Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Rybakova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi. Would like to hear from you and see you my superlative:-) Im single kind 33 y.o. Girlfiend and for now Im look up adventurous man, I will reply to You my photo attached! it's my email box for contact is:
Letter 2
Hi Jim, thank you for message. my name is Tatiana. I registered on a dating site, filled out a questionnaire and I was given your email address - I wrote to you. I'm glad that we started communication - the first step is the most difficult. never before had I had any communication on the Internet - this is the only time I'm talking to a man from another country. I honestly do not know what country you are from and what age you are.
I did not see your photo - I do not know how you look. and wrote in hopes of luck. =)
I heard stories - people with different cultures, from different countries found their love and are now happy together, so I decided to write. time will show what it will lead to. with the help of the Internet and letters we can learn more each other. I ask to be honest with me and tell me about myself.
I live in Russia. It is a large country with a very beautiful nature and beautiful architectural buildings. I have never been married and have no children. in the past I had a relationship. But they did not work. I am 33 years old. I have a good job, a decent salary, my apartment I already took place as a person. The only thing I could not do was create a relationship. the purpose of my acquaintance is to find new friends. any relationship begins with friendship. And this is the starting point in any relationship.
I send my picture. if you can do the same. The photo was taken recently. I decided to change something in my life this year. :) By the way, my height is 1.69 m.
This is a little story about me. I wish you a good day and look forward to your reply.
Letter 3
Good day. Jim, how are you? I hope you are fine. I’m good to. I am pleasantly surprised.
It's a great pleasure for me to see your answer. I'm curious to know about you. and if something interests you, you can always ask about it. We can speak English - it will be more convenient for us. I studied English at school, at the institute and at additional courses.
I can speak and write in English. in everyday life I speak Russian. I think now it's too early for us to exchange phone numbers. Let's first get to know each other better through letters.
Thank you for a photo. You are very handsome man.
I live in Russia, in the small town of Borovichi. It is a beautiful city, with a magnificent view and beautiful nature. the nearest central city is Veliky Novgorod. My city is not known at all and it has 50 thousand people. But this is an interesting place, with good people. I have always lived in my city, and have never visited other countries. But I always dreamed of traveling.
I work in a small company that supplies goods to shops and warehouses, things for work - special clothes and construction tools. I'm an accountant of this company and sometimes there are difficulties as on any job. but I'm not afraid of difficulties, I like working with numbers and I like the responsibility that is assigned to me. and most importantly - the work brings me pleasure. I'm about 7 years old in this position. I live separately from my parents. I have a wonderful mom and dad. but there are no brothers and sisters. Dad is 60 years old - he works as an architect, mother is 57 years old - she is a math teacher at school.
Jim, I do not have a computer at home and I write from work. I never needed it. and I know about social networks that are very popular. But I'm not interested. All my important events I discuss and idle with living people. :) Therefore, please continue our communication through letters. it will be more convenient for me. I promise to write every day except weekend.
Along with the letter, I will post some photos. I will try to send my photos with each letter.
I'm waiting for your news. Tatiana
Letter 4

Hello Jim. The first thing I do when I come to work, turn on the computer and look for your message. I'm always glad to see your message. your letters have become part of my day and part of me.
You ask where I bathe. It happens not so often. I go to the pool.
Today I want to ask you a few questions. If you do not like my questions, tell me about it.
the only thing I want is to know whether we have much in common. I would like to start with hobbies and your interests in life? I never smoked, did not take drugs. sometimes I drink alcohol - but mostly this is when meeting with friends or on holidays. twice a week I attend fitness club, I do Pilates. These are stretching exercises for muscles. And once a week I visit the pool. It keeps my body in good shape. I like walking in the fresh air, camping, being alone with nature, heartfelt talk by the fire. I love running in the fresh air.
Jim, Do you know the singer Ed Sheeran? lately I've often listened to his songs. It sounds very beautiful. I like different styles of music. My favorite bands are AC / DC, Chris Rea, Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd. I listen to music and other performers, but these are my favorites.
