Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Nikolaevna Smirnova to Steve (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello friend,
My name is Nastya,nice to meet you! Few words about me:I live in Boise, Idaho,USA. Its the main city in Idaho located beside the beautiful river Boise, between Salt-Lake City and Portland. I'm 31 years old. I was born in Russia on February 15th 1987 completing the family of four. When i was 10 y.o. my family moved to USA. Though my grandma still lives in Russia, in small town called Saratov. I speak both English and Russian.My biggest passion are kids, fashion and western culture. You might not say that these don't work hand in hand, but that's the truth :). Uhm, I almost forgot, I love the 70's rock, it so reminds me of my father... friend,I work two jobs - one as a primary school teacher and the other as a part-time hairdresser. I have no laptop and I write you from the school, during changes. My best friend, Olga works for the local beauty parlor. In weekends, I give piano lessons to some wonderful children here in Boise. I'm living alone in my childhood home. These days life has become so extremely busy so I dont even have time to meet with friends or speak with them on the phone. You might say that I have the perfect life, but to be honest it's really not so. Things have been harder and harder for me, especially since my grandmother had to quit her part-time job because of her heart condition... And don't get me started about my relationships - they were only two and both were such epic fails! Quite often, I catch myself thinking that something is missing out of my life... friend, I'd love to meet a man who is polite, calm, civilized and knows how to treat a lady! Unfortunately all the men that I have met in my life brought only dissapointment , one way or another. At a certain point I lost all hope that I would ever be able to find someone I can totally count on, someone relaible, stable and strong. Luckily my friend Olga helped me bring my faith back to life:) And for that I'm very grateful. Your new friend of

Letter 2

Hi Sayed

Been missing you have to admit :) Thought about our correspondence the whole day at work to be honest. How are you mt dear Sayed?? How was your day? Mine has been extremely busy and anxious -lots of work, lots of people , a lot of running around etc I feel pretty tired and drained - I had a hard day but now starting to feel better.Luckily Olga dropped me off close by my place so I didnt have to walk much. Can you imagine one of my students (Nancy) came up and told me that I started to look like woman in love?? I was so surprised , how? by what looks or signs she guessed ??) On the other hand I must admit that its been a wonderful day -full of very exciting thoughts.
Believe me or not but you have touched me more profoundly than I thought anyone would ever touch me... So nice and warm at home-just lying on a couch chating with new and sipping tea with honey -what else could have been better? ) I live here in a quite secluded place at the end of a road surrounded by tall trees. This place reminds me of my grandma house back in Russia. My full name is Nastya Smirnova Here's my full address 702 W Idaho St Ste 1125, Boise, ID 83702-8928. What is yoursSchibah? I'm interested to know what your place looks like,Sayed -It's hard to explain, I mean my interest but for me it means a lot I mean the place . Because I suppose that place a person lives in defines him. At least it always seemed to me so.. Nevermind , these are just my thoughts:) Though it is quite a complicated task to catch me home during a day -only overnight since I'm working almost all the time. How was your daySchibah ? what have you been doing/thinking Sayed ? I hope you dont mind sharing with me :) I have this tendency to talk a lot about myself -I guess all the women do but in truth I have never revealed so much about myself to anyone. It's very hard to find someone you can talk to like to yourself these days . However looks like I got lucky and found one... you Sayed Truly You are the only one I have dared to reveal so much about myself over the course of years. You Sayed somehow managed to revive long-forgotten emotions and... feelings within me. It feels so indescribably good it's like the whole new world cracked open and I dived in a cool and fresh water which brought me back to life . I have been sleeping so long and just woke up from a deep slumber.... I hope to hearing from you soon , dear Sayed...
Kisses and hugs Nastya

Letter 3

Hi my love!! My favorite I went today to a travel agency and watched the prices for tickets, I will need 470 dollars to come to you. Please send funds through Western Union money transfers to my data.

Name - Anastasiya Nikolaevna


Country Russia.

I will receive your funds and will be able to arrive to you in 2 days.
Waiting for an answer.



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