Letter(s) from Elena Leonova to Waldek (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Dear,
I wanted to come to you some early because I really like your photos and I am wanted to arrive to you earlier because I am some afraid, that you will meet other girl and she will take away you from me.:) But if you want that I come to you in the mid-June I come how you want !
I am very ned that you send me 310 euro for airplane tickets. It is expensive for you ?
I have not bank account, but you can send its to me by Western Union.
It is OK for you ?
Every time when I see your photo I want to see more and more of your photos !
If you have more, please send its to me !

Letter 2

Hello Dear Jim !
Today I asked in Western Union what are you need for send money to me.
So you need :
My name - Elena
Surname - Leonova
Adress - ul.A.Nikitina 5 kv.3
Town - Feodosia
Postal code - 98100
So, when you would like to send the money you must write this information about me in the form from Western Union and after you'll send the money you must write me code of your transfer, it is 10 number. Also you must send ne your name and surname, your town and country. I think that it is very easy and qickly.
Jim, please write me how are you prefer spend your free time ?
What do you want to do when I come to you ?
What is your plans for this period ?
As for me, I am sure that I spend very nice time with you ! It will be very romantic, funny and wonderful days !
Wait good news from you !