Scam Letter(s) from Nina to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

mr. Courageous:)
how is everything? I'm right 31 y.o. chick from Russian Federation and at present Im seeking careful man, I'm going to reply to You my photo attach;) it's E-mail box for reply is:

Letter 2

Hello Jim, I'm glad you answered my message!
I really hope we will continue our communication.
I saw your email address on the dating site, and I decided to write a letter!

They told me about it and they published my photos.
Unfortunately, the circumstances of life forced me to stay alone.
I have no serious relationship for several years.
I'm a free woman, I have never been married! I have no children!

Have you been married? Do you have children?

I'll tell you about me!
I live in Russia, in the Perm region! The city I live in and called Surgut.
It's a very small town and I think you did not even hear it ...

My name is Nina. My age and 31 years. I was born on may 20, 1987!

I mean, the age of a man, for me, does not matter!
As you know, I'm looking for a man who will be my life partner!
I'm looking for someone you can trust me. Who loves me and respects me!
I want to find a great love and a serious relationship.
I'm only interested in an honest, kind and caring person!

For me, the most important thing in a relationship and the honest one!
For me, the outside beauty of a man does not matter. And I do not consider myself a supermodel.
I'm a simple woman and I grew up!

Now for me the main thing and know a person to create a strong and happy family!
I hope you understand me.
Tell me, what is most important to you in the relationship between a man and a woman?

Do I want to know if you're open to serious relationships?
I hope we will communicate. I want talk with you!
I hope you are interested in getting to know me better!

Saro glad you told me more about your life, about your hobbies!
I'm curious to know your future projects!
I'm glad you're interested in my letter.
I hope you will answer me soon.
I gave you my picture! And, of course, I will be happy to see your photos!
Sincerely, Nina.

p.s Dear, I ask you to keep my email address in your address book!
Saro very happy if you receive your answers to my letter

Letter 3

Hello Jim !!!!!!
I'm so happy to see your letter today !!! I like your photo! You are a handsome man !
I was very much waiting for your letter and it was a great happiness for me that we started our acquaintance !!!
I am grateful to the fate that the Internet allows one to get acquainted with lonely hearts!
Let me call you Friend, this is very important for me!
Today I want to tell you more about myself !!!
My height is about 167 centimeters! I weigh 49 kg!
In life I like to go in for sports, I love active rest!
I practice twice a week in aerobics, since you must always keep a good body shape.
My favorite sports are skating or skiing in the winter in the open air with friends.
I like to spend my free time in nature, I like walking in the park!
Also sometimes I like to spend my free time at home for an interesting book. I like reading romance novels!
I studied in Surgut, I already told you about it in my last letter.
And after graduating from university, I decided to stay in Surgut.
At that time I had a serious relationship with a man, and I did not want to return to the village to my parents.
I hope you understand my letter?
I studied English at school and at the university. I can speak fluent English!
I think that this will be a very interesting conversation with my Russian accent !!!
You know, I'm very glad that I met you!
I want to tell you about my past life !!!!!
In the past, I had a serious relationship with a man, we studied at the same institute, where I met with him.
For seven years we met, he only promised to marry me, and in the end, after 7 years, he simply left me and went to another woman ...
I could not forgive him this, because I was very hurt in the heart !!!!!
My heart was broken !!! He acted as a traitor, 5 years ago and did what he said about the wedding, about the family and about the children, and in the end he just left me ...
When you love each other there must be trust. I do not like being lied to, it's the most terrible thing !!!
I hope that in the future I will be able to find the man of my dreams! A man should be next to his woman in any life difficulties.
For me, the age of a man is not important! The main thing that a man would love me! In Russia there is a proverb: Love - all ages obedient !!!
I hope you understand the translation correctly! At any age you can love and start a family! The main thing that would love was sincere!
I write to you about my life in detail, so that you have a real idea of ??me.
Now, when I told you about my past, I opened my heart and soul before you, that you would know me better.
I hope you also have something to tell me about your past life?
I will wait for your letter back, and I hope to get a decent answer! I do not want to spend my life alone!
I hope we will know each other more!
Regards !!!
Your friend Nina.

