Scam letter(s) from Irina Nadtochieva to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my lovely Charles!
You write, that to you is problematic to arrive to Krasnodar, You can want, that I have arrived to yours the country? I want to tell to you about the house the dreams.
It is the most beautiful house, not so big, it is painted In tone light and dark coffee. Around of a house The fine garden, there is only white roses.
Around beautiful trees, the big chestnuts and pines.
Not far there are aanaaea in which we can to be one, to enjoy Spring warm air and the friend the friend.
The house has 2 floors, the big room with a stone fireplace And bear a skin near him, we shall sit On a floor near a warm fireplace and to embrace.
From pure cosy kitchen tasty smells are audible (you the magnificent supper with continuation waits) I love good I peep.
In the house children's, sonorous voices are audible.
On the second floor 2 children's rooms, one for the girl Many dolls and soft a bear are painted in pink gentle tone in it, and another for the boy In bright and dark dark blue tones, in it it is a lot of machines and The fantastic railway.
Here secret of our house, our bedroom, in it muffled light, It is a lot of mirrors on walls and on a ceiling. Burns a lot of candle, in vases white roses from our garden.
This most secret place in the house. (you there it will be good.)
Here such my dream, tell to me about the.
For you my photo and love.
Letter 2

Hi my beloved Charles!
Whether that it will be difficult to me to receive the visa and what you cannot arrive soon what we not we shall meet fast time means? I n?oa?, that the correspondence without a meeting am not meaningful. I search good for attitudes, instead of correspondence. On it I wish to meet you.
I have 30 serious bases to love you... And after that 30 I have others 40... And after that 40 I lose the account (account....) And I start with zero to list you... Is so many reasons to love you, that my words remain short that has named you.. Is so many reasons to love you, that the dark blue sky in detail stops on a breeze of walking a way.. Is so many reasons to love you with which a plenty it has stopped to be to run, not knowing it. Only, is so many reasons to love you, that these simple letters Aspire to generate his own language.. Only, is so many reasons to love you, that the nature adheres quickly to our struggle For to leave, to happen (pass) to leave to live only to leave, to love. To return tenderness.. TO RETURN force (fortress..) TO RETURN LIGHT WHICH TODAY HAS ALL MY LOVE. Therefore and for everything, for very and for more, I have, and I shall have so many reasons to love you, And I have written to you, that also I shall have many reasons to love you... As, when we shall be together, I shall wake up, and your hair will **** up in my pillow. As I shall come back, and kisses will stay in your mouth. As I shall slide, and again your breath will rescue me.
For ever yours Ira!
Letter 3

Hi my soul Charles!
I feel, that we have special attitudes, I think, that some basic things are important. Please take that I am going to speak in spirit, I intended my value. Physical appeal is important. You are very attractive a man, one of the most attractive men whom I saw. I really feel strong communication with you. I hope, that you feel the same way! I also think of you often within day. Surprise, that you do. As you do. And I often think, how things would resemble, when we - together! You fill my dreams, ideas, desires and emotions. I often speak me to be still my impatient HEART, All things in time. But nevertheless my heart rushes with beating with greater expectation of the precious moment when we shall meet for the first time!! And for the first time I am your hand. For the first time I am you in my weapon. For the first time I kiss you! This first time and the moment will remain with me for ever! My feelings for you grew so in such short time interval, sometimes absence you has grieved me deeply. Yes, I also want, that we have met and have begun with you a happy trip of our life together! I so wish to be your supplier, the defender, the friend and the fan. You have, touch me inside where anybody any more has not made before. It - why I feel so well! I also would like, that we have met soon. When we shall meet?
I very much wish to meet soon.
I wait yours the letter.
Forever yours Ira.
Letter 4

Hi my dear, sweet Charles !
Always I felt you... Before, to know about you already, you wandered for all my dreams. My dear love, it has so a lot of illusion that between so many sweet, only there is a passion and tenderness. I write to you this letter because I cannot be reflected in your sight, only I would like it, you knew what you are for me. My best friend, my big love, my ideal one, my darkness and my light, my imagination and the truth, my way and my happiness..., whom all my life, I shall adore, you, it always you were, and you will be. I want it, you know, that to read your letter for me it resembled to touch the sky; it-... Sweet and sour sensation because I feel you so nearby during these moments..., but that have stopped to read it I still have as emptiness and powerlessness which harm (afflicts), is..., when you come back to the validity and understand this distance which separates us. Then I adhere to my dreams, and I imagine opposite to you, two niio?aiey on eyes and without need to speak, only we allow, that magic of the moment should flow... I dream within the night full of brilliant stars, the witness o feelings... The moon smiles us the accomplice of our happiness. I feel so happy to your party going on seacoast, both gather from a hand going under this beautiful sky. Hours spend, and we sit down, looking on the sea, we see, how the dawn begins, It is so beautiful!...... This red sky which wraps up us, we look, and almost, not understanding, that we allow, that our lips should participate in the sensitive kiss full of love, I feel as your hands, they surround my waist, and I shiver... The sweet melody accompanied with a sound of the sea... A trill of birds..., it does it, the moment - except for that the wizard. You understand love, in my dream, I have managed enter " this world which you built ", and already you not one. .. Now me, shivering hands I help You, that You to light this oil lamp........
I wait yours the letter.
Yours Ira.
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