I almost do not watch tv but I know about many good films. I like the world's bestsellers.
One of my favorite films is The Green Mile. My favorite series is Friend's. I've looked all the seasons and it always gives me a good mood. I try to spend my free time with profit. and when I have a free hour or a day, I read books. I've always dreamed of traveling, and books give me this opportunity. give the opportunity to imagine, fantasize, plunge into the world of beautiful desires presented by my mind. My favorite writer is Paulo Coelho. He has great works.
Probably I was very much carried away by the story. But it's very easy to talk to you on different topics. I have trust and openness to you. I hope you will be open to me.
I hope for your answer and find out about your life. I need a go. Have a nice day… Tatiana…
Letter 5
Hello Jim, thanks for the message, you always give me a smile. How is your job?
I'm good. there is free time and I hasten to write to you.
I want to know about your taste preferences? The cuisine of my country is not known all over the world. But this is a very peculiar and tasty food. almost every dish contains a lot of spices - but it only gives a delicious and fragrant flavor. The main dishes are soups, meat, pies and desserts. Probably our life will be boring if you do not have a variety of dishes every day. I want to make my country's dish for you. I'm sure you will ask for supplements. :)
I believe that the products should be natural. Supermarkets sell vegetables and fruits that look very beautiful, but the taste is not real. I buy food on the market, this is one of the important qualities for making delicious food. How do you think? You do not have any food allergies? I do not have any problems with this - I can eat all the dishes. :)
What is your favorite dish? drink? My favorite dish is the salmon with vegetables. Fish and vegetables are put in foil, seasonings are added, a couple drops of lemon and baked in the oven. I always eat it with pleasure. This dish is well able to cook my dad. Do you have culinary skills? From drinks I like coffee and tea. In the morning I drink black coffee to wake up. After lunch, I drink green or black tea. in the evening I like to drink coffee with milk. coffee with milk (cappuccino) - my favorite drink. I drink it every day. :) I eat right and eat healthy food - vegetables, fruits. But if at lunch I see a delicious steak, then I will definitely take it. :) You need to cook food with tenderness, love and every dish will be a work of art.
For not the big time that we say. I'm very used to you and every day I discover something new.
this is a pleasant feeling. Despite the distance between us, I feel your sincerity and your confidence. With you, I'm very well.
I send pic's with my friends. On second pic you can see me with my best friend. Her name is Mariya. We have known each other for many years and this is my only true friend. I hope that you also have a person you can trust.
Letter 6
Good day Jim, today is a great day. the weather is magnificent on the street. Summer is a great time of the year. Outdoors it's hot, the temperature is 20C. the climate of my country has become very mild and the weather is very good all year round. What is the weather like in your town? I read your message and the sun is shining outside the window - this gives me an even ****** smile.
I want to know - which woman do you like? what is your ideal woman? You do not need to talk about appearance, everyone has their own ideals - the color of hair and eyes. Appearance is the first thing that attracts us for acquaintance, and first of all the person we should like externally. what do you appreciate in people? My ideal man, this is an ordinary person who likes to work - both at work and at home. have a kind heart and strong character. Be a protection and support for the family. To be honest and sincere, be able to love, respect the interests of your partner, give you the opportunity to realize yourself as a person - this is really very important for me. it is very difficult to see couples when a man or woman does not even give their opinion and impose their point of view. You need to be open and make a joint decision. And most importantly, a person could be happy with events or trifles in life. I mean joy without spending money, energy and time. You can meet a man, give a trifle to the street in need, buy ice cream - and be happy from it. life is too short to wait for a happy moment. You can wait all your life and remain unhappy with the past years. Therefore, you need to live here and now.
Sweet Jim, I wrote sweet. :) I do not know why I did it, but I'll leave it as it is. :)
I am often visited by the thought of our meeting. it will be interesting to see our meeting. talk to each other. A personal meeting can show much more than words in a letter. behavior, habits, touches and even laughter will show a person from different sides. I do not hide, and I want to meet you. What do you think about this? You are a nice conversationalist and it's very easy to talk to you. I feel free when I communicate with you, you are open and we have much in common.
