Scam letter(s) from Lutfiya Mashatova to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Willingly I check my mail, but again I do not see and I do not feel you. So I only would like to share with you pictures, and the nobility that you is perfectly in order. I wish to see you, to speak with you more. And also that you saw me more often, and these photos, it from last days off. I could go to my girlfriend, she lives 15 kilometres from me, and we could speak about all. I also spoke about us and it would be desirable to speak to all world.
I hope you have fine day.
Here with kisses in expectation
Letter 2
Please I wanted to know how are you on this day I go to an exercise room and I try to go there two times a week and to watch my figure also. I even would tell that health for me one of the important details. Also I can not remain on a place and as very much I miss in the evenings. If only to present us nearby, I really could decorate your day and even if you will be tired after work. And we could go somewhere always and to see beautiful places, to look at this world from different directions. I also work, but I can find forces for evening. And still as well in the relation I wish to aspire, my thoughts it always to do something positive for my man. I will never surrender and even during a hard time. Usually I aspire to spend day better the previous. So I read your words and I see your politeness and interest. I see in you some kindness and care as at the real man. Also I wish to see it and also other qualities and to like me it.
I very much hope, that we can not disappoint each other. And such by to go further and we necessarily will see that will be further. I only wish to add growth to our relations. And not to look back back and to go only forward. It seems to me we we are similar also we can rejoice lives. My man always will rejoice lives and also to take pleasure in all moments with me. I never will allow to lose courage. Here we write as friends each other but the business it more. I would open to you my careful feelings and also some stories. What can we discuss here? I feel which communication and even when I write to you. My heart starts to fight often and I do not wish to be mistaken here when I tell about me and when you speak about you. I will try to live in a reality and not to fly in clouds and only I want understanding between us. I really take pleasure in that that I learn you better. When I come here and then I forget about that that outside. It is interesting to me to know more about you either to ask something, or to tell. You would like to share what thoughts with me. But the main thing to speak with you and it is better to ask as your affairs...
Also I like to think or argue much and never stirs in a life. My desires it just that is connected with private life and desire to adjust it. But I feel loneliness and when I will leave from the computer. But while I here and not for a long time would like to place you in other place, more romantic and where you would wish to be? So we could visit it.
I would like to be there only with my man where we could find time each other. And not for a long time to reject all really occurring in lives, or any problems in a head. And only to take pleasure in the moment. So I think it and there is a life. So all the rest also is important also all that is connected with us and we should pay to this attention also.
Also nevertheless it is important for me the nobility and if you meet the correct woman in a life and whom you want. You would like to plunge completely into these feelings and these moments, to feel caress and love? And also to learn to take pleasure in it, and to reject all unnecessary of a head. We should not hesitate of our thoughts. I only try to ask something for me interesting and new. I will go tonight home to make other tea, that I have bought today, green tea with a jasmin. To try and it also it is pleasant to me. If you like to drink coffee in the morning?? Some think, that it helps to feel vivacity. It will be interesting to me to see, that you will tell to me and next time we will smile, all my kisses today.
your Lutfiya
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