Scam letter(s) from Ainagul Zhumagaliyeva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! How's your day? My name is Ainagul.
I am 30 years old. I am a free woman. I have no children. I have a higher education.
I want to find someone with whom we will understand each other and share our opinions.
I want to meet a faithful, reliable, loving man who will be for a healthy relationship.
It is important that a man appreciates the relationship and understanding. Was Ready for the family.
I will not play games. I want to find a serious man who will not play with me.
You can write to my email address. I will wait for your reply
Sincerely, Ainagul.
Letter 2
Hello my friend!
As you probably know, you wrote Ainagul. I am very glad that I can confirm receipt of your letter!
I apologize for the delay in my reply, but I think this is the last time.
I'm very glad that you wrote to me!
I also hope that my email will be for you and a big surprise for me?
From now on, do you have a question? Where did I get my email address? I went on a date to our city.
A dating site with a computer to find me several email addresses corresponding to my request, strange people.
I saw the letter before and decided to send you the first message. I hope you have time to talk with me.
I'll tell you why I decided to use the Internet! The fact that my friend Galina, I found my future husband through the Internet! His name is Ethan, and now they live together in Australia!
Galina and Ethan are happy together! I know how much they love, and I love them very much!
From now on, do you have a question? Why can not I find a man?
I will be very serious and honest, saying that I had one of the Kazakh cities in Semipalatinsk and he was very fond of him, But he found another girl and said goodbye to me! I also want to say that he likes to drink alcohol,
How many people are in Kazakhstan, are not they? Thanks to alcohol I can drink a glass of good wine for the holidays!
I do not smoke cigarettes. I care about my health and the health of my future children!
I just do not have bad habits! I also want to do this with my friend Galina!
In addition, you do not have bad habits. She told me that people value their foreigners, as well as their own!
Do you respect women? Galina chose Ethan's friend from Australia, because he speaks and writes in English, and I can speak and write, in English, I decided to find a person from the Internet.
I really want to tell you more about myself! I am 30 years old, grades - "Baran"
I was born on April 7, 1988. Tell me, when did you receive your birthday?
I am Russian. My religion is Christianity. I believe in Jesus Christ.
I was never married, and I did not have any children. I'm a sensitive and very nice girl.
I also want to talk about the city in which I live! The name of my city is Semey.
Semey (769.7 km) from the capital of Kazakhstan.
Semey is a beautiful city, and I love your beautiful city!
There are many beautiful monuments on our streets. You know, that we are in Kazakhstan, often cold, and our weather often makes people dress in a warm dress?
Of course, this depends on the season. I'm also interested in the weather.
My favorite season is summer! In a very bright sun and hear the singing of birds, nature is beautiful right now!
It's very romantic! It's like summer, right? In the upper part of the summer mood :-)
I also want to say a lot about my education!
I studied at the Medical University. I graduated in 2010, I was at the university, where I had a good English, I can speak English without any problems. But I think he will continue to make mistakes! :-)
Forgive me for mistakes in the letters.
I hope he will not give up on my help? :-) So forgive me when I'm wrong!
Will you forgive me? :-)
I also want to say that after graduation I attended special pediatrics.
Unfortunately, I could not continue my medical career, because here, in Kazakhstan and in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a good job, your profession.
And now I work as a waitress in a bar? even if I'm a doctor. I like working in our bar, and our guests are very nice people. I also want to say that I have access to the Internet!
The computer that is in the office of our boss, our bar. The fact that I do not have a computer at home, and I have to use my boss's computer. Sometimes I also go to an internet cafe!
I wrote a lot! I do not think I can say much and write about myself!
I'll make my letter. I appreciate it when we talk about ourselves too!
I would like to talk about my family, I would like to know everything!
Oh, my friend, I forgot to say that my weight is 54 kg, and my 171 cm in height!
In addition, send me your height, weight, tell us about your city where you live, I've never been to other countries!
And I'm glad that I can learn more about your country!
I will add my photos, and I hope you enjoy! :-)! I hope you will soon see your answer!
Sincerely, your new friend, Ainagul.
Letter 3
Hello, friend of the Jim!
