Scam Letter(s) from Darlene Cullenn to Brad (France)

Letter 1

Hello dear,
Hope you are doing good over there.
I am miss Sgt. Darlene it has been very long time we have not communicate with each other due to i was very busy here with my husband. I contacted you some time ago for the cheque which i drop for your kind help to me, i am very surprise to hear that you did not receive your cheque. I was contacted by the rev. Father Papatony that the draft cheque are deposited in DHL Post office Directorate in Senegal. According to the rev Father Papatony he said that he deposited the draft cheque to the Master card which contains

160,000.00 GB pounds

in your name with DHL Post office Directorate in Dakar (Senegal) and instructed him to send you the MASTER CREDIT CARD and more so be inform that i have registered the MASTER CREDIT CARD with your name and here is the security code no. 30569078321507. Now you need to contact Mr. Fred Maxwall of DHL Post office in Dakar, Senegal :

Please try to contact the DHL Post office Director so that they will send you the MASTER credit card to you send them your full name and your address. Inform me as soon as you receive the money so i will be happy:


i will be expecting to hear from you.
thanks from Cullenn
Best regards