Scam letter(s) from Daria Osipova to Buzz (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Buzz!
I'm glad, that I have possibility write letter to you.
My name is Darya and I'm 43 years old. You understand, I was born at USSR, and when its dissolution, I was young lady. Many Russians was leave country and start new life.
At this time I was met man and live with him many years. I have grown daughter. Her name Elena. She was end school at last years and now study at college.
If I will plan leave Russia, she doesn’t mind, don't worry. She want stay with my parents.
I was live with my husband many years and he was met young lady. Now I'm single and ready for new relationship.
I want leave Russia and fully ready change my life. I live at Kamchatka, in city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.
I think you can read about my city at Internet, if this is interesting for you.I was talked with man in Internet and I was received a lot of negative.
I don't like talk about ***, because I'm well-bred from respectable family. And all intimate talks only with my man.
I don't love insolence and not respect. I'm kind and gentle woman and i belive, that i will have decent and faithful man.
A lot of mans wrote about fraud and ask prove. I'm tired accept such negative thoughts. I cant belive that all value lost and around all bad people?
I'm positive and I believe at new love and happy life. May be I'm naive, but i want belive only at goodness. I don't know what else write to you in first letter.
I was appealed to dating agency in my city and i placed my profile with my details. Please, tell me about you. Do you work? Do you like dance?
I'm dance teacher, I'm director of dance school. Many times i spend with my team.
I'm tired for long years of my work, this is not easy work, this is why i want change everything.
I want change my life and have new work. May be this is will be half-day work.
But right now early talk about this. I just want that you will know about my wishes. I don't want be burden for my man, I also want help to our future family.
I hope you understand me.
I'm wait your letter !!!
Letter 2
Hello Buzz. I'm very happy to get your letter today. How are you?
With my collective i often travel to another Russians cities. And i attached video. I think you can understand more about me.
May be you can send to me photo of your house?
Sorry, but i was forgot write to you about my weight and high. My high 165 sm, weight 63 kg.
I was study English at school and this is was binding lesson, little bit i understand French, Italian, German, Spanish. I was study at dancing school and devoted my life to dance.
How i already told you, i'm single. My husband was gone to young lady.
I was not feel any careful, attention and support at last time. About love, i dont want to talk.
I dont want to continue talk about this. Important, that now i'm ready for new relationship and my daughter understand it.
She want that i will leave Russia and find my happy.
I can give to you my phone number and you can call me, but at first i need getting international calls.
I want that we will have understanding and respect. I think this is important in communication and for future life.
I'm already not a girl for play games. I'm adult woman and i want calm life. This is very important for me.
My parents live close to my city. My mother already dont work, she housewife. My father work on a tractor. He working for social farm,but tractor his property. At summer time and winter time he has a
lot of work.
My parents very good people. At our village all people know and respect them. Because we are always was a perfect family.
I think my parents right raised me. And i'm grateful them for this.
I was told them, that i want find serious relationship with forefinger man.
My parents understand me very well.
Main at relationship be honest with each other and have a trust. What you think?
I'm tired be lonely. Each day i'm go to sleep alone and i miss mans arms.
If i will feel protected, then i will make my man happy. I always i will honest and reliable partner for life. Can you write to me about your last relationship? What important for you in relationship?
Have a good day!
Letter 3
Hello Buzz.
I do not even know how to start my letter to you. I was waiting for that moment when I was sitting at the table.
I am so glad to receive your letter. I was thinking and dreaming about you yesterday before going to bed.
I imagined how often you have a dinner and how do you go to bed ...
Buzz, I'm a straight person and I always tell people the truth.
That is why I want you to write me the truth also, to share your thoughts and problems with me.
I will always be able to understand you and support you when it's necessary, ok?
I am writing to you from my work computer.
At home I also have a computer and 3G modem, but the speed is too slow, because this network is not so widespread here and not developed good.
I have a lot of work today. I need to put a new dance for my band.
My group will perform in Moscow this fall. I am trying very hard.
I also really love to skate! In summer I prefer an outdoor recreation, I like nature very much.
My friends and I sometimes go to different lakes, put up tent and bonfire.
Then, later In the evening we usually sing our favorite songs and tell interesting stories.
We always have a great and happy time on beautiful nature.
But I started to realise more often than not, and flashes, and life passes.
I want to trust, to wait, and love so much. You can not even imagine how.
We live in this world only once, and I want to live a happy life. What plans do you have for the future?
How do you imagine your future life? 1 year later? Describe it for me, please ...
I'm looking forward to your reply.
Letter 4

Good afternoon, Mr. Buzz!

My name is Svetlana, I'm a manager travel agency kiparista. I personal client manager Marina.
I will be registering necessary documents and tickets for a trip to your country. To us it was
It will be more convenient to work with you contact and notify everyone in advance changes. In the meantime, I need to know name of the nearest airport, in which is more convenient for you to meet Marina.
Also you can fill out our simple questionnaire.
I'll attach you a sample PDF file.
In addition, you can always check availability status documents Marina online.
our site
Mr. Buzz if you have questions
Please contact me. I will always be glad
answer all your questions.

Sincerely, kiparista. Svetlana.
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