I'm very glad that I received your letter again! I am very interested to read this letter,
Thanks to them we learn more about ourselves! And I know more about that.
My friend Jim, you probably want to know about the nature and purpose of our correspondence?
I think I decided to meet you through the Internet, thanks to my friend Galina, whom I met with a foreigner Ethan a year ago, as I said.
Jim, maybe even in the future we will be together, I want you to know that my marriage is very important!
And this is very important for me! Is this also important to you?
And if we think about it, we should consider it rational and reasonable.
Because marriage is much more! You agree with me?
I hope you will agree with me, and this is also important for you. Tell me about it, right?
My dear friend, Jim, and I want to talk about my family.
I'm my mother, Olga, and my father is Sergey.
I also have my sister Masha. My sister ***** is 21 years old.
My mother is a salesman in a store, and my father is an engineer at a factory.
My sister Masha - the student learns a lawyer.
Our family lives without scandals and conflicts, we have very good relations and mutual understanding!
Our parents gave us a good education. I am very happy and proud of my parents!
I also want to say that I live with my family in one apartment.
And I think that parents should know about my friends! And, of course, I told them about you Jim! I hope you do not mind? "
I told them that you are a good person and they were very positive when we met!
I have a happy family, my parents, I want to find a decent man, and I was pleased with him!
I also said that I worked as a waitress in a bar in Semipalatinsk. It's a good and decent bar.
I'm very interested in learning more about your work and about what you do in your free time.
In his spare time, with friends, walking around the city, we sat together in the dining room.
I really love my girlfriend! Especially my best friend is Galina. She is my sister, but, unfortunately, my city, and I really miss him.
Galina I worked as a waitress in a bar. Galina visited Ethan in Australia, she returned to understand her feelings.
They lived together for three months in Australia. And then they returned to Kazakhstan! Galina tells Ethan, who is really going through his house and his parents!
I really want to meet my parents! In Kazakhstan, about 2 months, and then decided to return to Australia.
And I'm very good, as if Galina thought. Parents were happy to meet with Ethan and see their daughter with their beloved husband.
They are very happy, they love each other and are a bit jealous of Galina and Ethan! :-)
I said that I regret that I have never been to other countries! This time I was still in my country and in your city!
I would be in another country, I think it would be very interesting!
Jim, I must fill out my letter, I hope we can continue the conversation.
and tell me more about yourself! I will try to tell you in the future, if possible, by e-mail!
I hope you understand my questions and answers. I want to know more about your country,
Tell us about your family and friends.
I hope you will soon see your answer. I have a good Jim! Your friend Ainagul!
Letter 4

Hello, friend of the Jim!
How are you? My good! :-) Thank you for your letter, I was waiting impatiently!
Jim I think it's great to write to myself, thanks to our lists we will learn more!
I am very interested in our correspondence, it is very interesting to know that your life and your country!
I liked reading your letter!
I hope you will be interested in my interests, for example, listening to music in Russia and abroad.
I like listening to Russian musicians from the following bands: BI-2, Spleen and even some bands.
Have you heard about these groups? Among foreign artists, I listened to Bon Jovi, U2, Scorpions, Elton John.
In fact, I wanted to hear good music. What do you like about music?
I would like to know about this. Tell me, please, no?
From the films I saw comedies, fantastic films, romance.
But I have a great impression on the film "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter".
I hope you have seen the movies? But it was especially impressive after the movie "Patriot"
The main actor is Mel Gibson, who describes the war between England and the United States.
The film clearly shows patriotism and love of the homeland! This is a very important function, he must have everything in the world! Indeed? Jim, I hope you watched this movie, and that you have a great movie to watch.
In my opinion, Mel Gibson plays a very talented actor! I like watching the film "Dangerous Friends"
This is a very sensual and informative film for all young people. I liked the movie "I, again I and Irene" with comedian Jim Carrey :-)
I hope you watched this funny movie :-) I liked the movie "Planet of the Apes"
In my opinion, this is a very interesting film. I also want to say that I like reading books, especially the writers of Russian literature: Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov.
But I really admired the "Dark Tower" of Stephen King, in my opinion, this is a very interesting book, where the protagonist Roland - a man with determination, he enters the dark tower,
And I like the quality of Roland: definition! I think that this is an important function of a person.
