Romance scam letter(s) from Lidia Biama to Brad (France)
Letter 1
Hello, how are you doing today ? Hope you are strong and healthy ?
Very good to hear from you again, honestly you are so romantic and so emotional...
Sorry for my late reply ok. Actually the connection has been very bad here due to the bad waves we have here at the middle of the high sea, i am presently at the middle of the high sea here in Bulgaria heading to Japan sea port. Darling, in which country are you now ? do you use hangouts chat or skype ?
Can please do me a favour ?
Letter 2
i am working with Strand Voyage Cargo Ship as a cook. And we are heading to Japan sea port.
My dear, please can you help me to send my son birthday gift such as Apple Ipad ? Because my son"s birthday will be coming up by this friday. And my son is requesting that i send him Apple ipad, And i don"t have access to send my son Apple ipad due to i am still at the middle of the high sea.
So please kindly help me to do that.
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