Scam Letter(s) from Maria Zverewa to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

I hope this letter does not distract you!
You know, I do not think you will read my letter to the end. And that I can see your answer. But I hope that you will answer me.
I'm just looking for a man with whom I could start a new life. Find happiness. And be happy. And I understand that you probably get so many letters from more worthy girls. But I decided to try the same. And I hope that my letter will deserve your attention.
I'm alone, and I'm 44 years old, I'm single. And I hope to meet a man. I do not drink and do not smoke. I have children. But she already has her own family, and lives in another country. I live in Russia, Povarnya.
And I do not want to be alone. And therefore, I wrote you this letter.
I'm serious, and I'm not ready for empty words. Not ready for games. And I'm not going to talk about sex. I hope that you will understand me. And this letter. And if you are just as serious, smart, and most importantly you are alone, I will be glad to see your letter and answer it.
And now I just hope that you will not write me rudeness and muck. And if I did not interest you, and you do not want to communicate with me, just do not answer. I'll understand everything.
I hope you are in a good mood, I wish you a pleasant day.

Letter 2

Thank you for the letter. I'm pleased to see your answer. And I think I need to say right away, it's an idea to write to you, not mine. This is my daughter. And it was she who started all this.
Let me explain.
She met her husband on the Internet a few years ago. He is a Pole, and lives in Poland. I thought that it was only friendship. And when he invited her to come to him, I did not think that they would be serious! At first they communicated for several weeks, and then she flew to him.
After returning a few months back, she said that she was getting married. Also remains with it. And now my daughter has been living with her husband in Poland for several years. And I was left alone, in Russia, and she thought that I could find a good man for myself via the Internet.
And since I understand little on the Internet, and in acquaintance, she did everything for me. And she told me about it only now.
We often write letters to each other. This is the only thing that I'm good at doing. And a few days ago, I jokingly told her that I could also try to find myself a man via the Internet. Because I'm tired of being alone. I did not think that she would take it so seriously. And do it for me.
The last letter that you received was written not by me, but by my daughter. She has access to my post, since she used to belong to her. Today I saw your letter. And the letter of my daughter in which she told me that she went to a dating agency, and sent several letters to the men. And only you answered.
At first I thought it was a joke, but I understand that this is not a joke, I could not miss your letter. That would be wrong. And I must know why you were written.
I understand, all this sounds strange, and if you refuse to communicate with me, then I will understand everything. But I hope that this will not become a hindrance. And we could start communicating? Become friends? Or just talk? Or you not interesting in communication?
As I understand, you are the same alone. And it was loneliness, or curiosity that made you answer, and write to me? And if you are not ready for communication, you can no longer answer me. I'll understand and accept this.
And yet, I do not mind starting to communicate with you. Of course, if you agree to this. You do not mind?
As my daughter wrote, I am 44 years old. I was married, but my husband died in an accident 16 years ago. And I'm lonely. I did not have time to build my personal life after it, because I had a little child, my daughter. Now she is 24 years old. I have already said that she is married and lives in another country. And now I'm completely alone. I'm sure you understand that living alone is not as good as it might seem.
I understand that at 44, it's not so easy to find a good man. Because I want to see next to a caring, kind, and loyal man! That in our time has become a rarity.
I do not smoke, and I do not like to drink. And if you smoke, or drink rarely, then this is not a problem. I try to watch myself doing a lot of sports. I love walks, music of 70-90 years. And I think that it was then that masterpieces of music and cinema were created.
I live in Russia. In the village of Povarnya, near the small town of Bobrovsky. I work in a women's cosmetics store. I like animals. Flowers that I grow on my own garden. Sometimes I draw pictures.
My height is 164 centimeters. I weigh 54 kg.
Most of the hobbies have appeared since the moment my daughter left home. When you are alone, you try to occupy yourself, anything, if only time passes quickly. And do not feel the cold of loneliness. Do you agree?
Probably on this I will finish my letter. And I'll wait for you to write to me. You send photos. Tell me more about yourself. And even if we do not succeed, I will be happy to have a friend. I think that you also agree that if we are just friends, then coming home, and seeing a new letter from a friend, will become much more pleasant. And you will not feel lonely.
I also put my photo. I hope you like it.
Have a nice day.