I hope you agree with me? What are your favorite dishes? Potato chips, various soups, I also love meat, and I do not want to hide it :-) Do I like fish and chicken?
I also like pizza, especially pizza with cheese. I like fruits and vegetables, there are many vitamins.
Jim would like to cook? Very good option, my family and my friends are very satisfied with my food :-)
I would also like to talk about your favorite sport, for example about sports, do you like sports?
In the winter, in the summer, I went skiing and cycling. I also wanted to play volleyball. But first of all I like aerobics, I think that my friends and I learn in our free time in aerobic classes, that this sport helps to keep the body in good shape. I would also like to say:
I like to dance another dance! Have you ever danced with a girl? :-) It's so attractive and beautiful!
You always want to dance with me! :-) It will be great! Maybe we will dance with you in the future, it will be unforgettable!
About my hobby! She rather collects beautiful women's magazines about women's lives.
For a short period of time, I have a large collection of several magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams. My dream is to go to the future, it would be great and interesting.
But I want to say that our family did not have a car, and it is very expensive for us, but our father said that in 3-4 years we can allow our family to buy a car, and maybe I can learn to drive. Can you teach me in the future? :-)
Jim, by the way, my parents ask me :-) And he told his parents
You are a good and decent person, my parents are happy to meet through the Internet and our relationship.
Parents want us to have a good relationship in the future! And, probably, in the future we will be together, and I am sure that we will have a wonderful couple :-)
I want to live abroad, and the only person I trust is a person who does not deceive me! You understand?
But remember Jim! We need to know as much as possible! It is very important for me!
As I said, we need to learn more about our sheets.
I also want to say that I can talk to you on the phone, and I hope this is a good idea!
I have a great desire to hear your voice, Jim, and I hope you will also hear my voice!
Send my phone number to a different email address, okay?
I can not believe I wrote you so many letters.
Send my phone number to a different email address, okay?
I can not believe I wrote you so many letters.
I hope you are interested in reading and learn more about me! I will be grateful
Or write to me in the list below your interests, interests and music that you prefer?
Which films? What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue, and he will calm me down!
By the way, my parents, my sister and my friends asked me to tell them more: "Hello" from them!
Jim will be waiting for an answer! Send me an email as soon as possible! Your friend Ainagul !!!
Letter 5
Hello, my dear friend, Jim!
I'm so glad that you have your letter again! My day was very good when I saw your words.
Unfortunately, in our bar I had a bad experience with a bad client.
He poured a lot of *****, and I still had obstacles. He always wanted to hug me and he told me an insulting word. In the end, our security and the police drove him out of the barand my mood was terribly bad. Only when I saw my message, my mood was much better!
Jim, do not worry about serious cases with bad clients, okay? Now everything is all right!
My dear friend, Jim, I see that we are more and more interested, it's very good for us, because I'm a very good and good friend like you!
I have a lot of interest in you, my life is much better than I've met you!
You are a very good friend, you can understand, and this ... it is very important for me in my life. You see, you believe me, and I also believe that you and I believe that this is very important for our friendship! I hope you understand me.
I want to tell you that I believe in God that I'm a Christian, as I said.
I prefer to go to church near my house. Our church is a very pleasant place.
In this church the priests sing beautiful songs, and I really like it. He really cares, especially when I have a bad mood. And I want to tell you even letters reinforce me, I feel that this is Jim.
Some of my colleagues know that I'm communicating with you. I was told that they are very good and very happy!
I would like to know your full name and address for each crisis situation in your life. Do you want to send this information?
My director said that his computer will soon stop working, and maybe we can not communicate with each other! I think that God will not allow this
I sincerely hope that we will continue to meet with Jim! I'll give you my home address and my full name only in my life! Here is my information:
First name: Ainagul
Surname: Zhumagaliyeva
Town: Semey
Index 070000
street: Pavlova's student 74-33 However, do you keep this information on paper for each case?
At this point, I will return the letter. Today I am very tired and I hope that I will understand this.
I'm waiting for a response from Jim. "Hello" from your colleagues!
P.S. Thank you for the photo! It was always nice to see you with a smile on my face.
