Scam letter(s) from Irina Kvitka to Nick (England)

Letter 1
My name is Iryna again :--)))
I hope you remember me as I've sent you a letter not long ago. Now I am sending you my e-mail where you can write me.
I am sure you've got a lot of questions to me and you want to know more about myself. I am going to tell you about myself.
I'm pleased to get acquainted with you. I am 28 years old and I am a single girl without husband and children.
How do I look like? You can see my photo at the attached file; I am 5.5(170cm) height and 110(51kg) weight.
What kind of woman am I? I am a tender and sensitive girl who believes in love and wants to meet a man of my life.
I want to find a serious man who wants serious relations too.
It is very important for me to know what a person has inside of him in his heart, appearance is not important for me at all.
I want to meet a kind and honest man.
I want to be loved and to fall in love with a man, whom I can take care about, spend time together talking, walking or doing nothing.
I live in Kiev; it is the capital of Ukraine. Do you know this country?
I have a very nice work; I work in a beautiful shop of women clothes as an assistant.
Everything is okay in my life except the country of living. I don't like Ukraine at all.
I don't feel stability here and I want to life abroad.
I am sure that I can find a good job abroad and earn enough money for living as I can do everything and I like to work.
Life in my country is very difficult and life abroad is different. I know that I'll be more protected if I live in any foreign country.
Every person needs support and I want to have a person whom I can rely on.
My heart wound is already healed and I am ready for new relations with my one and only man.
I really want to meet a serious man whom I can give all my feelings and emotions.
I am a common woman with normal wishes and I want to have a full life. I am very honest to you and I hope you'll answer me soon and you understand me right!
I am sorry but now I have to go as I am writing you from internet cafe.
But sometimes I can use my boss computer. Hope I will not lost a job because we are not allowed to use internet or games and etc. at work.
Hope you understand me...
Hope I'll find your letter next time at my e-mail!!!
Letter 2
please tell me about yourself - what is your age and where do you live now? I am 28yo from Kiev, Ukraine. I will send my pics later.. please reply...
Letter 3
hope you like it and please send your pics and tell me more about yourself and where you live in..
Letter 4

as I told I am 28yo and I live in Kiev, Ukraine.
we have a really good summer weather now and I will go to the country side this weekend! I will tell you more about myself on Monday when I back to work. Tell me about the weather in your city now:-)))
Letter 5
I just go back from a country side and cant write you yesterday as I promised... but I have a problem I accidentally deleted your messages..
please tell me again how old are you and where are you from.. so sorry again.. did you get my pics I sent before? I will resend it again.
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