Letter 3

Thank you for your letter. And many thanks for the photo, it's very nice to see you, really. How are you doing? I hope everything is fine and you are in a great mood! And the fact that you answered my letter makes me understand that you are just as lonely. That you also would like to have fellowship. That you would like to know me. And most importantly, you're interested. Me too. I'll even say that I'm very curious to know you. And I hope that we will find much in common between us.
I thought about what I can write in the letter. What can I tell about myself about my life! But my thoughts are empty. I did not think it was so difficult. For me it's the first time, to communicate with a man I do not know. And use the Internet and computer for this communication.
Especially, the technique and I, we are not best friends. But it's very convenient. And many use cell phones, and the Internet is free. But I'm not one of those people. Since I do not have a phone, my daughter writes me letters. And this is our only connection with each other. Therefore, I had to undergo an "accelerated" course in computer studies. (smile). More precisely, when my daughter was visiting me with her husband, they had to teach me how to use a computer. It was very funny. I'm sure that you are much better at handling all the equipment.
And based on this, I think that you will want me to use different programs, and many other things that would allow you to make sure of my reality. But I cannot give you this. Sorry. And if this is a problem for you, and you will not want to communicate with me, then I will understand everything. In our time it is difficult to believe only words and photos. Even it's hard to believe those you see with your own eyes.
But I can only give you letters, my communication, and of course friendship. And I hope that at this stage it will be enough for you to continue to communicate with me.
As you already understood, I live in a quiet place, a small village. And I work in the city of Povarnya, which is near. I work as a salesman in a children's toys store, and clothes.
I hope that you understand my words correctly. Because I use an interpreter to write letters to you. Therefore, I am very worried, and immediately ask to excuse me, if you see many mistakes in my letter. I think that will make you smile. I want to believe that this will not be a problem for our communication! And you understand me correctly on the whole.
And now I must tell you about myself again. To make you better represent me.
3-4 times a week, I run not far from home. I love running. It helps to free the mind and thoughts. I already said that I do not smoke! I used to smoke. It's hard when you bring up one child, and I thought that cigarettes help me relax. But I was wrong. I decided to quit smoking and take care of myself. 5 years ago I weighed almost 65 kilograms. But I decided to change my life, and my body. Yes, I like sport. But I'm not a fan.
Agree, we always want to please, and first of all ourselves.
Often I go to nature, to hikes. However, I do it without spending the night, one is very scary. And so I leave early, and I come home after sunset. In nature, I cook myself meat on fire, or I'm already taking a ready dinner, and breakfast. Sometimes my friends and acquaintances go with me. I especially like to walk in the warmer days of August. This is the most beautiful time, when there are billions of stars in the sky, and many flying (falling) stars. These are just magical nights. Do you like to spend time outdoors?
And on the basis of this you probably already realized that I'm a romantic. Yes, I do not hide it. And even despite my age, I believe in miracles. Because it's so much more pleasant to live and believe that everything will be fine.
And by the volume of my letters, you probably realized that I like to write a lot, write everything so that you can understand me better. But I do not want these letters to take up too much of your time. And so, probably I already need to finish my letter today!
And in the end I want to tell you that you know that I do not have any insidious whole. Or something similar. I'm not trying to escape from my country. Or ask for anything from you. I do not want to hurt anyone. Or give false feelings. I just want to be happy. Have a friend with whom I could talk. And share my life. The same lonely. Who fully understands me. Who also tries to be happy in this world, and does not feel lonely.
I hope that you will be glad to see my letter again. And I also hope that you will answer me soon.
And I will be happy to know more about you. Please tell me about your day, about your life. What do you like to do and what not. Believe me, I want to be your friend, whom you can trust. And do not be afraid to say what you feel.
Have a nice day.

