Scam letter(s) from Emilly Williamson to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi, how u doing today? How was your day? I hope fine and I hope this email gets to you in good health and spirit. Its so nice to hear from you, thanks for your message. It's a pleasure to meet you! Lets get to know one another better, I would like to know about your personality, your likes and dislikes, your background, your love life, your hobbies and interests too. HOW I DESCRIBE MYSELF I am an attractive,intelligent lady with a sense of humor and adventure.I love travelling,art,theater,teaching,reading,outdoors,dancing and much more.I'm healthy and I live a healthy life style.....Sincere,honest person with a good heart and spirit.Sense of humor. I value trust and loyalty above everything else.Fun to be with,pleasant, likable, & lovable personality,Love people,Love life, Have a Positive attitude,Easygoing,Not difficult to get along with, Intelligent,Smart,Educated,Trustworthy,Understanding,Stable,Kind,warm, loving, & caring.I'm a positive,moral and honest person.I am outgoing, confident and playful.When I first meet people,I can be reserved and shy.I am a Christian.I am romantic,affectionate and communicate well.but I'm not used to my brother because he was older and very self centered. I'm a very meek and submissive kind of lady. I've been told that by my dad but I don't mind. I love reading, music, movies, outdoors and sight seeing. Music is a way of life, I love Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, R Kelly,Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Jordin Sparks, Don Williams, Trey Songz, Usher, Neyo, One direction,women of faith, city and colour, David Guetta, SIA e.t.c, I got a big pile of cds and dvds, got a lot of favorite artists and a lot of favorite actress and actors. I love all kind of music as far as it is meaningful, and I always keep my loved one close to the heart. I wanna go into modelling, I hate lies, what do u do for a living? I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, my dad has a home in Beverly Hills, my mom has a home too, my brother occupies dad house, mom and dad won't will anything to him. I lost my mom to cancer when i was a kid I miss her so much and she was into art works before she deid. Dad was poisoned, he owns a triplane and a yacht too, he was a retired sailor then he went into the oil firm then he earned contract My education was all out of states including university program, yours? I studied banking and finance in University College Dublin, Ireland (Bsc.) , I got a masters degree,attended California state university,Monterey Bay for my MBA.. degrees isnt what I am after, I'm after the heart. I would love to learn about you, you sound awesome! I love cuddling,kisses, spontaneous actions and surprises, I love singing in the bathroom... I wanna stay in my man's arm till death do us apart..Passionate ***,beautiful home and happiness is all I seek ... I'd want love making sweet,romantic and intense because I learnt its part of true love, I need a gentle man because I'm very simple and I love to live a simple life, my pride and my ego will never let you go. I love to take care of my loved ones. Do you love the beach, the country? They're my favorites, I also like going to a nice restaurant and taking a ride through the french quatres, I love watching Romeo & Juliet movie (smile). Are you romantic? THINGS I LIKE:
Music, Making people laugh, Adventure/Outdoors,eating out at restaurants. Writing,bowling,Playing Pool,Swimming,Going to Movies,Entertainment Events,such as Concerts.Roller-Skating,Riding a Bicycle,Riding a Treadmill,Wine-Tasting,Some Sky Diving,Walking on a beach or walk on a Nature Trail,Getting a Body Massage,Getting "turned on" by hugging, kissing passionately,& cuddling. THINGS I DO NOT LIKE:
(1)Using obscene language.(2)Disrespect.(3)someone who lies (4)someone who does not keep to is promise The aforementioned are a little about me and hope you like it,its really nice hearing from you and i really can't wait to get to know much about you, please tell me some more about you also,i've been looking for the love of my life and true love for the past couple of days now and i haven't found any,so i'm gonna give us a chance to get to know each other and see if things workout for us, ....I am looking for a good man inside and out.he should be confident and realize what his purpose is in life is.Traits of integrity and honesty draw my attention.I'm looking for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle.he should enjoy romance and passion.The perfect match would have a great sense What's your idea of a fun date and a romantic evening?how would your best friend describe you? Please do take good care of yourself for me and read and reply my emails..Waiting to hear from you dearie, holding my breath till I get a response back
Yours Truly,
Letter 2
Good Morning Dear, Hi , How u doing? How is your work(Job) and things in general? I hope all is going on well. I hope this email gets to you in good health and spirit. How was your day? I hope fine... Mine was boring and lonesome. I just spent time alone with my granny(Mom's mother).. It's nice meeting you ! The reason why I came on the site is to meet a honest companion, friend, partner, ***-mate if possible because I am sick and tired of being a ******, I want a happy and romantic life...Whats your best feature? Mine is my hair. I've lived a way too holy life ... Did you read the first email and saw the 4 pictures I sent you? I hope you enjoyed reading about me. I seem looking forward to a partner to be with for the rest of my life. Appearance is not important to me but trust, honesty and passion takes precedence over it, I'm looking for a real partner, someone who will show me what true love really is.. I don't care about age, Cause age doesn't really matters to me, I think age is just a number, What really matters is true love, I'm yet to find someone on the online