Ainagul is your best friend.
Letter 6
Hello my friend!
I sent you a letter, and received no reply from you! I am very worried:(
Where did you disappear? How are you doing? I'm waiting for your answer! Write to me as soon as you see this letter!
Letter 7
Hi, Jim!
I received your letter, and I am glad that I see your words!
I mean that the mechanic went to the computer,
That's why we fixed all the errors on your computer, and now we can deal with you without any problems.
I want to tell you that your messages have become an important part of me,
They helped me a lot, and thanks to them I'm still in a good mood!
When I receive a message, I forget about a bad mood, on my face he just smiles and is very warm in my heart.
Now he can not live without his message. You can see what I'm writing to you, and I'm talking about myself, and we learn more about ourselves. I think this is very important for us!
Today it's warm at this time of year :-)
I want to say that I love summer, I really like it, because I'm leaving this season, and it's very good :-)
I would like to spend a vacation with family and friends. I like to lie in the forest. Do you like walking in the woods?
Also nearby is the river, and the place is very romantic!
We collect all our backpacks, we have a large tent, we take the necessary food and travel together.
I like it. Especially they like the river! My father loves fish, but I'm not a fisherman :-)
As soon as I tried to catch the fish, I immediately caught a small carp :-)
I was so surprised, but what about you and the fish? Do you like fish?
I think that food is produced in nature, much better and more useful than at home!
This is basically the ear. We also consume fish. It is sprats in tomato sauce.
Very delicious character. I like camping in Jim,
How do you spend your vacation? Say me Yes? I will be interested.
Hello Jim, my friends still ask me :-) I told them that you are a very good person, I want to tell you that some of my friends are a little jealous of me, because I'm such a good person as you are! But I did not pay attention to their jealousy.
Did my colleagues ask me to send me presents?
I told them it was not important to me. The main contribution for me is your good contribution and you.
I want to tell you Jim, I'll think about you more and more, and, perhaps, I will come to you, we feel that our relationship is greater than friendship, do you agree with me, beloved Jim?
I feel it in my heart and soul, because now I can not live without my letter, I'm still waiting for you to write!
Well, I'm done with you, I'll think about you before you go to sleep! I sell the word "hello" from my family!
Looking forward to meeting you !!!
P.S. Yes, I also like to swim and sunbathe on the beach.
I think about you Jim,
My kiss and hug,
Letter 8
Hello, dear Jim!
I want to tell you that I am very pleased with your letters!
I think about you all these days and evenings. I wait for your reports so quickly.
I want to tell you that now I can not live without you and your feelings, you can send me an email!
The fact that by sending an e-mail, so for me it is important that this is part of my life, and this is the source of my joy in my life, I want to tell you that this look is now an important part of my lonely life,
Your messages are a great joy and pleasure in my life. I tell you my words, sincerely caring, and my respect for you Jim. I would also like to emphasize.
I thought about our feelings, and we came to the conclusion that we create for ourselves!
That night, I could not sleep, because I was thinking about our online meetings for hot messages, especially for you! I thought about you.
Jim, I want to say that I can not live without you, I want to say that I fell in love with you!
I love you, my dear Jim! It happened so quickly, and suddenly I did not expect it to be my favorite, so it's reasonable, I can not live without you. I love you!
I have a lot of sense for you, and this is my love for you.
I see from our contribution, we are not indifferent to it, I hope you agree with me, your husband.
I sincerely hope that you will feel the same great feeling for me! My tears come to happiness ...
I cried at night because we were lucky, because if we want to be together,
We can have a happy family for the future, I want, because I can not be alone, without you Jim,
Many of my friends have asked me for a long time before I met you,
Why can not I find someone who can not answer my questions, but I told them that I want to find someone else.
But I can not contact anyone, I do not feel the warmth of my other half on the cross. But I want to tell you something,
I feel you, I feel all my love for you! I want to tell you
What I say is my love for my parents and friends. My parents told me
They were very happy, dear Jim.
In the eyes of my mother and father, I saw success. They said they were waiting
I made the right decision in my life, and I hope that I will be happy, my beloved,
They also asked me where we live together. I told them that I will live with you in my country,
I understand that I do not miss and feel my family, but on the other hand, I understand that it would be better for them,
If we live in this country, because we understand that now Kazakhstan is a difficult situation.