Letter 4

I admit! I'm glad to see your letter. And I hope that you are also glad to see my letters. And forgive me for having to wait for my answer. Believe me, work, vanity, and other urgent matters make me answer the body only when I can do it. But I'll try to fix it. I promise.
Your words have an interest in me. There is heat. And to hear compliments, very nice to me. True. Let these be just letters, but these letters can create something more. Maybe!
You talked about yourself, your life. I also told you about my life without hiding it. About the daughter. That I lost my husband when a drunk driver drove into his car. The husband was killed, and the man was given only 4 years in prison. 4 years for murder! Because I believe that if you drank a lot, and got behind the wheel of the car, and then hit a man and killed him. Then this is murder, the present. And you should get what you deserve. But this is already my past life. I can not change anything. Yes, it was difficult, but I managed it. I was able to raise a daughter, I was able to live on. But since then I'm afraid of cars, especially those that drive very fast. And the man, because of which my husband died, deprived me of all that I had. But for years, I forgave him.
My life does not have much joy. (Smile). That's probably why I see this world not like many people. And I appreciate other values, not money, gold or diamonds. When I said that I was lonely, I meant that I no longer have anyone. Only me and my daughter. This is my whole family. These are all my friends. And this is all that I have the most precious.
I never knew the warmth and care of my parents. I never knew what gifts are (smile). Its past, I do not like to remember. To admit, it's sad, and ... it hurts. And therefore, I try to appreciate the present, not thinking about the past. And I believe in a happy future (smile).
When my husband died, I did everything not to "break." I tried to be strong. I was afraid that if I broke down, I could lose my daughter. And that she will experience what I experienced in my life. That pain, that "cold". That past life, which I will not wish anyone.
The reason for the fear of losing a daughter is that I do not remember much of my parents. I was taken away from them when I was 7 years old. I remember only the house in which we lived. In winter it is very cold, and in summer, it is very wet. This raw smell of mold on the walls, forever remained in my memory. I remember how I dreamed of eating, just to eat.
I remember how my parents swore, and I was hiding under the table, or in the closet. And I'm happy that they did not sell me for 2-3 bottles of alcohol to anyone else. Or worse. Perhaps on this, I do not like alcohol (smile)
I was glad when they took me away from them. Neighbor turned to the police because of the loud noise. And when the police saw me, my parents, the conditions of my life, they immediately took me to the police station. And then I got into an orphanage. At first I did not feel sad for them. But then, I still missed it. I think, even before our birth, in the belly of the mother, we have a love for parents. And no matter what they are. Good or evil. We still love them! And I had a desire to find out how they live. I believed that they would improve, and that they would come for me, with toys.
But they chose their own way. I found out that they had died. A few months after I was taken to an orphanage. They burned down with our house. I admit, I did not want this fate for them. They could change. could return me. But apparently they did not need me.
It's very difficult to live in an orphanage. But I remember the first time I ate (Smile). I hid bread, and I was afraid that if they found him, they scolded me. And when one day he was found under my pillow, I was ready for anything. (smile). But the tutor took me to the kitchen, and fed me again. And after that I helped cook cooks. I guess since then I have a love for cooking.
After studying, when I was 18 years old, I lived for some time in the city of Ufa. There was practice, and there I met my late husband. He was 18 years older than me. But it so happened that we began to meet. Have undersigned, we had a daughter, we moved to him. After his parents, he had a house, and we lived where I now live. And then he died.
It was really hard for me. But I did not give up. And as you already understood, I did everything so that my daughter never knew, the past that I lived.
Sorry. I so "threw" on you. I just said, I do not have many friends with whom I could talk. And here you are, I am writing you letters. And I think you should know about me. Understand that I'm real. And that I have no secrets (Smile).
Frankly, I do not even know my real birthday (Smile). My parents did not have any documents for me, and the day I was born. And only in the orphanage, I had my birthday (smile), and this is October 8th. Imagine, 7 years to live without a birthday (Smile)?
And you know, for some reason I'm not afraid to tell you about everything. Probably because you are far away (smile). And I can share my life with you.
Yes, of course, maybe I did not need to tell this. But if you do not know the past of man, you will not know him! Do you agree with this?
Thank you for having me. True. I am very pleased that I can talk to you. Communicate with you. Share everything.
You know, I understand that you probably did not expect such a letter from me. And I had to tell the other (smile). For example, a favorite color, or a movie I like to watch. But it seems to me that this is not so important. After all, if my favorite color is red, can this be a problem in our communication? Or the fact that I like to watch only Russian movies, or that I'm reading books that maybe you do not like can interfere with our communication? I want to believe that no. Moreover, such things will not say much about me! And they will not give in the letter what I experienced and what I am real.
I think that communication, trust, knowledge, is exactly what kind of person. What is his past, what is his present. This is what we are - people. (smile). And the color, or the film, or even the size of the shoes, is not so important for communication! Or am I wrong? (smile).
And you know, I can reveal one more secret to you. As we have already understood, we are not children. (Smile). And I will not be afraid to say that I have not had a man for many years. (smile). True. I mean, I did not have a "close" contact (smile). God, I feel like I'm 19 years old. I guess I blushed.
Well, another mystery was revealed. And when you were close to a woman for the last time?
Is intimacy important in relation? Or are you important to other qualities in a woman? Do you dream of having children? I understand that this is a very stupid question.
Well, I'm finishing my letter again. And again I expect an answer from you. Today, my letter without photos. But I'll send you next time. I promise.