Letter 4

I am very grateful to my mother, and I am very much like my mother!
My dad always took care of me! My father was engaged in my education! I am grateful that my parents raised me!
My father sometimes asks me: "Nina why are you so far alone ???"I do not even know how to answer him!
Lawless Heart of love! I live and waiting for my prince! :-) I just want a sincere love and for all!
My parents live in a small village 60 kilometers from the city !
What would I get to my parents, I have to go by bus about 2-3 hours!
I can not go to my parents for a long time!
I visit my parents is very rare, but I always take every opportunity to visit my parents!
I love my mom and dad, and always happy when I am able to see my parents! But my desire does not coincide with my abilities.
My mother's name is Nadezhda, she has worked all his life as a school teacher of literature.
Now my mother is retired, but continues to teach literature.
Since in the village, no new teachers!
After school, everyone is trying to leave the city, and rarely returned to live back to the village.
My father's name is Oleg, dad worked in the Police, he was responsible for order in our village!
My father devoted his life to fighting crime!
Now my dad is retired, it does not work, it always goes fishing and engaged in farming in the house.
I really love my parents!!!
Now I'll tell you how I live!
For several years, I take in rent a room in an apartment !!!
In one room I live, and in another room lived a woman, the mistress of the apartment.
She and I are good friends, but we have different interests with her because she's a lot older than me!
In my city, a beautiful park, this park is small, but very beautiful!
Sometimes we go with friends to the theater or to the movies! Once we go to karaoke, I love to sing and dance.
I love listening to music! I listen to different music, at work all day, we listen to radio!
The radio includes different compositions pop, jazz, RNB.
I love fun and upbeat music, but sometimes when I come home, I listen to quiet classical music.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I am very glad that you came in my life, and I am very interested to have a dialogue with you!
I really like getting a letter from you!
I feel that you are a true man, I really like you! I am in my life and in my letters very frank, and I am waiting for reciprocity ...
I hope that will be a very long and pleasant friendship that will grow into a happy and long-term relationship!
I'll be waiting for your letter !

Your Nina.

p.s My dear, you surprise me every time your photo!

Letter 5

Hello My Man Jim!!! :-* :-)
I am happy to see your letter today !!!
I hope you are also very fond of my letters, as I am yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in inbox, what do you think? It is very interesting to me! :)
When I see your letters I have always good mood and I get a smile !!!
I think you are very nice and kind person, so I really liked you from the first day of our acquaintance!
I want to share all my mood with you!
I would like to write to you, to me it is a pleasure!
Do you have any close friends? I have one friend from childhood, Svetlana, we know her for 12 years, and all this time we help each other !!!
My friend has a husband and baby little girl !!! My girlfriend is a happy mother of his children, and I'm happy for her !!!
Friends is the most important thing in my life, since only one can come to the rescue in difficult moments !!!
I'm not good at computer! In the past, I had never used a computer!
My friend Svetlana taught me to write e-mails!
Today, I asked the girl at work that she registered me in to Skype.
In the process of registration of Skype, our boss came up and saw that we set up the Skype program!
The headmistress is very much cursing and she forbade me to use a different program on your computer!
But the headmistress at my work has allowed me to use the internet to write you a letter!
Our boss is very strict woman, if she once again see what I'm trying to use the Skype program she fire me!
I can only write you a letter by e-mail!
My friend convinced me to get acquainted with a man from another country! I spent a long time thinking about it.
Now I am happy because I have found you! you liked me. I really like to talk with you!
Today I was at work and my day went very quickly, as I was thinking about you !!!
I was a little upset, because my boss noticed that I use work computers for personal use!
Just the thought of you makes my life brighter!
I do not know why, but you're in my thoughts! I wrote this to you, because you are a very interesting person!
Communicating with you I do not feel alone !!!
Perhaps we will meet and we will remain just friends! but I will always remember you and your letters!
I am very lonely at night, and I'm sad that I'm alone! when I see your letter, my mood rises and appears on my face smile!
I always try to be a fun and cheerful at all times.
I would like to have a serious relationship and a happy family.
Your letter made my mood better, and now I think of you.
When I wrote to you the first time, I thought that we would be good friends with you, but it seems to me that it will not just friendship ...
I'm looking for not only a friendship, my soul and my heart wants to love with all my heart !!!!
Your Nina!!!

Letter 6

Hello my sweetheart Jim !!! : - *
My love Jim, I want to see your answer to my post!
What happened?? All is well??
I'm starting to worry and worry and our relationship!
And I hope you will reply my letters to you!