dating network, it seems like I'm not so lucky on the online dating thing. I have always been busy with my studies/I never had time thats why I couldn't find any partner,trust me, but now I'm free. I want to have fun and enjoy my life, I want to have my dreams and fantasies come true because life is too short. Tell me about yourself? I would love to know everything about you because I want my man to be my lover and my best friend. So, tell me I wanna know about your personality, about your love life, your background, your hobbies and interests, your likes and dislikes. My mind says you sound like a fun loving person whom I would love to be with. Did you met anyone yet on the online dating network? Be sincere and honest with me so things can work out fine. I wanna get to know more about what you are interested in, what are you seeking? What are you looking for in a relationship? I am trying this out to see what happens. We all know God works in mysterious ways, maybe this is just another tool for him to use.... Bye for now, take care and have a nice time. Awaiting your reply. Hoping to hear from you soon, holding my breath till I get a response back from you. Cheers,
Letter 3
Hello Dear, How are you doing? How was your day? Dear You spark up an interest in me, there's something about u that turns me on .. You'd make a good impression on me! seem like my Mr right, i hope u're as natural in person! Please Dear I need your humble assistance, you really make me happy with your words and you make me have hope that one day i could come over all this discomfort and misforntunate life i am living right now, just trying to help myself out here, have been thinking and trying harder to stop crying. I have something bothering my mind that i want to tell you about, i feel so bad and don't know how to explain to you about it, i don't know how you might feel. I would be most glad and grateful if you could please afford to help me and I will appreciate it a lot if you can contribute in my life assurance now and help me with my life distress,because right now I am so sad and depressed.I will tell you how i get here if You are interested in Knowing it in full details, I can write you an email explaining every thing to you....
Letter 4

Thanks so much for your message,Dear,I am writing this letter in confidence believing that it is the wish of God for you to help me and my grandma at this very point of need, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly and you would never regret this, I know it may be hard for you to believe me but I plead with you to read my letter very well because it is only God in heaven knows am telling you the simple truth....Eventually this is what happened.. I thought i'd come for a visit to West Africa to make an inheritance claim on my dad's properties also i wanted to give my dad a proper burial then i can return to the states and build a new life. He has a home down here, mini aircraft triplane and a yacht. He had 1,000,000 with his bank and he has large unit of stocks. Right now we are out of cash. There's something I need to tell you, i am sick, I have Leukemia. I am on medication and I go for regular check up. I can understand you if U don't want me because of my sickness, I must take drugs for that all my life, my drugs is almost finish so I need to get out of here asap to buy my meds because I'm feeling sick. I am presently stuck and stranded here in West Africa(NIGERIA) at the moment...I came here to inherit my dad's money. I have been able to transfer the money in my dad's account successfully. right now i am log on, on my online banking, i can send you a copy of my online banking so you would know i am not lying to you ... There is money in my bank now but I can't seem to be able to withdraw money down here in Africa because my American express check card is not working out here in West Africa..can you help me with $1,500 so i can leave here to you i'm not proud of this but i have no choice at the moment and i never wanted to ask you but grandma just ask me to give it a try.. I will come to u then when we get together you will drive me to a chase bank nearest to u so i will withdraw enough money...I wanna send granny money so with the money she can join us in the state then we'll go to Corpus Christi, Tx, i want granny to fly over to the states with dad's corpse because i wanna give dad a proper burial, his body needs to be buried in the states because his soul wont be happy to rest here in a foreign country (Nigeria), he will rest in perfect peace in Corpus then after the burial arrangement we would have a good time and get to know each other better, i would appreciate u being there for me and standing by through the burial then we can stay in a motel, have a good time together and plan our future...what do u think dear?
Please dear assist me, I can assure you would never regret helping me, Help me out so we can be together, I would come to you for real .. Once i get the money for my airfare i would come down to you in the state I am not here to hurt your feelings .. If you really want to help me and want us to be together....Here is the information u need to send the money at Money Gram.
Receiver Name is Ayomide Shodiya
Country is Nigeria
State is Lagos
Test question is What is this for
Test answer is My love
Once u have send the money you will email me all the necessary information to get the money, Like Reference # And the sender name( That your own name)Your address and the name of the nearest airport to fly to you, that's all the necessary info i will need in coming down to you..Once i have received the money i would send you a copy of my flight receipt, and my flight itinerary info, so u will know what time to pick me up at the airport .. Dear I cant wait to be with you and spend special moments of my life with you ... I'm so anxious and eager to be with you and you only ....
I hope to hear from you
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