Scam letter(s) from Salome Chikvaidze to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you.
I have always been interested in people's lives in other countries.
Only the ordinary inhabitant can tell the most interesting and real facts. I am really very interested.
Of course, I am also ready to tell about myself and about my life. But first of all I am interested in acquaintance with you.
You interest me as the man. Because I am a lonely girl.
My name is Tetiana. I live in Ukraine.
I can tell more in the following letter.
I am 31 years old. I am lonely.I have no children. I was not married yet.
Many people consider me attractive and beautiful. I think that I have no right to estimate myself.
I think that other people can give more correct assessment to my appearance.
You can see me on the picture which I sent you. I have the high growth and a slim figure.
I try to conduct healthy and active lifestyle.
I can send for you my photos in each letter. I will be glad if you estimate my photos and will write to me about it.
I think that it is interesting to you why I am lonely. I had unsuccessful relations earlier.
The problem was in my assessment of men.
Now moral and spiritual qualities, but not beautiful appearance are more important for me.
I do not love lie and deception in the relations. The open and honest relations are important for me.
I have no big list criterion for the choice of the man. I am ready to the open, sincere and honest relations.
Men often pay attention to me, but also often hesitate of me.
Sometimes, they behave very strange. I often saw similar in various movies.
It was always amusing. But in real life it afflicts me.
It is possible that my attractiveness frightens off mens. Therefore I am still lonely.
Perhaps, here to me will luck more.
I am an ordinary girl. I love laughter and fun. I have usual hobbies.
I will tell about it later if you answer me.
What you can tell about yourself ? Where do you live ?
What are you engaged in ? What hobbies you have? What you like to do ?
I hope that we are waited by interesting conversation.
You can openly tell about yourself and the life. I will be very glad if you answer me.
I can speak English and German. I learned English at school.
I know German from the grandfather. My grandfather was German.
He was an ancestor of the German immigrants who lived in Kazakhstan. He taught me to German.
Later, I independently learned German.
I will tell later about it.
I wait for your answer.

I found your address in my address book. Perhaps, we corresponded earlier. I do not remember.
Perhaps, I kept your address when used the dating websites.
Now I did not save information about accounts.
But, I think that it is not important. I only showed curiosity.
If I interest you, then I will be glad to answer you.
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