Scam letter(s) from Irina Kvitka to Charles (USA)

Letter 1
The first day we allowed our true feelings to come out about each other, we feel asleep in each other's arms ...
I never wanted it to be morning, where we would go our separate ways.
I don't know how to describe my feelings, but all I know is I don't want them to go away.
We both have been hurt in the past but maybe in our future we can be the ones who are faithful to each other.
It has been 1 day since I've seen you and I can't stand being away this long ... I feel like I known you forever.
Things are so good even though we are both shy about things, you make me feel so good and now I wear a smile on the inside and outside,
because I know you are mine. 'Til tomorrow ... I miss you, Sweetheart. P.S. I will have full info about the visa and docs this week or next and I will write it asap!!! ---
Letter 2
I've met my travel agent today and I've got the full information about documents for visa: 1. Foreign passport which is valid not less than 3 months after the end of the trip (if a person has 2 passports he/she has to present both);
2. Colour photos - 2pcs, size 3,5 a 4,5 cm without angles and ovals on the light background, made on mat paper,
with a large face on it, which takes 70-80% of a photo;
3. Reference from work (made on company's letter-head with director and chief accountant signs and stamp) where my position,
salary, work experience and company's contacts are indicated;
4. While presenting all above-mentioned documents a person has to pay consular fees.;
5. Confirmation of financial resources for a trip: extract from bank account;
6. Copies of national passport (all pages). This service can be done in the office;
7. Translation of all the documents into English;
8. Certificate from the police;
9. Medical certificate;
10. Payment of taxes;
11. Personal presents of all the documents - main and important condition;
12. Personal data; As you see I have to do many documents for getting visa.
It is very important and all documents must be prepared ideal.
I am a little bit surprised as I don't expect such a big list.
Now I am thinking what I can do with all this.
I have to go to work and do the documents correct parallel.
I'll think out something of course.
Because I should prepare and present documents for visa personally.
I want to meet you very much and there'll be no problems with getting visa.
All I need is time to make the documents.
But I'll do everything for our meeting.
I already miss you and I wish to see you as soon as possible.
I hope you understand that I need more time for all this paper-work.
I can't leave my work now as I still need to earn for living.
Please, wait a little bit more.
I've already have foreign passport, that is the first step closer to you ))
Soon I'll be next to you and I am sure we'll feel comfortable and fine together.
Have a nice day, dear! P.S. here is a my pic with ID.
Hope you like it:---)))) ---
Letter 3
I am so sorry I have still there are a lot of work with papers and busy at work as always:-((( I will have a full info about the visa on Monday and write you a big letter about it. Have a good weekend and hope you like this pics!!! ---
Letter 4

Finally I know the entire information about getting visa. I'll do everything for having it.
I am so happy that soon we'll be together and I can see you and touch you in reality.
I can’t stop waiting for this moment.
Please, don't laugh at me and at my strong desire to see you.
I'll gather all the documents and bring everything personally to the Embassy.
At the Embassy I have to show documents and to pay for visa.
I don't know what to do with this and hope you'd help me with it.
I've told you that I've been saving money for the trip to you.
But unfortunately my sum of money is not enough for paying and I don't know where I can get it right now.
I don't want to wait for our meeting any more.
I was sure that I should pay for visa at the end of procedure and hope to save money to that moment.
Maybe you could help me with my problem?
I'll prepare next documents: - Travel passport;
- Police report;
- Medical certificate,
- Documents from the bank and from my work and others

All the documents in the list will cost 500 USD.
I'll get everything on hand and the visa in my passport.
I know that it is very big sum of money.
Money which I saved before, I spent for making foreign passport.
The rest of my saved money is not enough.
If I stop the procedure of getting visa now, I would have problems with getting visa later.
They say me this at the Embassy.
You see the copy of my passport at your e-mail and you know that I am a real woman from Ukraine.
You can trust me because you know me enough and I never lie to you.
I have only 10 days to pay for visa.
As soon as I pay for it I'll get it and have the possibility to fly to you country.
My visa lasts 3 months.
And I'm going to find a job during this period and earn for myself.
I want to be independent.
I want to assure you that after I get a job at your country I'll give back this money.
When I get the job I will prolong my visa for unlimited period and we have a lot of time for meeting and having fun together.
I am asking you to borrow me 500 USD; certainly I'll give you back my debt. I know several ways of sending money to other country.
My mother, father and stepsisters sometimes send me money with such systems.
They are very convenient and popular in my country. For example: Western Union, Money Gram or RIA
They are the quickest way of sending money.
Will it be convenient for you to use any system for sending money?
You need my address and full name.
Also I sent you copy of my ID before, you can use it too. Iryna Kozyrko Name of the street - prospekt Svobodi 42
Number of the apartment - 137
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 02000
Country - Ukraine +380378404714

You can find the detailed information in the following sites: You can find all the information about offices on site or send money direct from the site.
I really need your help and hope for your understanding.
I don't want to put off getting my visa or have any risk in the future.
Could you send me 500 USD as a loan?
Please, give me your answer about your decision. P.S. Here is more additional important information for you:
They will ask for the purpose and destination of a transfer you are sending.
If you want to send money without a delay of transfer procedure you should say that the money is for your relative.
I had a negative experience when I received money from my mother and father.
When I tried to get money from the bank they just blocked it until I told that ****** clerk that the money was from my parents.
I’ve tried to borrow money for several times but no one believes that I’ll ever give it back.
Just imagine yourself on the place of any person I’ve asked!
I’m going to leave abroad and it is possible that I’ll never come back.
My parents and relatives are poor like me and their average salary is about 300$ (like mine).
Banks have refused me to give a loan at the same reason as I’m going to leave the country and will never return the money.
It is a vicious circle for me and I am asking you to understand me right!
I need your help very much. Give me your answer as soon as possible!
Have a nice day! ---
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