Scam Letter(s) from Anna Johnson to John (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello John,

Thank you so much for your email. I'm barely 24 hours on the dating site, and I barely know how it works. I think there must be a mystery in my profile because I live in Cape Town. I'm also interested to chat and see where it leads us, because I don't see the distance as a barrier. I believe if we have enough in common, the rest will be easy to come by.

I think by now you must have known a little about me through my profile but let me tell you more about myself again. My name is Anna Johnson living in Cape Town South Africa.I am the only child of my family.I am a nurse and I have one daughter that is staying alone recently.


I am romantic. Maybe a bit too much.
I hate violence, especially towards a weaker person
I respect my fellow beings and their opinions
I hate dishonesty
I almost always smile ( even in the morning ). It takes a lot to get me in
a bad mood
I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining.


I do forget the wrong people do to me and my friends I am very emotional, so when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious.Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions.That is what I can think of in a short time.I hope that gives a better impression about the person who I am. I want to know more about you. Bye for now until I hear from you.

Take care,Anna

Letter 2

Hello John,

Thank you so much for this mail, I understand your explanations but like I said, I write at length as we need to be open and upfront in the beginning. You are in search of a loving lady as I am in search of a loving man. I have not wrote to you just for entertainment, but I have written you in hopes that we will be good for each other. Although no amount of emails, questions you or I asked that would be compared to a face to face meeting and to spend time together, because the time spent together will further give us the opportunity to know each other well and to taste the waters and see where it leads us.

My dear, the only true way we could determine if we have enough in common to have a meaningful life together would be to actually meet in person.It is presently a bit premature to fully contemplate this. Yet, my desire is to meet and hold you tight against my body so that you might feel my strength and know my gentleness.You may wish to know that I have so many hugs that go unused that you would never lack hugs in your life, should we end up being together as one...perhaps this will help you see more of my soul and help you know how I feel about you at this point in time. You sound so much like the one I had long been waiting for and so much more.

When a man and woman are in agreement and pray together, their prayers are amplified before the throne of God and, consequently, far more powerful than otherwise. That is a key to part of what I seek in a marriage; prayer for health and righteousness. I like your personality and that is for sure, but I pray the feeling I'm experiencing do not just not just vanish into a thin air because it's been a long time since I had this kind of feeling. You have awaken the feelings I thought had died in me and I look forward to the day we'll meet to start our newly found love. Thank you so much for your thoughtful message, and I look forward to your next reply. Take care and stay blessed!!!

Warm hugs,Anna

Letter 3

Hello John,

Thank you for being so mature in this mail. Yes we seems to have a lot in common and we are seeking similar same thing in life, and that is a very good thing with building a lasting relationship.

I'm so happy to know that the feelings are mutual because we need to be transparent and if we must succeed, we must put in our all. Unfortunately I don't have Skype or any means of video chatting, but I will be very happy to speak with you over the phone. Please call me on my contact phone number as I would love to hear your voice, here is my contact number +27 710309662.

As for my suggestion, I would love to use the opportunity of my annual vacation to meet with you. My vacation will last for 4 weeks and I don't have any plans for us. I believe 4 weeks is enough for us to get to know each other very well both in love and chemistry. I don't mind you visiting me here or I visiting you, whichever way is okay by me. So I will wait your answer as soon as you can.

Warm hugs,Anna

Letter 4

Hello John,

Thank you so much for your email. It is so unfortunate that you don't have overseas call options on your phone. You can give me your contact number, so I will try calling you later on today or tomorrow.

You are correct, I have a limited access to the internet. Since you agree that we should meet in person, I am willing and read for this adventure of my life for you sound so much like the one I had long been waiting for... If you will buy my flight ticket, I will come over to you so we can spend quality time together.

Secondly, since our plan is to build a loving lasting relationship together, there is no need for us to stay in a separate bedroom, we need to be together in one bedroom because that is the only way we can feel the real magic of chemistry when we meet. If we agree on this, I will visit your Embassy here to know about their Visa requirements and would let you know okay. I hope you understand, I look forward to your reply soon.

Warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 5

Hello John,

Thank you for your email. I believe we are both seeking same thing in life which is happiness, and like I said before, if we must succeed, we must give it our all.

I too, I'm looking forward to physically hold you close to my body and in each others arms, to look into your eyes during conversation and to hold hands. I will attach another photo of myself here, and I hope you will like it.

It is not difficult for me to come to Australia, so I will let you know my outcome as soon as I return from the Embassy okay. I will try to ring you later on in the day. Until then, take care and stay blessed!!!

Hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 6

Dear John,

I think we are both thinking the same thing because I want to use this opportunity to see outside the world for the first time. I have not traveled outside South Africa in my life and I want to come to you.

You don't have to book me into a hotel because our plan is to get to know each other and see where it leads us. We need to be together in your home, remember I told you this at earlier stage, so please let us do it in a right way by you allowing me to come over to Australia and spend 4 weeks together in your home and in same room.