Every time I'm convinced that we are very similar. I hope time will be able to reveal us even more. all the best. Tatiana
Letter 7
Hello Dear Jim, I was looking forward to your letter and wanted to see your opinion. It is very important for me. I ask to understand that these are not just words, these are my thoughts with which I share only with you and this conversation is very important for me.
I'm glad that you want to have a meeting. this is a big step in our life. and will give an opportunity to raise the relationship to a new level. all the last year I had no vacation. I was doing repairs in the apartment and I needed money, so last year I worked hard and now I plan to take a break and take a vacation. It will be great to combine my vacation with our meeting. How do you think? I can visit you and we can have a meeting. traveling to another country, a big and responsible step. Yes, we need to plan our meeting, but we have time and we plan as we like. We must not miss this chance. Even if you can not take a vacation at work, we can spend the evening together. we will always work and we will have some kind of employment. Why wait for an opportunity, if this is possible now?
we are adults and understand that all events in life are not accidental. What thread binds us and I do not want to miss it. If you do not go to something serious, you can forever remain friends by correspondence. And one day this will lead us to a dead end. We need to develop relationships. Relationships are work and you have to work on them. It is not possible to put everything on its own and see how the relationship will develop. In a relationship you always need to invest - feelings, strength, patience, love. and then people will become happier in a relationship.
Jim, I had a relationship in the past and they did not work. And I'm tired of being alone.
the most terrible thing that can be with a person is to meet old age alone without a loved one.
I have other fears. To be honest, I'm afraid of heights, and I'm very scared of snakes. You can imagine that my biggest fear is when I'm old, I'm sitting in a dark room where snakes are crawling. Hahaha ... =))
today my letter without a photo, but I took a video for you when I woke up.
Tomorrow begins my weekend, I can read your letters and reply to them only on Monday. I will wait for your letter, I wish you a pleasant weekend.
In the evening I plan to make dinner, my parents must visit me. I want to talk about you. I'll go to the market and buy food for the table. One day I want to cook dinner for the two of us.
Good evening. Yours Tatiana
Letter 8
Hi Honey Jim, thanks for your message. it always supports me and your warm words are very nice to read.
Today I spoke with my boss, and reminded me that I worked without a vacation, I figured - it turned out that I have been working for a year and a half without a vacation. I think I deserved a rest. =) boss said this is my desire and I can take a vacation when it will be convenient. I take a vacation not only because I'm tired, but also because of our meeting. I can combine two events at once, our meeting and rest. The boss will need a few days to prepare documents about my vacation. I also have to finish my job. Usually I have two holidays for 14 days. But now I have combined them and will have 28 days of vacation. I'll keep you posted. Honey, how many days can you spend with me? and when will it be convenient?
can we have a meeting in the near future? maybe this or next month?
Jim, I want to share my thoughts about dinner with my parents. dinner was great. all were satisfied. =) I'll start with the fact that my mother's name is Svetlana, father of Yura.
I told my parents about you, that we met on the Internet and have fellowship. I said that I want to have a meeting with you and plan a trip to you. parents trust my choice. And asked to be careful. they passed greetings to you. It's important for me to warn my parents about what I'm doing, that they would not worry. I hope one day I will be able to introduce you to them.
More and more often I treat you like my other half. I have feelings for you and you have become a very important person for me. I do not know how to explain my feelings. I want to have a meeting and see what it will lead to. I have a spirit of romance, and I feel excitement every time I read your words. I want to go out on a date with you. Do you agree? =) I invite you. I have not had a romantic date for a long time. We can have a walk in the park, holding hands.
What could be better !? one date can say more than a thousand words. I have so many thoughts connected with you. when I drink coffee, I think it will be good to drink coffee together. or when I return from work, or go for food. and I always think about you. you are a frequent visitor in my thoughts. And I like it. Can we think about each other at the same time !?
