Scam letter(s) from Monica Brown to Fred (Uganda)

Letter 1
Dear Friend Thank you for your mail and am very happy for your interest, I hope you and your family are fine, As for me am also fine here but just that things is not so easy for me because from time to time our military colleagues are being attacked by car bombs and insurgents but I thank God for saving my life everyday. Dear, as I informed you about something very important to share with you. Listing to this, during one of our rescue mission with my Military groups we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they are using the money to buy weapons and ammunition's land for war, after I discovered the fund it was agreed by all our military parties in that mission that the money will be shared between us. Dear, out of the total fund my share was $4,560,000 (Four Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars ), right now I am seek your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $4,560,000 to your place as quickly as possible, at the moment I am deeply afraid of losing the funds here due to the level of attacks everyday, dear if you can assure me that my funds will be safe in your care until I complete my service here in the next few months. there are no risks involved. Dear, due to my position in service, I keep the funds in a treasure box and deposited it to UN Security office here as family items, I don't have bank account here and due to my position in services, I can not transfer the fund because all our activities are in fact, also our military communication here are only radio message and internet facilities. To avoid losing the funds here due to the level of crisis everyday, i have made a solid arrangements with a reliable security and delivery company and they have promised to corporate to deliver the funds through their diplomatic method to any of my choosing destination, they agreed and promised to send their diplomats to deliver the treasure box to any destination of my choice. Dear, I need your urgent assistance and as you assist me receive the fund, I shall be compensating you with 25% of the total fund personally, while the remain of the balance shall be my investment capital in your City which will still be under your control until I meet you, dear I plead you not to disclose this issue to a third party, if you have any reasons to reject this offer, please delete all my email conversation with you because any leakage of this information will be very dangerous for me considering my position in services. Dear, I pray and believe you will not betray my trust, take me as your own blood sister or your business partner as the fund will invest under your control. Although you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you so deeply, it is better I reveal it to you and you help me, than losing the funds here out of my ignores, I have so much fear in me because I have survived two bomb attack here, so I need your urgent assistance. Thanks and remain bless, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated, I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification, then send your questions, I expect to hear from you soonest, always taken good care of yourself and also put me in your daily prayers. Yours Faithfully
Sgt.Claudia Brown.
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