I hope you do not mind what I said to my parents? I think so
Thank you Jim!
Indeed, the dream of our profession for our happy future for our children and our family.
Parents are told "hello", and they want us, our future happiness and great mutual love!
Honey, I'm very happy because of us! I want to tell you that I really like it, and if it does not betray you!
My family and my friends really love us. In addition, I would like to ask you a big question, I think,
That would be my lover for me.
Do you have other women Jim? This is very important for me, I hope you understand this
Because I love you, and I want to write to other women. I want to tell you that I do not need to write with other people,
but they are Jim. I do not want another person, because I love you!
First of all, however, I do not want any other woman to steal you
I love Jim!
I tell you, this is very serious! Very sad to think
If you want to talk with other women, and you are deceived in our relationship,
Please tell me the truth, do you write with other women? We need each other
Trust your beloved Jim!
As for my work at the bar. Of course, I will not work at work if we live in our country,
but you can see that he always worked and did not have free time!
I believe that if I find my love and my future person, I must completely change my personal life, because I am a woman, and I must have a family life. Do it
Do you agree with Jim?
I think that my colleagues from the bar will be absent, but we will not forget.
I can also send an email from my country. Honey, can you look at this? I want to tell you
I miss you, and I want to tell you that you will achieve your life plan,
What is my job at the bar? I love you, Jim, and I can not live without you,
I have to be with you, honey. I need, I love you!
I will try to find the necessary documents for my future.
my Jim is right, I hope you do not mind?
I will try to open it in the near future. Honey, I hope you have a great desire to meet me?
I want love, I love you, you miss me, I can not cry.
I'm waiting for a response from Jim.
A great "good day" for my family and my friends!
P.S. Thank you for the photo.
No, I was not in a canoe, I know what a canoe is but I did not swim on it.
I do not have a mobile that I could install you Skype or Vatsap.
All my kisses are for you,
I want to dissolve in my arms,
Your Ainagul always!
Letter 9
Hello, my love to Jim!
I received your kind words and your reply to your last letter, my beloved!
Dear, love Jim, in my last post, I told you about my love for you.
I could not hide my love for you, the souls made me feel that I should say about my love for you, because it's so difficult to hide behind dense feelings, I love you, my man.
I love you, and I want to tell you, please do not let me get rid of these feelings and emotions.
Sorry, we can only communicate over the Internet, I want to see you really.
I want a beloved! Our e-mails connect your love and feelings with each other,
Our message is about our salvation from all complicated and boring things. I want to tell you, my love, I can not without news, I need your letters!
They really meant a lot to me! And I'm my dear Jim!
My love, I want to say that my parents and my best friends are very happy for us,
They are still asking about you, about your feelings for me, and I'm not afraid, I will tell them about our feelings of love, because I do not want to hide my love for all of you, I found the meaning of life, I love you, and you do not have enough! FAVORITE
My love, I want to tell you that my colleagues in my work are also very pleased with us!
But one of the servants told me very badly, her name is Adia, that is 43 years. She's not a very good woman, she's gossiping about me, I'm not that kind of a woman, because I think you'll like Jim, it's not good, because they say that their recent time, when Kazakhstan was before, and people did not have the Internet! They saw the reality, not just a computer! I was so disappointed with the word Adia, because I think it is not, Jim does? I think that you can choose a woman, or a woman can choose a person if they want him to be reciprocal, and they really love each other.
I think that we have a common feeling of love, and this is best,
When people love each other, I think this is an important fact of love.
In fact, my Jim, will our feelings return? I'm thinking about our news.
I also want to tell you that Adia is not a husband, she lives alone, that all people do not deserve their attention, because I think that we are talking about a very high opinion!
He thinks that all people are fools, this is ... his opinion.
I do not know why they think so badly, why?
I think that people like Adia are very ******. I do not think that there is so much to say about a man!
I think this woman is selfish, I think you will agree with me on this issue.
But I do not want to talk about this woman, because it's so boring for me. Excellent? I just want to talk about us, honey.
