Scam letter(s) from Anna to Max (South Africa)

Letter 1
Im really so glad to greet you Max)))
How are you? Im really hope that everything fine with you and wish you just best and happy, warm and bright. Im kind woman and wish warm and bright to everybody)))
It was really happy to meet you on Internet Dating Site, thank you for your attention, interest and e-mail, Im really hope you serious and its first time which just first step to next serious and warm association)))
When I saw your profile I became really interested to know you better and really hope its just beginning))) This first letter not be so long, because I need to be sure that you really serious with me and hope get your letter with all about you and with fotos, not 2-3 words, if you really serious, please write correct and full information about you.
Im only serious, I dont want lose my time and take your time for any not serious.
I know English really very good and dont need use translator, I write, read and talk without it.
Im from Russia, city called Volgograd, work as social psychologist with children.
In few words tell about myself I am honest, modest, kind, loyal, gentle, caring, affectionate, serious, calm, open heart, clear mind.
If in few words I can say about my ideal partner, my man should be kind, honest, caring, good to have an open heart and pure thoughts. Im just want to be happy in a clean, warm, gentle ways to a happy future and a happy family.
I promise will write you more about me, its will be in answer on your serious next letter)))
I hope you interested also and hope to get your agreement to know each other better)))
With great impatience I will hope and wait)))
My best wishes)))
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