I found a recent photo during a meeting with friends. Now I need to return to work, today I still have a lot of work to do. I hope your working day is going well. have a good day. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 9
Good day dearest Jim, I want to thank for the message and the pleasant words that I see in the letter. it is very cute. you are the source of my good mood.
I have a good day today, I do my job and try to finish all the projects that I have. Work knowing that ahead of you waiting for vacations - it becomes easier and easier. I noticed that since our communication, I began to come to work earlier, and work is much easier. This is connected not only with work, but with everyday life. Infatuation gives me a sense of freedom and ease. at me if wings appeared. Thank you for this great feeling.
In the near future I want to visit the tourist agency and learn about visiting your country.
I want to study all the subtleties and difficulties of traveling. as you know I live in a small town and there is no airport. I looked at the nearest international airport - it is in Moscow. I ask you to write the nearest international airport to you? I ask to write more information about you. your home address and mobile phone number. Maybe I need to specify this on my journey. I will write information about myself: My address Leningradskaya Ulitsa, 44.
Borovichi. Russia. 174411. mobile number: +7 (81629)012-95.
Honey, I'll ask a few more questions that interest me. Can you meet me at the airport? Your country is not at all familiar to me and I do not want to get lost and look for you. I hope you understand my excitement. My place of residence? Of course I want to stay with you to spend more time together. Can I stay in your house? or should I look for a hotel? I remember you talked about the weather. But the weather often changes, what kind of clothes do you need to take with you?
My Jim, we have a desire, and this is the main thing for our meeting. =) I'm not much worried about anticipating our meeting. I am confident on the day of our meeting, I will be very worried, do not pay attention to it. I feel like a teenager who fell in love for the first time. =) my palms became wet and my heart beats harder. =) I do not understand what is happening to me ...
Today I told my best friend about you. and said about our meeting, she was very happy for us.
she approves of my choice. I do not often tell people about my experiences. I try not to advertise with my personal life. But my family and my best friend need to know about my life and plans. The photo was taken recently. It's not my best photo. =)
My letter has come to an end. I want to say thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts, plans and my worldview. Thank you for your support and your words that fill my life with meaning.
Yours Tatiana.
Letter 10
Hello my Jim, how are you? How are your family and friends? My people and my people are all right. Our environment is an indicator of our life and if everything is good around, then in our life order.
I am grateful to you for fulfilling my requests. Thank you for your address, airport name and phone number. Thanks so much for letting me stay in your house.
Before our meeting, I wanted to know about your habits. This will enable us to avoid complexities and not convenient situations. How do you think? what habits are very important to you? what do you like and dislike? Usually I wake up early in the morning, every day I get up at 6.30 am, I immediately brush my teeth, take a shower, have breakfast. so begin my everyday life. But on the weekend, I like to lie in bed a bit and I can get up at 7-8 am. I try always to warn people in advance - about my visit, departure or invitation. I appreciate punctuality in people, and I am always at the appointed time at the appointed place. But when people are late, I try to understand them. I do not like the falsity of people. it's not pleasant when people pretend, are hypocritical and are not who they are. I do not like gossip.
I never listen to insults and discussions of strangers. it is better to hear good news about a person and be glad of his achievement. I beg you to be always present. do not need to wear a mask. If you do not like something, or like it you can always tell me about it and by talking we can solve any difficulty.
I like to give gifts. It's always good to see joy in the eyes. Especially in the eyes of children. I like cleanliness and order. When the house smells of cooked, homemade food. it adds coziness and warmth. I have one habit, at the end of each year, I collect old and broken things and throw them away. I sort of free myself for new events. It's a bit strange. =)
during my life, I'm used to difficulties. I can hammer a nail myself. And I know that you need to do everything in time.
Honey Jim, it is not possible to tell everything in the message. Therefore, our meeting is very important for us. and I understand how important you have become for me. we are just ordinary people, but what happens to us is so unusual and these are the best feelings that I have ever experienced. We can become a very beautiful couple and combine two cultures into one.