Your Nina!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Jim!!! :-)
I was so happy to see your letter today!
As soon as I saw your letter, I had admired and I did not know what was happening to me really.
I'm waiting for letters and news from you, as a phenomenon of something special! I am very glad to see your letter !!!
I am thinking of you all the time, and I feel bad if I did not get a letter from you, I am very worried about you!
I am very happy that there is a person like you in my life, who will always understand me!
I am very happy that you are in my life! Thank your parents that they raised such a good man!
I want to say a little about my childhood. My mother loved me so much and raised me quite severely!
But I thank my mother for it! Because I grew up independent and responsible woman!
I forgot to tell you about my hobby!
I love to cooking !I love to cook different dishes. I have a big book of recipes of different dishes!
I collect recipe collection for over 20 years!
My mom cooks very delicious, and since childhood she taught me to cook different dishes but very tasty! And from my childhood, I write different recipes that I liked.
And for 20 years, I’ve collected more than 1000 different recipes! I can surprise any gourmet! And I really enjoy cooking!
My favorite dishes, French meat, Manty, pasta and various sauces for pasta, homemade ravioli, soup Solyanka, Borsh, and many others.
Do you like to cook? What's your favorite meal?
I like you and I want to continue the relationship with you!
I believe that everything can be very good!
Although we live in different countries I realized that we have a lot of in common with you.
But, basically, it does not matter which country we live.
It is important that we have found each other! And important for me to communicate with you!
It is important that a person internal! I think that you have a good heart!
I am very happy that I met with you Jim!!!
Although I have not even seen you face to face I have confidence in you!
I'll be waiting for your letter, and I'll miss you!
Write to me as soon as you have time!
Maybe you can send me your new pictures!
Kisses! :-* Your Nina!

Letter 8

Hello my Dear Jim!!! :-*
I was so happy to read your letter !!!
I see and feel that we are much closer to each other with every letter!
I am happy to have such a wonderful friend like you !!! I am happy that I correspond with you!
I'm happy that you're on my mind all the day long!
All of my friends were surprised that Itold them about you, they were surprised that I decided to get acquainted with the man!
I do not know why but this time I was alone! I felt lonely!
And now you found me and I found you though the virtual world! It is very interesting and nice to talk with you!
For a long time my friends are asking me why I'm alone! Now I'm happy, that I decided to get acquainted with you!
I was lucky I met you on the Internet!
Russian men are very cowardly, 99 of Russian men are untrue to their wives! Treat your wives without respect!
Russian men drink vodka and untrue to their wives!
Of course, not all men are bad, but most of them definitely!
I was very afraid that if I become friend with a man from my town, and he can hurt me again!
How are you doing ? How is your mood? I hope you're doing great! I want you to always do great and perfect!
I want to tell you that my heart beats often when I think of you!
I'm looking for pure love and mutual love !!! I like beautiful romance! Yes, I am a romantic girl!
My most strong desire is to have a relationship with an honest man!
My desire to have a person who will love me and feel the care and constant support in difficult times!
Everyone endeavor this! Everyone wants to be happy !!!
I am 31 years old and I want to live this life happy !!!!
I just need an ordinary woman's happiness! And women's happiness are when the her beloved man is near to her!
I was close these to happiness in the past but my heart was broken!
I need to trust the person with whom I will have the relationship!
Now I'm ready for a new relationship! I am ready to build a new relationship! And I'm waiting for reciprocity!
There are so much meanness and deception in our world, and it is very difficult to find person whom you can easily entrust your life and destiny!
If everyone would do good works, our world would be a much cleaner, brighter, kinder !!!
I know you not for a long time! I'm starting to get used to you as to a man!
It is very attractive and allows me to believe that you're a very nice person and can truly love!
Loving with all my heart is very important for me!!! To love and to trust!
I am so glad that I met you with a help of Internet!
I really like you and I feel that I have been knew you for a very very long time!
Your letter makes my mood perfect! :-)
I think someday we should meet!
I want you to write me more! I started to understand that between us there is something more than just friendship and I think that this sense of trust mutually between us!
I want to share with you all the joy! I hope someday we will be able to look at each other and see each other's eyes, touch each other.
Now it's just my dream! But may be someday my dream will come true !!!
I'm waiting for your beautiful letter and I promise I'll be thinking of you every minute!
I send you my pictures!
Your Nina.

