Scam letter(s) from Irina to Kim (Australia)

Letter 1
Kim, on the site you wrote you liked me. So why do not you reply my mail?
Letter 2
Hi Kim!
No problems) I'm glad we can stay in touch now! thank you for the photo!
I did not send you anything important, just I contacted you and you did not reply.
I also did not have any success on the site and did not meet anyone serious. Only scammers, *** tourists and spam services. i will be happy to stay in touch with someone normal and real finally!
Can you remind me where you live? What do you do, dear?
As you already can know I live in Ukraine. I'm from Izum.
I work in hospital, but I'm not a medical worker, I'm an accountant)
I'm 33 years old. I separated from lasting relations. I have never been married officially and I do not have children.
Many people use international dating site to find their love and I decided to check if it can work well for me.
I'm looking only for permanent relations with real meeting.
I will wait to read back!
Letter 3
Hi dear Kim!
I've managed to put smile on my face) I'm happy to read from you!
I can speak English and I read your letter myself. Sometimes I need translator for separate words.
Thank you for your photos! You look very good! Is that your dog?
I'm sorry your house was robbed and you do not have much photos now!
I'm sorry I confused you with my town name)) Yes, it means raisins in Russian, but as I know the name of town is not connected with raisins at all))) No one can say for sure where its name is going from. We are not far from the war zone, but there is no any fights, russians or terrorists here in Izum.
I'm sorry both of your marriages and then relations ended!
It's amazing you brought up both children yourself! Do they live far?
I live with my mother and granny. My parents divorced many years ago. I have an older sister, but she doesn't live with us anymore. She lives with her husband and her son in another town. I will send you some photos with my relatives.
I have a small dog Buba by name. My friend asked me to take care of him as she moved away and did not have possibility to take any pets with her.
I'm not sure what else to tell you) If you have any questions - please, feel free to ask me!
I hope to read from you soon!
Best wishes! Ira
Letter 4

Hi dear Kim!
It's very nice you took and sent few photos! Thank you! They are nice!)
It's not a problem if you reply later. I also do not have chance to reply immediately always!
Ruby is very cute! I'm so sorry she got sick! How is the situation now? is she well?
I understand you will not have children in relations. That's not a problem. I believe it's too late for me as I'm 33 and single.
What is your plan for weekend? Will you do anything special?
I'm in hurry to finish work in time. My mother called me and told that my sister with son and husband came to visit us. I did not meet them during few weeks. So it's a nice surprise for me)
I'm sending you some photos with my family. On one of the photos you can see my sister and me. Other one: my mom, granny and me. And the old photo: sister, mom and me.
I will wait for your next letter!
Hugs. Ira
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