Today at work I made a short video. I want you to hear my voice. I hope you'll like it. I'm waiting for your answer. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 11
Good morning my sweetheart Jim. As soon as I woke up, I thought of you. represented our common morning. and all day long I wanted to see your message and was waiting for the moment of reading your words. thank you for message. Thank you for photos. I really liked your cottage.
I am inspired by famous people - presidents, musicians, artists or creators of large companies. I'm interested in learning about their life. These people motivate me that they are ordinary people and were able to create what left a mark in history, and in the lives of many people. I want to say that you could leave a mark on my life. we are all ordinary people and nothing is impossible. Everyone is capable of something and you could influence me, could motivate me to our meeting - this is a great trip. I've never been to another country. but I am ready to overcome thousands of kilometers for the sake of our meeting.
Your words always motivate me. and I want to motivate you. for each great - there is a beloved person who could give strength at a difficult moment, and not lose faith in the idea. But I remain a realist. and build on reality.
Dear Jim, when I write a message, I do not know what will happen. the words themselves appear in my thoughts and I get a whole letter. I do not need to think or think what to write. You are an interesting person, and it makes me move forward. You are a great conversationalist who can always support and express your opinion. With you I become interesting. With you I'm real. Thank you for showing me this.
Today my work colleague has a birthday. The birthday usually brings a cake to work - this is the tradition of our working collective. And today they brought a pie of apples and a cake of black chocolate. I plan to eat extra pounds. =) but I promise to visit the gym and work hard to burn excess calories. =) I care about my appearance.
I'll post pictures in the evening dress. And I'll take it with me possibly for our romantic dinner. sure you like it. I want to be the most beautiful next to you.
I do not want to stop writing a message, and when we're together I want to talk to you.
learn you, your life, habits, strengths and weaknesses. I wait for these wonderful moments, long conversations and our happy faces with fire in their eyes. Yours forever Tatiana.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim, I have a great day. and a very good mood. Part of my mood depends on your letter. from tomorrow I can go on vacation. Boss signed the documents for my vacation.
This is great news, I finished all the work and brought to the end all the business started.
During my vacation, I will be replaced by another employee. I gave everything that might be required in my absence. Tomorrow I do not work, but I'll try to come. To see your message.
I visited the tourist agency, and found out what it would take for my trip. they told me everything and offered to use the services of the agency. I have a passport for international travel. the first thing is that it is necessary to issue a visa. I will issue a tourist visa.
I need only provide documents for registration, fill out the forms for obtaining a visa. This will help me with the staff of the agency, they will contact the consulate and do it themselves. This is convenient and I do not need to waste time looking for an embassy. I can arrange all the documents in my city. I can also buy tickets through agency.
A tourist visa allows 90 days to be in your country. I do not have so many days off, but we can spend 20 days together. Registration of the visa takes about a week, everything will depend on me. how quickly I will provide airplane tickets, photos and fill out the documents.
as soon as I get a visa, I can travel to you. the cost of issuing a visa is 120 dollars.
tourist agency services. I have to issue insurance - 200 dollars, and make a medical certificate of my health - 70 dollars. All this I have to spend 490 dollars. in this there is no problem, I responsibly carry out this. but I need tickets for the plane. I do not have the money to buy tickets. you need to buy two tickets. I looked at the ticket prices for the airport you wrote. the total cost of tickets is 1180 dollars. Departure from the airport in Moscow. On the day of my departure, I will be able to travel to Moscow by train or bus.
My Jim, can you help with the tickets of the airplane? now we must understand that our future and our relations depend on us. I promise to make all the documents. But without your help, I can not do it. are you ready to help? only together we can realize our meeting.
I just now realized that our life has already changed, thanks to each other and it will not be the same. The day of our meeting will change our life completely and we will share our life, before and after our meeting. We are waiting for new events in which we will be, not us.
I hope that I can soon feel your arms and our first kiss. I'm sure he's perfect.
I'm ready to start the paperwork. I await your response and your news. kiss. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 13
Hello my loved Jim, I'm glad to see your news. I understand that you want our meeting.