Letter 9

Hello My Dear Jim !!! :-* My dear, you surprise me every time your photo!
I am always happy to see your new letter! I'm so much glad you answered me and understood my feelings.
Many things can happen to me and to you, but we must always stay friends !!!
It is necessary to love and respect our loved ones! Am I right? I really like you! And I didn’t like any one man for a long time!
But you are not like all other men, I want to open up and tell all your thoughts to you!
I think that I have feelings to you...
I always think about you and always try to find time to write you a letter!
I want you to be honest and frank with me.
I'll be your best friend and the closest person in his life.
I know you'll be gentle with me, and I believe you.
I believe all of your words you’ve written! And I want you to always be honest with me !!!!!
Many things can happen in our life, but nothing will change my attitude to you!
Do you know what I do not like in our country? Almost all the men are very rude! And because of this, I want to go far away from here!
Very often in families the man can beat his wife without any hesitate, and he would suppose that he is right.
I would never wanted to live like this. I'd rather be lonely, but I will not tolerate such humiliation. I will never forgive cheating and rudeness of my beloved!
I am a decent woman! My parents raised me as a decent and honest!
Could you please answer me one question – have you ever hit a woman, or child? Do not rush to answer please. I know that you are very kind and sensitive man, but it is important to know the answer!
Who knows if suddenly something happens and you will not be able control yourself ...
I have a friend, she was older than me and she has kids! My friend lives with her husband for 10 years, and the worst thing that he drinks a lot of alcohol!
I told you that many Russian men often drink vodka! And when a man drunk it, he does not control himself!
Every day when he comes home, he mocks at his wife, and the worst thing, he often beats his children! It is terrible when a man beats his children!
Think and answer me honestly! It is very important for me! Could you hit a girl?
I'm sorry that I am writing to you about sad things, but it's really very important to me. Today I’ve been thinking a lot about you.
I want to be with you, and now I can only think about you and about our future.
If I could be with you an I could feel your touch on my body - I would be the happiest woman on the planet !!!
I hope you feel what I feel. My dear, I am very afraid of deception, I do not want you lie to me! Once I have been betrayed, I was very painful!
I do not want that to happen again!
I hope you will be honest with me, and speak only the truth! We may be able to meet you and spend time together!
But you have to be honest with me, and you must promise never to cheat me!
I am very glad that we write to each other! I am very pleased that you write to me!
I was alone for a long time, but now I feel like I've got you!
Yes, I am happy in my life is you! You're a man with whom I want to continue the relationship!
I'll wait for your letter with impatience!
Your girlfriend Nina.

Letter 10

Hello my gentle man Jim!!! :-*
I got a lot of new good feelings after reading your letter!
My dear, you surprise me every time your photo!
I think only of you all the day, even when I am working!!!
You're always in my thoughts! I am very happy and excited! You're the most beautiful man I've ever met in my life!
I'll never see and never met you in real life, but my soul is completely yours! I think only about you!
Now I am thinking about you every minute and every second!
I think about our future with you! My dream is to be with you!
I dream to be only your woman !!! You know, I love to look at the stars in the evenings!
When there is darkness in the street, I like to look at the sky.
When I look at the sky, I admire its astonishing beauty of the stars!
Yesterday I was spent the my evening like this!
I was sitting near to the window, I’ve been at the been looking at the sky and I imagined myself near you!
Very often I wonder how much nice it would be if we'll be together!
I think about you very often !!! Everything is so beautiful in my dreams!
Yesterday, I did not notice how time passed, I went to bed at three o'clock a.m!
You're a wonderful man, you are dream of my life! I’ve never thought I'd meet such a wonderful person like you!
And now all my time, all my life occupied by you! You are the meaning of my life now!!!
And I hope you feel the same! In my last letter I wrote to you about how Russian men treat their women!
I am very happy that you know me! I know that you never raise your hand to a woman, and no one can change my good opinion of you!
You're the perfect man for me and I trust you!!! You have came into my life and I will always remember you !!!
No matter happens, I will be always thinking about you !!! My dear Jim, I really want to meet you !!!
I can take a vacation at my work, and we can meet face to face with you!
Now I do semiannual report on the work. And when I finish this report I can be able to take a long-term vacation!
My job takes another 10 - 15 days! After that we could meet! What do you think about our meeting?
How do you feel about our meeting ?! I want to know your opinion!
My opinion is that we need to meet in order to continue our relationship!
I want to love and be loved! Only when there is a love in the heart you can feel the taste of the life!
Now my heart matures love for you! Yes, I fall in love with you! Now I just can not imagine my future life without you!
We shouldn’t lose our chance to meet!
I will be so much glad to meet you! It is very important that you think about me and what is your attitude towards me!
I say this to you, to my dear, to my only one and very kind and understanding man in the world!
Please remember that somewhere in the world, far away from you in the cold Russia there is a little girl with a warm heart, who does not see future life without you and loves you very much!
I kiss you !!! :-* With love Nina!!