I want to tell you that my parents are so happy that we met and talked to you again!
I talked about my coming to you, and I want to tell you, according to your words,
My parents were so amazed that he asked me if I really came to you, and I said that I can not live without you, and I decided to be with you, Jim and devote your life to you.
Mom and Dad agreed with me because they understand that I can not live without you, and when he told me, they loved each other when they were young! I want to tell you that he asked my parents, I told you, "hello" of them! They want a good and happy life together!
My dear Jim, I have good news! I want to tell you,
Today I talked with Galina. The fact that there is a good aunt Galina, Tatiana in Almaty
that he can help me with information about my arrival in Jim! I would also like to say,
Aunt Tatiana, Galina helped immediately, when Galina and Ethan met each other on the Internet when Ethan wanted
Galina came to visit him in Australia. Aunt Tatiana, Galina helped all the information necessary for the preparation of documents for Galina, who must come to Australia to Ethan. This aunt works in a travel agency in Almaty.
This is very good for us, because it helps me with all the important details,
Information about all the necessary documents for my trip, to love Jim.
Galina tries to talk with Tatyana on the phone in the coming days and ask me for all the important information!
Galina and Ethan play in "Hello", and I hope that we will be together soon! They are so happy, and happy that my love for us. I also want to tell you that it's so good that Galina and Ethan, and how you and I found ourselves on the Internet, I think that the Internet is an assistant to all Internet users who can not find any information, and for people it is very important to love the Internet. I love you, my beloved, I am convinced of his love for you, and I want to tell you that every day I want to be with you more and more, I love you, I can not live without you, dear! I need you so much, I love you !!!
I am ready to use all my strength for our meeting. I think we should have a meeting, because we need them to get to know each other better. The meeting will help us make important steps in our life. You agree with me?
I'm determined to meet you. I agree with you as soon as possible and immediately inform you, as soon as I have the necessary information. I'm so glad to meet you.
I understand that I can not hide tears in front of the meeting. They just do not pay attention, when I pay on the day of our meeting. Excellent? You promise me? I want to feel the touch of my beloved hand.
Your affection for what I need. I want to feel your concern. Then I will become the happiest woman in the world!
And I will try to make you the happiest person in the world! I think that our meeting will be the first step to our happy life !!!
Make our life happy and long! I wish that the unification of our hearts was strong! I want to take care of you, I want to love you with all my heart. I do not want anything to hurt in our life. But without it you can not be satisfied, so we must overcome all the difficulties on our way. Our love must conquer all!
In addition, in the coming days, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I want to go to church, I have to thank God, because we found each other, my love, thank God! I know that God will help me, for you to be my Jim, what I know about it! My favorite on this is I will finish your email to you, I will wait for other email messages from my great love and desire to be with you !!! You must know, I am very happy when I read your messages, my favorite! I will think about you!
I love you, and I want to be with you as my love as soon as possible Jim !!!
P.S. I do not write to other men, I have you. I hope that you also do not write to other women !?
Well agree with me that it would be much better if we could meet and drink tea, talk about something, joke .. And look into each other's eyes? kissing and hugging,
Your love Ainagul.
Letter 10
Hello, my beloved, my Jim!
I'm so happy! I received from you a letter, a joy so happy for me,
You need to love me, your words are very warm souls.
Jim, I love you so much, that I can not live without you, my love.
You and your posts are so necessary to me. You - your foot is an integral part of my life, my love.
I say this very seriously and consciously!
In the last few days, when I close my eyes at night, I imagine meeting you Jim, I can not wait for this moment,
When we meet at the airport, my love, I also want to do it!
I am the happiest woman in the world, because we met with everyone the other, my dear Jim!
Dear, I want to wish all people who love each other,
Since I tested this feeling of love with you, it happens so quickly through the Internet,
I want to tell you, dear, that all people who want to find a man or a woman are loved,
Then a man or woman will love the game, of course, I'm sure,
Because I think that you like the Internet and we love each other, and I know,
This is our love - the most expensive in all senses of feelings that exist on this little blue planet.
Dear, I love you, you miss me, darling, I want to be with you, mate!