I could not email you my outcome from the Embassy because the weather was bad and it was raining heavily. I went to the Embassy like I told you in my previous email and I was directed to a travel agency who will help me secure my Visa within few days. According to him, he will issue me with a 3 months visitors Visa.

Since you're the one I'm visiting, he said that you must call or write him before he can collect my international passport from me. Please call or write him, his name is Mr. Mark Aarde and you can write him with this email address, tell him you are writing in respect of Anna Johnson the lay that came to his office for Visa. I look forward to your reply soon.

Remain Blessed,
Love, Anna

Letter 7

Hi John,

It was nice to speak with you over the phone, that show you truly exist and I look forward to the day I will finally arrive in your arms. I cannot afford to pay for my ticket because I have just rented and paid for a new apartment for my daughter where she moved in. And I also assisted her in buying most of the things she needs in the apartment because she is no longer living with me, she started working in another city and I assisted her financially to rent the apartment as a gift.

I was thinking that you will pay for my ticket that was why I went there at the first place. Please try and see what you can do in this because I desire for us to meet and taste the waters.

Love Anna

Letter 8

Hello John,

I give up because I'm already starting to make plans on how to borrow some money but you seem not to give it a listening ears, so when do you think you can come here? I believe we need to meet as soon as we can, because next time might be difficult on me. I have told you many times that we can write for 100 years and without meeting nothing can be possible or achieved. I hope to read from you as per your plans.

Hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 9

Hi John,

Phone prices varies and I can not afford one at the moment because I have to pay for internet data too and I can not currently afford such luxury.You may not see it but for me, you are trying to be difficult and you are not comfortable assisting me with the ticket and that is what worries me because I feel that you did not believe in me enough. I just want you to know that I am not a thief and I am not doing this because of money, the only reason why I want to come over there is because I have feelings for you and I want us to take this relationship to the next level.

I do not want us to spend the rest of our life asking ourselves what if you are the one for me? I do not want to overthink this relationship and I believe that if you really want me as much as I want you, you will contact the Traveling Agent and finalize everything with them, then I will know the cost and work on borrowing half the cost of my flight ticket.

I hope you understand.

Hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 10


I need your name, address and I also need the nearest International Airport to you since you are the one Ms Anna Johnson is visiting. We will assist her to obtain, prepare and endorse all the documents to facilitate her visiting visa.

You are advice to communicate to Ms Anna Johnson to come to my office with her International Passport with at least six months expiration date and her four passport size photographs, the size of the photo, including background, must be 2inches square (roughly 51 mm square). You also need to buy her Air ticket from us too.



Letter 11

Hello John,

Thank you for your email. I understand we have been chatting for a short period of time, but we both know that even if we chat for 100 years and without meeting face to face, we can not achieve anything as per our stated goal.

I'm still new to the dating site, and I did not plan to meet you, it just happened. I am happy to hear that you contacted the travel agent and that is a huge step you've taken towards our meeting. My most precious desire is for mutual undying love be the result of our meeting.

My photo was taken few months back, and for your information I'm not wearing a wedding ring, it is just a ring. I can't be married and yet I'm online seeking for love. Come on now John.

I too, I so want everything to be real and true and I promise to treat you like my one and only King. I believe you are capable enough to make our dreams come true, and my prayer is for us to meet and start up our newly found love in happiness. I hope to read from you as soon.

With warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 12


The name of our firm is Trekk Tours & Travel SA and our address is 1st Floor, 67 Rosemead Ave Kenilworth 7805 Cape Town,South Africa . You can also visit our website at for more details.

I have taken note of your name and address since you are the one Ms Anna Johnson is visiting. The best price we can offer you on behalf of our client Anna Johnson for her Round Trip ticket is one thousand, eight hundred and fifty nine Australian Dollars (AUS$1,859)only incl.taxes.

I need you to forward to me the above mentioned amount to enable complete my work.You are also advice to make the transfer using this account details,the details are as follows;

Account Name: Trekk Business Solutions
Account no: 62710426637
Bank name: First National Bank South Africa (FNB)
Branch name: Durbanville
Branch Code: 210-203
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: ANNAJ001
Bank address:Palm Grove Centre Main Road Durbanville Cape Town, 7550 South Africa
Beneficiary account address:87 Lansdowne Rd Claremont Cape Town, 7708 South Africa



Letter 13


There is no cause for you to be concern because I will assist Ms Anna Johnson to obtain her Tourist Visa within seven working days because I will include her in one of our group tours package to Australia.



Letter 14

Hello John,

How are you today? I have not heard from you since yesterday, I hope all is well with you. Please write me to let me know the position of things with you.

I so look forward to the day when I will finally arrive in your loving arms, where I rightly belong... I look forward to your reply soon.

Warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 15

Hi John,

I have taken my passport and the other things he asked of me to his office. Mr Mark said that he will be waiting for the payment so that he can conclude his work. So far, I was able to borrow 400 dollars.