I'm grateful for your help with the tickets. Together we can realize our meeting. I can not say the exact information about the airplane tickets. but I find out everything in the near future. You're talking about a call. I myself look forward to our conversation. I contacted my operator and had a consultation. The fact is that when I made out the SIM card, I did not add a service, international calls. I'll try to find a public phone and call you soon. Before that, I will certainly inform you of the call in my letter. At the moment I could not call from my phone. I already sent you my home address. Leningradskaya Ulitsa, 44. Borovichi.
Russia. 174411. I'll send you my passport.
Today is my last working day. in the morning I came to work. I visited the cabinet boss, he signed documents on my vacation and wished good and happy days of rest. from today I'm on vacation. I have the necessary documents for visa processing. I am in the excellent mood.
My face does not lose a smile.
Dear Jim, I'm glad that we decided to have a meeting. Starting tomorrow, I will start drafting documents. tourist agency works every day - without days off. It is very convenient.
I will find an internet cafe for our communication. and I will try to write every day. Please write to me more often. my strength lies in your letters. I feel a little unrest. but I'm sure that everything will turn out. we go to our meeting, and we begin our love story.
further letters will be without photos to me it is not convenient to carry a camera. I hope our meeting will come soon and we will be able to refuse photographs and letters. I send my kisses and hugs. yours Tatiana.
Letter 14
Hello my dear, my Jim! I'm glad to see your message and your news. I found an internet cafe, there are old computers here, but it does not matter. the most important thing is that I can see your message every day. I will write as soon as I have free time.
I visited the tourist agency. I filled out a lot of documents. First of all, I signed a contract with a tourist agency and filled out a questionnaire. There were many questions.
The purpose of my journey. I said tourism. I must visit the tourist agency every day. It is necessary to fill out other forms, also I must have an interview. It's very good that qualified people work there. there is an individual approach to each client. The preparation of my documents will be handled by a trained person. the registration will take about 7 days.
In a week I will be able to travel to you. Name of the agency BorTour. You can see it on the website:
Honey Jim, today I paid for the collection of the consulate, insurance and travel agency services. I paid 490 usd. This amount includes the costs for visa processing, interpreter services, documents and certificates, insurance, medical certificate and photographs must be translated. Do it yourself will be more difficult. I'm sending you a receipt that I was given to the tourist agency and my passport. An important issue about the cost of air tickets. I signed a contract, agency is responsible for my journey. and the contract states that I must buy tickets through the agency. The travel agency cooperates with all airlines. I have considered flights, the only and important criterion in choosing air tickets is the price.
The cost of one air ticket is 590 dollars. I have to buy a ticket to travel to you and return to Russia. I need 1180 dollars. in my city there is no international airport and my flight will be from Moscow. There is no problem in this, on the day of my flight I will go to Moscow.
the registration of documents depends entirely on the tickets of the aircraft. the documents indicate the day and hour of departure and return, the number of days of my stay is indicated.
the registration of documents is strictly and I take it seriously. I have to pay for air tickets in the very near future. Jim, you can send money through fast Western Union transfers, it's fast, simple, and most importantly safe. To send you need to indicate my full name: Tatiana, last name: Rybakova and country: Russia. As you send money, send me a receipt. I will need this to get your help.
Today is the first day of paperwork - it takes a lot of effort, but I'm ready for it. I am ready to go to our happiness. together we will realize our meeting. I'm waiting for your message. I need to know what I need to do next !? I'm waiting for your answer. Yours Tatiana.
Letter 15
Hello dear Jim. I'm glad to see your letter. You say you sent a credit card. Why did you do that? It will be very long and I do not know if it will reach me or not. The fact is that the post of Russia is very poorly working and your letter with the card may not reach me. I ask you to send money through quick money transfers. So it will be faster and safer. I will be waiting for your answer. Your Tatiana
Letter 16
Hello my dear Jim. I do not understand what you're talking about, about which prepaid card. If you sent money, I ask you to send me a receipt so that I can get your help.
I hope you are doing well. Kisses. Your Tatiana
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