My beloved, I want to tell you that my friend Galina tried to talk with Aunt Tatyana, who is in Almaty ask with all the necessary information about the games that I came to you, but I want to tell you, for me it was a great shame for my aunt Tatiana, who was not in place at the time when Galina called the games.
But Galina told me that she would try to call Tatyana in Almaty in the near future, maybe tomorrow!
Parents and I believe that Aunt Tatiana. This will give us all the information about how I come to you, your love.
I can not wait to be together, you miss me terribly, my beloved!
Last night I could not sleep, I think about you all the time Jim! Before my letter,
In my opinion, lyrical meditation has reached you, my beloved. I found on the Internet a lyric poem,
I want to tell you that I like this poem, and I want to show my great love for you in this poem, I hope you enjoy this feeling and a poem for you, my beloved, --- So far (Steve Forsythe) Still .....
You can go to the beach or to the forest Still so close .....
Always in my heart So far
I can not touch the HAND
I do not feel my breath
I can not hold back Still so close
I! You can feel in my heart
I see you in my thoughts
I heard it in my ears You can still be
You can be on the other side of the world But while I do not know your love .....
Despite the fact that I have your EMAILS
You will always be CLOSED It's as clear as the sun
And the tides have changed
I will always love
You will always be in my heart I hope this poem is for you I often think of you, my beloved, this poem from my heart is filled with our love for each other, we, Jim.
My favorite, and again and again I want to tell you that my parents are very happy for us,
That we will be together soon. Mom and Dad were still asking you, and I know that they say I love you, like a son! My sister Mary always asks me about you :-) Also, excellent greetings from my family for you, my dear!
In addition, again, I want to share with you some of my problems in my work, this again, Adia,
Waitress at the bar: ((I want to tell you what I heard from Adia again cursed me.
As you remember, I told you, Adia, it's very bad to think about our love!
I think he really was jealous of us, do you agree with me?
She said that all people promised women a happy life and love in words, and she said that you are no exception.
She said that you would just say good words to me,
It is impossible to try to meet with us, and she said, but that all men are men,
He promises that all words, but also measures, say that people are weak people. In addition, she said:
What are you doing for our meeting, my beloved, I was ashamed :-(
I cried out in a verbal game, she told me a ***** lie!
They think that all people are bad, I do not know, I do not understand! Why does he think so?
I want to say that I do not want to work in this bar, because it's unbearably bad for Tom.
I want to tell you that since Adia is a distant relative of our boss in the bar, she is well informed about our directors, against me.
Adia Said, our director, she banned me from using my computer to fit in,
She said that the computer does not feel love, she said that the computer just had to work!
When I heard that I was crying. Why is Adia so bad about me and my beloved? Why? :-(
I do not understand! Dear, I want to tell you that I can not go against Dia,
Because he is connected with the director of our bar. I talked to our director.
He said that I should not pay attention to Adia, but, on the other hand, they do not come into conflict with Adia, because they are relatives. He told me, I can use my computer to contact you my dear Jim because he's a good person and said:
The fact that he understands my love for you, and he told me that he has a good wife, loves and talks about them, and also about his wife. Thanks to our director,
The fact of giving me the opportunity to use my computer. So I can write you a message, dear, but he repeats to me,
What he does not think about Adia, he said that Adia can exert pressure on me mentally,
It was also said that if I did not work better for me in the bar with Adia,
Now I want to quit my job. My beloved, I do not want to offend Adia, according to a ****** statement!
I do not want to work in this bar with this poor woman Adia, my beloved, I do not want to hear that the game never offends!
I want to tell you that my mother and my father comforted me after Adia's words.
I cried to my mother's shoulders. My parents told me that everything will be fine,
Because we love you and Adia, and no one will interfere in our love,
When we are with you, my love, but also said that it would be better,
If he leaves his job at the bar, and I must prepare for my arrival at you.
My parents told me that they were outraged by Adia's behavior, he was very upset by my father.
He did not want his daughter to be offended. My parents are sure that I have a good husband, and never offend me, I told my parents,
The fact that you can not say and do bad things with me, like Adia.
My dear Jim, please tell me, never insult me, please
Promise, dear, I believe you, and I do not want you to break my heart!
I love you, I must trust my feelings of love, I can not live without you!