Letter 11

Hello My Beloved Jim !!! :-*
I have a wonderful day today !!! I am so much glad to see your letter !!!
I wake up every morning with the thought of you! My dear, you surprise me every time your photo!
I am very happy to have such a good and kind man like you !!! I feel that you are to me much more than a friend !!!
I can not imagine my future life without you !!!
You're the best, you are the strongest, you are the good to me !!!
I know that you will always help me and save me! Now that I have feelings for you, I want to meet with you face to face!
I really want to share my good mood with you !!! I really want you to be always happy!
I want you to hear the beating of my heart, I felt my good mood and joy !!!
Today I alowed myself a little rest, and a lot of the time I spent with my best friend Svetlana.
I will have a lot of free time soon! I need to complete a financial report, and I will have a leave!
Probably very soon we will be able to meet you! If our meeting will happen I will be very happy!
My friend Svetlana’s younger daughter has a birthday today and we want to make a good celebration!
We are making a very big cake, and even we will came up with a short song. A lot of kids will visit my friend’s home today
I think there is a lot of fun. I love children and I am always glad to visit my friend Anastasia and her children!
We talked a lot with my girlfriend Svetlana and of course we talked about you.
I told my friend Svetlana that I want to meet you! Svetlana was very happy and pleased for me!
My dear, It is our destiny and we are very lucky that we found each other on the Internet !!!
My friend is very looking at me very suprised. I am very modest girl, and lived like other people but now everything has changed.
You came in my life! You are my man !
Our acquaintance has changed not only my life, but also my thinking! I can not live without you!
I will always love you and I will always think of you !!!
I think of you when I fall asleep and when I wake up early in the morning, I think of you also!
Of course I love you and I can not think of something else ... Just about you !!!
I think we have a great time together when we meet! I'm sure - we will be happy together!
Dear when I arrive to you, we will be very happy and beautiful couple !!! We will be happy!!!
I believe and hope that one day we will go on the sand coast gently holding hands!
We will talk to you in admiration and look at each other !!!
Even now, I imagine we will be together!
My mother will come to my home tomorrow, and what is most surprising my father also will come!
My father rarely visits me because my father has a problem with his feet!
But my father was always very happy when I come to him in their house where I was born!
I will talk with my parents about you and our relationship with you!
For me it is very interesting and very important, I will tell with my parents that we want to meat each other in real!!!
For me it is very important the view of my parents !!! I will tell my parents about you and our relationship with you !!!
I hope my parents approve of my communication with you!
It is very important to me, and if my parents agree, I will plan my journey to you!
Now I kiss you!
I hope you will be pleased to read my letter!
Forever yours Nina.

Letter 12

Hello my dear Jim!
My dear Jim, for a long time I do not see the answer to my mail!
I do not know if you saw my message or not! But you must answer me honestly!
I met for a serious relationship, in the end I did not achieve everything that I wanted a serious relationship with you!
You just disappeared! And I hope that you are still interested in me!
Waiting for an answer! Your Nina !

Letter 13

Hello my dear Jim!
My dear Jim, for a long time I do not see the answer to my mail!
I do not know if you saw my message or not! But you must answer me honestly!
I met for a serious relationship, in the end I did not achieve everything that I wanted a serious relationship with you!
You just disappeared! And I hope that you are still interested in me!
Waiting for an answer! Your Nina !

Letter 14

Hello my dear Jim!
My dear Jim, for a long time I do not see the answer to my mail!
I do not know if you saw my message or not! But you must answer me honestly!
I met for a serious relationship, in the end I did not achieve everything that I wanted a serious relationship with you!
You just disappeared! And I hope that you are still interested in me!
Waiting for an answer! Your Nina !



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