the ocean.
To have a nice dinner, to dance, or to go to movies together. Do you have dreams ? Are you a happy person ? What is happiness for you ?
How do you imagine your perfect date ? Excuse me for asking such person things with me, person whom you know only a couple of days.
But it is interesting for me to know it about you, and please send me more photos.
And I have decided to send you a photo in this letter again.
Photos are made by my friend Elezaveta.
But sometimes, I make a photo ;) I hope that you will like it :)))) With warm
Letter 3
Hello again, my darling.
I had some free time and I decided to write you again. I want sincere and true love.
When you see your half and know his puts a smile on your face because of joy and happiness. That each moment away from each other is a bitter-sweet pain that also gives
You comfort that you know whatever happened during the day will want to be experienced by the other. Children deserve a happy home one that is built upon love and respect of the parents for each other,
and one that is built upon experiencing all of lifes wonders through and with the children.
I know that it is possible to have such a life with the right person. That person must want the same thing. You appear to be a sincere man who can devote the time and energy in making such a life a reality.
I think that all the happiness and contentment I need in life is to make sure that a special someone in my life is happy. But I haven't met this person yet. Could it be you ? Yes, I believe it could be. I'm a true romantic, and as long as I'm treated with dignity and respect, remain so. I have a pain in my heart from past relationship. I don't want to experience it again.
That is why it is most important to have a relationship built on respect and friendship. I feel myself closer and closer to you wiw letter we write to each other.
I know that we are from different countries and have different style of life.
but I think nothing must be allowed to interfere with our plans for the happy future together ! But of course I would like to know your opinion about it. How long are you looking for your soul mate?
What don't you like in your partner ? What qualities must your partner have ? Well... Now about my visa.. I think I won't be able to write you tomorrow.
Because I will have a trip to capital of Ukraine - the city Kiev. The Visa Center is located in Kiev.
I should visit personally the Visa Center to receive the visa.
We have no an International airport in our town, the nearest one is in Kiev.
Therefore my flight will be from Kiev too. I will come back on Friday evening or on Saturday morning. Will you miss me ? ;-))
I wish to find out you better. Tell me more about yourself.
And don't forget to send your photos. I wish you all the best,
Letter 4

Good evening, darling. Every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. ;-)
I share your thoughts and I hope that I have qualities you are searching for in a woman.
I believe that friendship (love, marriage) and especially family are very important.
That's why we have to meet and to get acquainted ;-)) I will repeat, can I start planning my travel to you ?
Then your information is required to me. What is the nearest airport to your city ?
And do you know how much is to rent a room in your city ?
I will ask my future working company to give me an advance payment (300-700 euros) for renting a flat. I'll work as a Dentist. But my agent forbade me to give any information about my work.
This is a condition of the contract. I don't want to have any problems and I know you understand it. I have told to the agent that i will fly much earlier to meet with you.
If everything will be according to plan I'll arrive to you approximately in 13-15 days.
It will be at the july. I will have some weeks of a free time, prior to the beginning of work.
I think it will be wonderful if we'll spend some time together.
This meeting will make our relations stronger and will help us to know more about each other. Do you agree with me?
Certainly all expenses are on my route. I will pay everything by myself. I have a picture to send you I hope you'll like it. Photo is made my assistant, at my work.
I will end my letter for now and will write you one more letter a bit later.
It's Thursday today. It's my fitness club's day. Therefore I will write you later. Bye bye.
With warmest regards
Letter 5
Hello my darling !
Where are you ? Did you get my last letter ? I returned from Kiev. I had very intense days today and yesterday. I'm very tired :(
But during this time I'm very happy !
My trip was successful. I have received working visa. Now i can work in your country. I have it for six months.
I will take it to the agency tomorrow.
My agent will make last registration of all documents.
Then everything will be ready for my travel to you. Now, I have solved, as soon as I will arrive to you.
As soon as i will come to you, I will rent an apartment in your city. I am looking forward for the day when I meet someone with the same strong desire as i have to build a happy share life. How do you imagine your ideal woman ?
My ideal man is one who is not afraid of telling his thoughts,
sharing his inner world, and having a strong desire to be with me and not with someone else.
I want him to enjoy my wishes and passions in life and I will enjoy his desires too.
I believe in relations when both can share responsibilities in everything. Do you agree with me ? I have to go now to do some things and to meet with my friends.
By the way I have told my friends and my parents, that i have got acquainted with you.
So I'll email you soon with some more information about me and about my plans.

I love to know more about you, I would love to get to know all about you, darling, in order to really get to know you. Sincerely
your friend
Letter 6
My sweetheart.
I write you the short letter, your information is required to me.
From my city Kropivnitsky, there are no planes to your country,
Therefore, I`Iwill need to reach to Kiev, and therefrom to you by the plane.
My agent, requires from you, some information, for a route of the plane,- inform me dear, your nearest airport and your city ?
This information is necessary that the agent could develop route.
Then, I will know all cost of travel to you. Yours
Letter 7
My dearest. I have met my travel agent again today.
He has explained me a situation why there were complexities.
Recently, your government has made more strict control over entrance to the country, because of terrorism and consequently it will be more difficult, for arrival to you. But the agency will make it for me. The agent told me that they have already got some workplaces in your country.
And I will have some weeks of a free time, in your country before I will start to work. I am very glad, that we won`t have big difficulties.
At first I had fears when i knew that the agency won`t be able to do it or i should wait for a long time.
But the agent told me that everything had done great! Agent has begun the advanced order of air tickets to you.
I have already paid the first part of money to the agency.
I thought it would be not so much money. I planned to spend not this summ but because of difficulties for its reception it became more expensive for me.
To complete booking, i need information about your city and airport, closest to you. Darling, will it be possible if I ask you to help me with the other part of the payment for the travel ?
I have some money and I took some from my parents, but i think they won`t be able to pay the other half of the payment. Though, all will be known, only after the agent will develop a route.
I shall inform you, if it is necessary to help me.
I hope it won`t be a problem for you and i won`t worry about it. Now I go to have a rest, I`m very tired today.
Letter 8
Hello, my dearest ! I do not receive your letters. I begin to worry. what`s wrong ? And I just want to remind you.
You forgot to send me your information about the nearest airport and your city. I have a talk at the travel agency today.
They told me that it is difficult to get some documents in your country, but they can help me with it.
Unfortunately the travel agent had not so much time to talk to me in details, because he had to go to the assembly. And consequently he has postponed my conversation.
Soon I shall meet him and I shall discuss again. I hope, honey, everything will be good.
I have some excitement concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to meet you, dear ! Therefore any difficulties will not stop me. And we`ll meet. I do want to continue our relations! We need only meet in person.
I miss you so much, I want to run away with you far away so no hurt would taint us.
But that is just a fragment of my imagination and fantasy.
It helps to fantasize sometimes to dull the hurt of things I experience. I miss you, darling, and want nothing more than to be in your arms until you kiss my problems away. Hope we can meet soon
your Olga.
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