Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
I hope you were waiting for my letter, Dear Jacques? So Hello again! How are you? Sorry for answering only now and being in rush. I will remind you about myself) My name is Svetlana or just Sveta, I will be 33 age old this spring, so I am at mature age to create a family, so I am here for ONLY honest and respective long term relations , which can change our both lives in better way. I hope we are looking for the same? I will be glad to know more about you and your life through mails. In such way, it will more comfortable for both of us to understand, if we have something common. It is uncomfortable for me to use Chats, because it takes time and it is impossible to know about person just exchanging couple of words. Sorry for being cautious, but I have heard about lots of not serious man in the Internet, so want to protect myself for not being hurt. Don't you mind?It is my first experience. Now I am lonely and all my efforts to find the man of my life were in vain here in my town:( I had only couple of relations, but have never been married. Have you been married? What do you expect of your new relations? Don't forget about your photos, because they are the reflection of your way of life, right?) Want to know more!) Please don't ignore my letter. Even, if you are not interested in me, let me know about it, because I will be waiting any of your answer. Svetlana
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