I want to be with you forever, I love you, and you miss me terribly, love,
I hope we will gather all our energy of life we will soon be my love to Jim.
I love you, and you miss me too much! Well, let me finish my letter, I want to tell you that I will wait for your reply with great pleasure.
Well, again and again, "Hello" from my mother, my father and my sister to you, my dear man! I think about you Jim,
I want to be with you as soon as possible,
Your love Ainagul.
Letter 11
Hello, my love to Jim!
I'm glad for your letter! Today, I learned all about my arrival at you.
I mean, today I'm answering the email of my friend Galina.
Galina told me that she is talking on the phone with Tatyana on arrival to you.
Galina says what I should do, visa, passport and health insurance document, and even some of these documents.
Will be prepared 10-15 days after payment, Tatiana will help me make these documents part of the accelerated process.
I can be in your country for 90 days, but if you prefer, I can return home for more than 90 days.
This option can happen only once in your life! I really love you, and I miss our meeting.
I want to see you, my beloved. I think I need your help on Jim.
My love, I do not know how to say, I'm very ashamed, and it's not good for you, but I have 360 euros to register my documents.
With the money that I needed to make, a passport visa, and I need to undergo a medical examination and pay for the insurance, go abroad to your country.
If you can help me today, I think that I will go to Almaty to start the process of registering my documents.
In addition, like Jim, Galina told me that you will need some information from me to send me money.
First name: Ainagul
Surname: Zhumagaliyeva
Town: Semey
Index 070000 Currently, he is going to work in "Western Union" - this is an instant money transfer system.
a Western Union statement convinces me that money transfers are very safe and fast.
In addition, the operator explained to me that you will need to specify your full name and country for the money transfer, this information will be enough.
I have the most expensive Jim, I want to ask you, can he help me?
It will be necessary for me, because you will need to send me important information, after sending money through "Western Union" (this number is MTCN - control number of the money transfer).
You will receive this number for acceptance, which will give you an application. He has the most expensive Jim, you should know that this information is very important to me, so do not forget to send them to my email address.
Without this MTCN, I can not get from you the money needed for my coming to you, my dear Jim.
My love, as I understand it, is a lot of money, but I do not rely on anyone, so I have to ask for help.
When I'm with you, I'll look for a job in the profession, and I'll give everything for myself our happy future. My favorite Jim, I love you, and we will be together, I'm sure of it. I dream of our meeting at the airport.
I am sure that I will cry at this moment, when I come out of air corridor, and when I see your Jim, and these tears are on our luck. I close my eyes and think about this happy picture.
My love, I dream about how we live together, how we go for a walk together, keeps my hands in love.
I want you to show me your home where you want to go, and where you want to spend more time, I also want to meet my family and my closest friends!
I want to be with you very much, you are my greatest love in my life. Jim! I love you, and you miss me!
I want to tell you that I talked with my parents about us, especially when I came to you. I want to tell you, that my family has so many happy smiles behind us, and they approve of our narrow sense of love with you, they are so happy, because we really love each other, that he just told me, that we will be happy for you and wish good luck together!
They see their feelings and happiness in our love for you, and they know me, that you and I must come together and wish us much love! Great greetings from my family, Jim, love your parents, love like my son!
On Sunday I was in church, praying that we were together, and that nothing can separate us from this life!
Well, my love, let me finish my email, I'll be your answer! Your love forever ... Ainagul.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim!
I confess I was waiting for your letter, yesterday I was worried, nervous and all evening thought that you would answer me ..
And today I was glad to see a letter from you. I immediately had a smile on my face.
I love you and I'm afraid of losing you. I found you and want to be with you, I want to be a happy woman .. And with you I will be happy!
My dear, I have a passport, I even made it before I met you. So I give you my ID. I hope that he will dispel all your doubts.
I am open to you as a book, I do not have anything to hide from you. Here I am, here is my ID. I can do everything for you.
If you want I can record a video for you, say how I love you and want to be with you!
I made this passport in June, I was asked by Galina to make a passport, she said, maybe you will someday come to us in Australia. Well, here I did, it's made and lies ..
I love you!
I will wait for your answer..
Your Ainagul
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