Letter 5

A lot of work, the news that I will become a grandmother, allowed me to relax a lot. Please do not think anything, I just drank some wine. A few glasses. I had to relax, and make a small celebration for myself. I'm sure you would have done the same.
I do not like to drink alcohol, and I do it only when there is a big event. I think that this is a great event. I will become a grandmother !!! And thanks that you were happy for me. Especially, except for you, no one knows this news yet. And if in truth, then tell me about this almost no one. You know, I'm alone.

You know Jim. We have known each other so little. But we know a lot about each other. It's nice that you opened up to me. It's nice that you're not afraid to tell me your thoughts. Talk about your past, about your problems. And most importantly, it's nice that you wait for my letters (a smile). I appreciate it very much. True.
I'm very pleased to know that you like me. As a woman! And most importantly, you like my letters. My thoughts. And maybe I'm wrong, but we are very similar. We see the world as it is. We appreciate what is much more important than material wealth. Family, friends, our life, the time that we have. The time that we have left (Smile). And despite all the difficulties that we have, problems, we try to believe in good. Believe that tomorrow will be a new day. That tomorrow we will wake up, and everything will be fine. Let not always, but we try to smile. Just smile.
You know that I live this way. I sometimes behave like a child (smile). And I try not to think about the bad. I try not to think about problems. Of course they are. But if all my life I think only about problems, and solve them, then where is the time to live? Enjoying life? When to enjoy the wind or the sky. The stars, and the bright moon? We live only once. Also it would be desirable to live this life so that about what not to regret. Well, or live like others, do not understand the joy, do not understand the values, do not understand the essence of this life.
Tell me, is there something that you have long dreamed of, but did not dare to do it? Let's say go to the mountains. Or to jump from a parachute. Or take and change your life. One day. Go for a walk on another route. Buy sweets, and eat them. Do not be afraid to change your life, do not be afraid to make a mistake. Or make the right choice.
Believe me, I live this way. I'm not afraid, I'm not shy, and if I want to change my life, then I can do it. Because I want to - live. And enjoy every day.
We made many mistakes. It was painful for us. We were hurt. But we are here. We are alive, there is a smile on our face (smile !!!!). And I'm sure that everything will be fine. You just have to believe it. You just need to want it. And most importantly, do not be afraid to do what we want. And change my life the way we want.
But this is only my opinion, of course, your life is your life. And I can not be 100 certain that you could change anything. Maybe everything suits you, you all like. And this is good. But you write me letters? You communicate with me! And this already means that you have changed your day, your life. And I hope that these changes bring you only joy.
And you know, I have one dream now. it's funny, but I'd like to see you when I meet you. True. talk about everything. About important or simple. About ridiculous and sad. To speak, and not to be afraid of words. Because I know that you understand me. And you know that I will understand you. That you are just as simple a person as I am. And we even have something similar. Yes, we have differences, they are not small. But I believe that these are trifles that will be in any relationship. Even a brother and sister, always have different thoughts and views on life. And about us and you can say that we are from different "planets". But this is the interest! Cognition! Recognize each other better.
And what are your dreams? Of course, besides having a woman near your heart! Because I also dream about it, you know (smile). Only not a woman, but a man next to me. (smile).
Why do you live in another country? Why do not you live in at least another city (smile). I would leave everything and come to you just to see you. To talk to you (smile).
I already told you why I'm alone. And you know, I could say that being alone is not so bad. And I think that you will agree. But when with you there are those who love you. When my daughter lived with me, I was not alone. We were always with her. She told me everything. And I always supported her. But when she went to another country. Only then, I knew real loneliness. Then it became very "cold" for me.
Okay, enough to dream. I think you need to finish my letter. I wish you a nice day.
I kiss and hug.



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