Scam Letter(s) from Molly to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Hey. I hope that you will have time to read my letter.
I was shown, your photos, you are insanely beautiful.
I want to tell you about myself.
Yes, I'm divorced, I do not sit in one place.
Sex was not as regular as I wanted, but once a week everything just happened.
In my life, I really missed the variety, always craved for some crazy things.
In sexual terms, I also lacked any variety.
Sex once a week and less often ... A young lady ... This is generally not serious.
Today I had a dream. It's like I go into the room very early in the morning, and you lie and completely naked.
You are so beautiful that everything is compressed from below, and it's getting hot there.
You have eyes in the fog, but I know that you are following me.
I sit next to you and begin to iron and rub your penis with both hands,
Enjoying the softness and tenderness of sensitive skin.
Your penis immediately respond to my affection,
you bite your lip, but, as the game grows faster, it's harder for you to restrain yourself.
I fall to your penis with his lips, and I am able to hear you groan enjoying strong.
I spread my legs and sit on your penis with my open wet pussy.
A little later, I warmed up, I start jumping up and down on your cock, shameless shouting from acute pleasure.
Breathing heavily, you bite my chest. The pace becomes fast.
Blood strikes the head with an incredibly powerful wave. You put your penis in my mouth and your semen was on my tongue. Madly sweet sperm.
We become happy. I want you so much.
I would be glad to meet you.
I'm waiting for your email.
I kiss your sweet penis.
Your Molly



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