I am so happy this morning and my hopes are that everything will work out very well between us and that we will be an example of true love for others to follow. Please try to send the balance money to the travel agent so that he can work on my travel documents.

The anticipation of meeting you face to face fills me with joy, the thoughts of our first hugs and kisses feels good to me, and I look forward to that day to come real soon. Kindly advise me on any development as soon as you can. I look forward to your reply soon.

With warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 16

Hi John,

I hope the Traveling Agency will get back to you soon so that you will finally pay them for my ticket so that they will commence to process my traveling documents.

With what the Travel Agent said, I will not have a problem with Border control over there because the Traveling Agent have experience in this kind of situation and so, it all is well. I look forward to that good news,so that I will know that all is well.

warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 17

Hello John, How are you today? I am still waiting on that good news of when you will tell me that you've paid the money to the travel agent, then I will know that all is well. Any update?

I hope to read from you soon.

Warm hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 18

Hello John, good morning and how are you? Though it was a bit of disappointment not to have heard from you, I will keep the faith with all hopes that you will get back to me soon. I believe your ability to conclude our stated goal shall be valuable, I'm certain so long as what has been written is as sincere as they're read. I have missed reading your mail.

Thinking of you!


Letter 19

Hi John,

I have read all you said in your email but one thing that I have to tell you is that if you are looking for a red flag in things,you will always find one because anything you see will turn to a red flag.

I have been to the Traveling Agent's office and I do not know why you think that they did not exist and according to the Complementry card that the Traveling Agent gave to me,his last name is Aarde.If you think that there is a mistake in his last name,you will ask him or ask whomever that you think that made a mistake on the name.

I see nothing wrong with the Traveling Agent placing me on a tour because at the end of the day,it is a visiting/ tourist visa that he will assist me to obtain.

I explained to you that I did not have the money to come over there but I will like to come so that we will get to know each other very well.I do not want us to spend the rest of our life asking ourselves what we are the one for each other.I want this relationship to work but it seems you are now having cold feet.

I do understand your fears and concern but you have to let go of fear and jump by faith because I will catch you. I want this relationship to work as much as you do because you are a man that adores me even when you know that I am divorced and I have a daughter, not every man will want a woman like that but you do accept me the way I am and it means a lot to me.

Please do let me know as soon as you transfer the money for my ticket to the Travelling Agent so that I will go to their office to inform them.

Love Anna

Letter 20

Hi John,

I feel ashamed of myself after reading your email, it seems you did not believe in me and you think I only want your money. If it is money I want, I will not date you in the first place and you might not even know me. My ex is very rich although he was abusive but I left him because money is not everything in life. I have been to the other side of the road and I know that money is not what makes one happy.

I know I can earn huge amount of money if I decide to move to another country to work but I cannot just move because of the money that I may earn and I don't want money to guide and be my major priority in life.

I am striving for happiness because I want to be happy, I want to be loved and I want to love in return. I want to know that somebody loves me and cares for me.

I know people that are even older than me and I am better looking than them yet, they have somebody who loves them and care for them and I do not know why my case is different.

I don't know what again to tell you only that money does not rule my life and it will never rule. Don’t see this circumstance we are facing today as an advantage to tell me that I want your money because that is not what I want. If not for anything I will love to keep my integrity .You can assist me in making this dream come through because I wouldn't want us to spend the rest of our life regretting not meeting each other when the opportunity to meet knocks on our door. I believe that we will have a good relationship and I want this work or you can just walk away but I did not like be accused of what I am not.

Love Anna

Letter 21

Hello John,

Thank you for your email, it is almost obvious that you have a trust issue on my end. But then again, thanks to you for agreeing to come down here so we can meet physically.

I sincerely hope you say what you mean and mean what you say, also I hope that you will come soon hopefully this July. Please update me of your plans as I'm eargerly waiting for that day real soon. I look forward to your reply.

Hugs and kisses,Anna

Letter 22

Hi John,

At this stage, I really don't care about your worst thought because I don't want to deal with a man who don't trust me or someone with a trust issue. You've made me a laughing stuck in the presence of the agency, so what's there to talk about? If you cannot host me, then how can I host you? the only way out is for you to pay my way to you, otherwise I don't see things happening between us...

Kind regards,Anna

Letter 23

John the agency has done all it takes for me to be there, so you go ahead and send the money to them and we will be fine. I look forward to your email as soon as you send the money to them. Thanks for accepting what I ask you and for allowing to be the lady first.

With love,Anna

Letter 24

hello John,

I still insist that you send the money to the agency because I will have no problem because the agency has everything covered and it is not their first time. Kindly contact them and send the money to them and I will be on my way to you this weekend.


Letter 25

I have told you what you are supposed to do, if you dont want me to come there, then I am not in your arrangement, dont worry about me over there because I already told you that the agency has everything covered. Please lets stop repeating ourselves over and over again. Contact the agency and do the needful as I told you. Thanks.



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