Scam Letter(s) from Daniela to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Is it surprise for you to see this letter ? I am sure that yes.
But let's start everything in order. My name is Daniela. At the moment I'm 38 years old.
I hope that my age did not scare you. But I want to confidently tell you that I'm still a young and sexy woman who wants sex.
You surely will tell what the problem is you are a beautiful woman.
The problem is that I have a husband and 2 children. So I can not just walk down the street and scream, which men want sex ?
Many thanks to the person who invented the Internet. He gave a chance to all women in search of men around the world.
Do not think badly of me, I love my husband and children.
But sex is also an important part of my life.
Unfortunately, my husband no longer has the opportunity to please me with sex and so I have to be content with various sex toys.
For me it was not easy to make such a decision, but after a long meditation I realized that I have no way out and I need to find a man for an intimate life.
I understand this sounds silly. We are in different countries with you.
But I do not think that this will be a problem.
Financial means allow me, I am a completely secured woman.
I can visit your country every week.
I completely forgot to say. I have my own business and for me there are no financial barriers.
But we are not talking about this now.
What do you think, we can become sexual friends with you! ?
For a start, we could exchange crazy sexy photos. if you do not mind and want it?
Talk and try to find common interests.
And afterwards to meet and do things for which it all began. Now I'm talking about sex.
I hope that such an offer for you is not an insult.
How I swallow your penis
I like you - you look very beautiful and sexy,
You make me super excited !!
I dream of you - I give you the most fantastic blowjob,
Deep throat - I swallow your cum while looking into your eyes and I smile at you, when I gently lick you, I kiss, lick and massage your body - all over while you sperm in a big shaking orgasm,
You fuck me gently and heavily - into the pussy. ass and mouth!
We will have the most beautiful sex that you will never forget !!!!!
and I'm really looking forward to this day when we meet and can implement then what we really want! and I want you to fuck me all night.
But at the same time I do not want you to think of me as a prostitute.
Now I'm very uncomfortable but I ask you not to answer me to this Email.
If my husband finds out that I'm looking for a man for an intimate life, he'll just kill me.
He will tell all my children. I beg you not to break my family.
I thought it through to small details.
I have been registered on the website and ask you to do the same.
After you do it, find me there.
My nickname is Daniela
There we will be able to continue our communication with you.
I send you as an apology for the difficulties of your intimate photo.
I hope that your cock got excited.
In general, if you are interested in my proposal, please write to me on the website.
I'm waiting.
Your sex friend



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